What Is The Rich Jerk About ? – Is It Legit?

Name: The Rich Jerkrich jerk

Website: www.richjerk.com

Price: $497 + Upsells

Owner: Kelly Felix

Overall Rank: 62 out of 100




First Impressions

What is The Rich Jerk about? It’s pretty much about showing off in the most arrogant way and insulting people until they either leave the website or give away their money.

This is The Rich Jerk review that will explain it all.

What this so-called “Rich Jerk” does on his sales page is pretty insulting. It really is a funny sales page and it’s so over the top that I’m not even offended.

He uses language that I’ve never seen on any “make money Online” program before. He’s constantly putting down his readers, calling them losers and telling us why he’s better than us.

His sales pitch is to say that even though we hate him, we all want to be him. He has all the usual scam red flags like pictures of him in super cars, limos, hanging out by a pool with a bikini model. Standing in front of his mansion(probably rented) showing how rich he is.

He even uses Gary Busey in the sales video.


gary buseyNow this is actually interesting because it makes me think that this guy has a really big budget for this promo video.

Not that Gary Busey would demand huge dollars but he most deffenitely wouldn’t do this for free.

The funny thing is that Gary Busey is one of the biggest jokes in all of hollywood so I’m not really sure how this is suppose to help the credibility of the product.

In fact I think it just shows how hard “The Rich Jerk” is trying to promote this.

As bad as these marketing tactics are, the video quality is really good and the website design and layout is really nice too.

I guess this guy launched a similar product about 6-7 years ago and he did really well with it. It was a clickbank product and there are still some really positive reviews on it today.

Then it just disapeared and there was no sign of this rich jerk up until now. He is back and he is an even bigger jerk today than he was before.

My first impression of the sales page is that it’s a HUGE SCAM but let’s not judge a book by it’s cover. I’ll dig a little deeper to find out what exactly he’s promoting and see if it can actually make us all rich.




What Is It?

It takes a little time to figure out what it is exactly that he’s selling. You have to sit through a lot of BS before you get any idea of what you would be paying for.

Finally he divulges that he will teach people how to make money from their own website using SEO techniques that bring in a lot of traffic. This is somewhat promising because owning your own website is the best way to make a living in my opinion so let’s see what else is involved.


What You Get

Once inside the members area you will have access to a course package that consists of 4 sections.

Section 1 – Ninja SEO Training

In this section you’ll receive 5 training videos and 5 PDF files. Here’s the 5 topics…….

  1. Intro & Niche Research
  2. Choosing Profitable Affiliate Offers
  3. Simple Website Setup process
  4. The 3 Pronged Content Silo Method
  5. The Game Changer – ACA Link Building


Section 2 – Facebook Marketing

Here’s what you get in this section of the training………….

  1. Intro & Core Concepts
  2. Extreme Facebook Ad Targeting
  3. Molding The Perfect Buyer
  4. Landing Pages That Create Rabid Buyers
  5. The Most Profitable Offers
  6. Cloaking & More
  7. Everything Tied Together + a 2 hour bonus video showing it all


Section 3 – Launch Jacking Gone Wild

Launch Jacking is a popular way for websites to generate traffic and if done right it really can be effective. It’s all about riding the coat tails of newly launched products. When a new product is launched there is generally a lot of buzz surrounding it and so a lot of people are searching for it.

If you can write about that product then you might be able to get a piece of the traffic pie and generate some income from it.

Here’s what you get…………

  1. Intro
  2. Leaderboard
  3. Getting the right domain
  4. Finding products to launch jack (part 1)
  5. Finding products to launch jack (part 2)
  6. Picking the right products
  7. Installing wordpress (part 1)
  8. Installing wordpress (part2)
  9. WordPress themes & plugins
  10. Outsourcing content
  11. Outsourcing backlinks
  12. Live link buying example
  13. Do-It-Yourself backlinks
  14. My own re-targeting campaigns
  15. Facebook ads
  16. Optimising your website for more sales
  17. My own launch jacking sites


launch jacking


Section 4 – Everything Else That’s Awesome


This section really is just a few extra bonuses that they threw in to make it look more substantial. It’s got some ok stuff in here and a lot of it is lessons from other successful internet marketers.

There are ebooks and some other videos narrated by some people who I’ve never heard of but claim to be successful. The stuff in here is not too bad but it doesn’t make or break the product. I think they could have just done without it but whatever.


Costs & Upsells

So the price tag on this is pretty high in my opinion. At $497 it’s a big commitment considering there is no free trial so you have no idea what you’re getting into when you buy in.

hell out

Here’s his last pitch to convince you to buy in. He just wants to be a jerk one last time LOL. Although there is no free trial here there is a 30 day money back guarantee so you have that to give you some sense of security.

In addition to the $497 fee to get the training, they are also offering a by-weekly coaching program that costs $197/month.

The next upsell is the Rich Jerk software with one-on-one coaching via skype for $997

The last one that I was shown is the rich jerk SEO software for $79/month.


Final Thoughts

I have to admit that after seeing the sales page and promo video I had already written this program off to be a scam. Even so, I pushed on and looked further into it. After further investigation I found some very useful info here.

The training is pretty good and the techniques are just as good. I even learned a few things myself.

I like that they promote starting your own website because that’s exactly what I would tell someone if they asked me what is the best way to make money online.

I also like that they are teaching affiliate marketing because that’s another great way to make money online.

I also noticed that they have the rich jerk affiliate program where you can earn 50% of the sales you refer to them.


50% of the sales is not too bad considering some of the upsells are so huge. You could maybe even make a full time living promoting solely this product on your website. However you would have to have a lot of confidence in a program if you want to dedicate all of your efforts to it.

I do feel like the training here is good and legit so I think it’s possible to become successful using this program. I think if you had some experience already with internet marketing you might find this program to be exactly what you’re looking for.

That being said, I think this training is a little bit lacking for beginners. I felt like there were a lot of terms used that beginners wouldn’t understand. I just think that newbies would find it confusing and get lost very easily.

I also found the support to be a little bit less than satisfactory. There is 24/7 support but they weren’t great at answering my questions in a way that was easy to understand. I don’t think they’re fully equiped to deal with newbies either.

On top of everything else I’ve said, I think this program is way too expensive. They keep saying things like, “If your not willing to spend a few hundred bucks on your future, then get out”.

I understand that most people would be more than willing to spend a few hundred bucks if they knew it was a guaranteed thing, but it never is. So to pay these prices for something that might not work seems a little risky to me.

Is There A Better Option?

There is a much better option. You can get better training, better support and better tools at Wealthy Affiliate and it’s even FREE to try.

I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate to people who want to make money from a website because they give you 2 free websites and let you start building them before you’ve even paid anything.

This is a great way to go because you don’t have to take any risks and you can see what the programs all about before you break out your credit card. That’s why it’s my #1 Ranked Product.


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