Work At Home University – Is It Legit?

Name: Work At Home Universitywah uni


Price: $97 plus upsells

Owner: Michelle Withrow

Overall Rank: 0 out of 100



This is a pretty difficult product to review simply because it’s not even really a product. It’s very vague about what it is they are selling and they give no details about how the work at home university will teach you to make money.

One thing that is always a red flag to me is when these promotional pages talk more about making money and getting rich than they do about the produxt they’re selling. It’s crazy that people give these scammers their credit cards before even knowing what they’re buying.

This is exactly what Work at Home University is trying to make you do. Before getting any details on the product you are directed to this.

wah uni 3So once inside they start to reveal just what it is you will be doing. Well, sort of.

It seems like they are teaching you to post links all over the internet. I have never heard of anyone who will pay you to put links around the internet but that is what they are saying.

I would assume that whatever links you end up placing will be removed quickly due to the fact that most websites don’t want spammy links at all on their site.

Not to mention the terms and conditions at the bottom of the sign up form.

After reading through this I saw what you’re actually agreeing to. Really you’re agreeing to have them put your email address and phone number on thier list so that they can call you or email you and try to sell you more stuff.

This is a very annoying and shady way of getting more money out of you. I can assure you that all of the good products that I’ve reviewed have no upsells or hidden costs.

In fact my #1 Ranked product even let’s you try it out for free for 7 days to see if you like it.  That is one huge difference between a legit product and a scam product.




The Nail In The Coffin

Now if you aren’t convinced yet that this is a scam you should keep reading because this will surely make you want to run far away from this scam.

Here is a screen shot of the Work At Home University logo. It all looks fine except It looks somewhat familiar to me. This caused me to do a little more research and digging around.

same logo

After my extra digging around I discovered that my memory had not failed me and that i had seen this logo before. Here is the exact same logo with a different scam at a different website.

same logo 2

So this is definitely enough to make you run for the hills isn’t it? This is complete proof that this website is a total scam. Now this is actually quite common with internet scams.

They create a logo and a scam and then set it up with a website. Then they duplicate it with just a few changes in order to capture a larger audience. Or else when people start realising that one of them is a scam then they create a duplicate with a different name. That way people who have only heard the name of a scam won’t recognize the logo.

This is a ver deceitful and lazy way for people to make money. If that’s not enough, look what else I found.


m w 1

mw 2

stock photo


So this is rather shocking. There is a picture of the supposide owner of the website, Michelle Withrow with a little write up about her history and how she got to where she is.

Then on a totally different website they use the exact same photo of her and the same wording too. All they did was change the name.

Then if that’s not enough, I found the same girl and a very similar photo on a stock photo website. This just keeps getting worse and worse the more I look into it.

So I know I haven’t really been going into too much detail about the actual product. This is because the whole “link posting” technique that they are promoting isn’t a real technique and you can’t actually make money from it.

I assume now that you’ve seen all this proof that this is a scam, you will steer clear of this product.


Now What?

So if you are looking for a legitimate way to make a living online then don’t be dicouraged. The entire reason for this website is so that I can do all the research on these products and help you find the right program.

I’ve seen lots of great products and lots of scams and I always give them a ranking to make it easier for my readers to chose a program for them.

My #1 Ranked Product is by far the best training program for making money online. It will give you step-by-step lessons on how to set up your own online business.

It’s all about affiliate marketing. I personally believe that affiliate marketing is the best way to make a living online for many different reasons.

One reason is that it is totally sustainable. Once you’ve got an affiliate marketing website set up and making money, it will continue to do so as long as you are keeping up with the work.

Another reason is that it allows you do do something you love. You see, with affiliate marketing you can choose to build your business around any topic you want. This means that you can take a passion or interest you already have and make a living from it.

So not only can you make a living but you can make a living that you enjoy and can be really proud of. So stay away from the scams and stop looking for a get rich quick scheme.

This training program I’m talking about is also totally free to try out so put your credit cards away.

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