World Wide Dream Builders Review – Everything You Should Know

World Wide Dream Builders or WWDB is a training program that is designed to teach Amway members how to excel at selling and recruiting. Here's my review.

World Wide Dream Builders

world wide dream builders

Name: World Wide Dream Builders


​Founder: Ron Puryear

​Price: $112/month + Extras

What Is World Wide Dream Builders?

​World Wide Dream Builders or WWDB is a training program that is designed to teach Amway members how to excel at selling and recruiting.

It was originally created by Ron Puryear as additional training and motivation for Amway members. 

Although Amway does provide training to it's members already, this is extra training that is supposed to give members a better chance at success. 

Maybe their mission statement will give you a better idea of what their intention is. Here it is.

WWDB Mission Statement

  • To provide opportunity, education, training, motivation and the right environment through a Free Enterprise System.
  • To encourage a life of excellence, with “No Regrets” while partnering with associates around the world in building their own personal business and dreams.
  • To impact our generation and generations to come with the truth that God created man

Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear

​Ron and Georgia Lee joined the Amway business opportunity in 1972. 

Within 4 years of joining they went "Diamond" which is incredibly fast so they have a lot of credibility just from that alone.

Ron approached legendary Amway member Bill Britt with the intention of learning about Bill Britt's very successful Amway training program called Britt's World Wide. 

After learning from Bill Britt, Ron created World Wide Dream Builders and never looked back. 

World Wide Dream Builders is very similar to Britt's World Wide and I often wondered if Bill Britt was upset that Ron kind of ripped him off but that's just my own speculation. 

WWDB was obviously very effective because Ron was able to build a downline of more than 500 diamonds throughout the world and they were all trained by WWDB. 

That is a staggering number and I can't imagine how much money he must have made. ​

WWDB is now the largest training program associated with Amway. ​

Ron has since passed away but WWDB is still active today and it's currently owned by all of the Diamonds in his company who are now shareholders. 

If you have a look at the website for WWDB at you'll see that they list some of the top Diamonds in the group. Here's the list in case you're interested. 

Samir & Theresa Attalah

Glen & Joya Baker

Trevor & Alexis Baker

Francis & Claire Cho

Ty & Venessa Crandell

Howie & Theresa Danzik

Brad & Julie Duncan

Greg & Laurie Duncan

Tracey & Kimberly Eaton

Terry & Linda Felber

Joe & Norma Foglio

Scott & Cris Harimoto

Bill & Sandy Hawkins

Jim & Judy Head

Leif & Bonnie Johnson

Leonard & Esther KimNam-Deuk

Kim & Jungyun Lee

Norm & Pam Kizirian

Robert & Shelly Kummer

Jay & Jeong Lee

Theron & Darlene Nelsen

Dave & Jan Severn

Matt & Sandee Tsuruda

Dean & Marcie Whalen

Leslie Wolgamott

Mike & Michi Woods

Dan & Sandy Yuen

How Much Does WWDB Cost?

​First off I'll say that it's not cheap to become a WWDB member.

With that being said, if you compare it to starting a traditional brick and mortar business it actually does seem cheap. 

That is certainly one of the lines a recruiter will give you if you're having a conversation about WWDB, so take it with a grain of salt. 

WWDB Premiere Membership $49.95/Month

Communikate = $46.95/Month

Training CD's & Audio Files = $25/Month​

These are the fees associated with being a WWDB member and not including the costs of being an Amway member.

There are a lot of extra costs that come with being an Amway member and there are lots of members paying upwards of $700 when combined with WWDB.

There are so many live events, seminars and trainings that you can attend and they all cost a lot of money. ​

Usually you have to drive a far distance and stay in hotels too. It really isn't cheap.

Your break even would probably be somewhere in the $1000 a month vicinity​ which is really scary to me. 

I personally run a few affiliate websites and make a full time living from that and my break even is only about $100 per month for each website. 

So when I look at WWDB and Amway as an opportunity, I think it's just too much overhead for a home based business. ​

The whole point of a home based business is that you can have a very low overhead cost which is why I always tell beginners to try affiliate marketing instead. ​

What You Get With A WWDB Membership

​There are some actual products associated with being a member. 

The products are as follows:

  • Motivational videos
  • Motivational CD's & Audio files
  • Motivational reading material
  • Training seminars
  • Conferences and training events ​
  • Communikate

All of the seminars and training events are an additional cost that is not included in your membership fees. 

Most of them will cost between $50-$150 plus you'll have to pay for your own transportation and accommodation.

Communikate is their own platform where you can communicate with your downline, upline and entire organization.

It's said to be very slick and nice/easy to use. ​

Aside from those things, the only other thing you get is a direct sponsor in your upline that you can hopefully count on to help you out if you ever need a hand.

But this all depends on the person you get. ​

As for the training seminars and funtions, there are a lot of them around the world but there are 4 major ones to take note of if you're a member.

  1. FED - Free Enterprise North America - $125​
  2. Spring Leadership - Held in May or June - $125
  3. Dream Nights - Held in January and has 2 Diamond Speakers - $75
  4. Family Reunion - Held in July, 2 day Seminar - $250

Keep in mind that none of these prices include transportation or accommodation so depending on where you live this could cost a lot more. 


How Good Is The Training?

​The training that you get with World Wide Dream Builders is very high quality to say the least. 

The fact that Ron Puryear was able to build over 500 Diamonds using this training says enough right there.

You can still be successful with the basic Amway training that members get upon joining but you will certainly have a better chance at success if you become a WWDB member.

One of the biggest things that WWDB teaches it's members is something called "Going Eagle".

Going Eagle

So I'm assuming you're already familiar with the Amway compensation plan​ since you're here researching WWDB.

​I'll give the absolute shortest version of that here just so that you fully understand what Going Eagle means. 

Amway uses a Stairstep Brakeaway plan, which means that you build legs in your downline and once those legs reach a certain level, they break away.

After a leg breaks away, you no longer get commissions from those members in that downline. Instead, you just get a 4% royalty from it which is much less.

This hurts a lot of Independent Business Owners (IBO's) because their income drops significantly.

​What WWDB teaches IBO's to do is build 6 legs simultaneously so that you aren't as badly affected when a leg breaks away. 

Your remaining 5 legs will still be bringing in good income and then you just start building a new leg right away. ​

This strategy seems really simple but in reality it's not that easy to execute and you would definitely need the training of WWDB in order to do it right.

Is It Worth It?

Whether it's worth it or not is completely up to you but I'll do my best to help you with your decision. 

In my opinion, if you're already an Amway member and you're dead set on making a go of it with Amway then WWDB is most definitely worth it. 

Without WWDB your potential is much lower and your chance of success is much lower. 

Either way, you'll need to work very hard to make a living from this, but it's certainly possible. 

The main thing I would want to tell people is not to let the hype get into your head. 

With Amway and WWDB you'll hear a hell of a lot of hype.

There are lots of world wide dream builders success stories and they'll tell you how much money they make and how much all the top earners make too. 

They'll tell you about their lifestyles and their houses and cars. 

This can easily get people excited and optimistic about Amway. 

There are people out there who will tell you that World Wide Dream Builders is a pyramid scheme but that's simply not true.

It's an ethical business with a decent rating from the Better Business Bureau. ​

What they don't tell you is that most of the members don't make enough money to make a living from this. 

Most members barely break even and some don't at all. 

That's a sad fact but it's the truth. 

The ones who do make it work are working extremely hard 7 days a week pounding the pavement. 

The really successful ones have probably tapped into all of their personal relationships multiple times and probably annoyed some friends and family members along the way. 

If this is all stuff that you're willing to do, then go for it and good luck to you. 

Final Thoughts Of World Wide Dream Builders

I would venture to say that a lot of people have quit Amway with big regrets, money lost and relationships damaged. 

This is exactly why I would never get involved with Amway, World Wide Dream Builders or any other MLM for that matter. 

MLM's are not always scams in fact a lot of them are very much legitimate including Amway and WWDB. 

But even the legitimate ones rub me the wrong way. I hate how the people at the top are making huge money while so many people at the bottom are spinning their wheels wasting money that all goes to the big dogs at the top. 

I just don't like the ethics of it. 

There are many great ways to make extra money from home or even a full time living from home without any experience at all, that don't involve selling, bugging friends, going to seminars or peddling products. 

People don't realize how simple it is to make money from a blog, website or ecommerce store if you have the right training

The internet has changed to world so much. All you have to do is take advantage of it and use it to your benefit. Look how I make money online here.

Thanks very much for stopping by today. If you have any questions or comments please use the box below and I'll be sure to respond ASAP. 

Further more, if you have a personal experience with Amway or WWDB please share it with me and my readers using the box below. I'd love to hear about it. 



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