What Is The Key To Making Money Online?

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The answer to that question is keywords but it’s a little more complicated than that. You see, every article on a website should focus on one keyword to attract people through search engines.

For example, the keyword I’m focusing on in this article is “what is the key to making money online?”

So my hope is that when someone goes to Google to learn how to make money online and they type that exact keyword in, they’ll see this article in the results and click on my link.

As I said before, it’s a little more complicated than that but this is a very integral part of my online success.



How Do I Know People Will Search For Those Exact Words?

I use a keyword research tool to find out what people are searching for. There are a lot of keyword research tools out there but I use one called Jaaxy because I know it’s the best one available.

Jaaxy tells me exactly how many people search for any word or sentence I want.

You just type in your query and it tells you not only how many people search for that word but also how many other websites are competing for that word. Give it a try if you want.


Pretty cool isn’t it? I won’t go into too much detail about what else Jaaxy can do but it’s a very powerful tool that has helped me grow my online business a great deal.


How Exactly Is Money Made Online?

So I make my money online with my own websites. There’s a lot of other ways to make money online without a website but I assure you that your best chance at success is with your own website.

Don’t get freaked out by this because it’s not as hard as you might think. Even if you have absolutely no clue how to build your own website you can still do this.

You just need the right training and I’m going to show you how to get that training later in this article.


The Three Pillars

So making money online is a really awesome way to make a living but you don’t just start making money overnight simply because you want to.

I’ve always said that there are three pillars that you will require to be successful online……..


1. Coaching

2. A Keyword Research Tool

3. Paid Traffic


These three pillars are vital to your success and I’ll show you exactly how to get all three of them. 

You can actually start working on the first two pillars right along with me here, today.

I won’t get you to start on the third pillar today though because that comes along later in the process.

The reason we’re not going to focus on paid traffic today is because your online business needs to have a solid foundation before you start to spend any money on it.

This should be good news for you because I’m telling you that you don’t need to spend any money to get started with the first two pillars.

That’s right, today your going to start your own online business without spending any money. You can actually operate your own website and start building it up without spending any money.

Eventually you’ll have to spend money on things like a domain name and hosting but these are very small fees.

You shouldn’t worry about spending the money right now because by the time you have to spend any money you’ll already know that this system works and you won’t have any problem spending $10, $20 or $30.

So below is a little diagram of the three pillars in the order you’ll need to accomplish them.

Pillar #1

WA Arrow

Pillar #2

Jaaxy 33

Pillar #3

traffic black




The First Pillar

So the first of the three pillars is Wealthy Affiliate. This is where you’ll go to get the training you need to start building your first website.

One thing that will really suprise you is that you can actually have your website set up and running in a matter of minutes with Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only that, but it’s free to join and free to set up 2 websites. You see they have a free hosting platform called Site Rubix that is designed for beginners who are just learning.

You can even fool around with the Site Rubix domain checker below to see if your passion or interest has a good available domain.


Even if you don’t have any ideas for your website yet that’s ok. It’s very early and once you start the free training at Wealthy Affiliate you’ll be walked through how to come up with a good website idea.

This Pillar is by far the most important of the three. Once you sign up for the free training you’ll be shown how to implement the second and third pillars.

So if you only want to attempt one of the three pillars, make sure it’s Wealthy Affiliate.


Take Me To The Free Sign Up Now


Asside from amazing step by step training, Wealthy Affiliate also has a great community of like minded people. There are literally hundreds of thousands of members there.

Some of them are brand new, some of them have been there for years and lots of them somewhere in between.

The great thing about the community is the fact that you can chat with other members in a public chat, blog about your experience or read about other people’s journey to making money online.

It really is powerful to be able to ask all of these people for help any time you need it. If things get really difficult for you or you just get stuck, you can even ask the website owners for help and they’ll give you one on one support.

There’s no place like it online and you are really set up for success if you decide to join.


The Second Pillar

This pillar is very important but you might not realize just how important it is until a little later in your journey.

This pillar is Keyword Research. As I explained before, every article on the internet focuses on one keyword to attract people to it through the search engines.

One thing that you should learn about a keyword is that it can be more than just one word. A keyword can actually be two words, three words or a long sentence.

The easiest way to understand keywords would be to read this deffinition.

“Keywords are what people type into the search engines to find what they’re looking for”

So you might be wondering why keywords are so important. The reason they are important is because they are the source of FREE traffic to a website.

A website will need a lot of FREE traffic in order to be successful. Let’s use an example…..

Let’s pretend that you want to start your own website on brewing beer at home. Your website could be provide tips and tricks for people interested in brewing beer.


There are many different ways that your website could make money like affiliate sales, paid ads, email marketing, selling manuals and more.

It’s probably a very profitable niche actually. But to make it profitable you need a lot of people to actually get to it.

So lets say you want to write an article talking about the best home brewing kits. You could write an amazing article with really helpful information but if you don’t do the proper keyword research you won’t get any traffic.

I did a quick Jaaxy search for the keyword “best home brewing kits” and it turned up some pretty good results. Below is a screenshot of some of the results this search yielded.

best honme brew

So when you search for a keyword Jaaxy will automatically show you similar results as well.

As you can see there are three numbers associated with each keyword as well as a colored cirlce.

First Number

The first number is the amount of people that search for that exact same keyword in Google every month.

Second Number

The second number is the amount of visitors your website will get from that keyword if you’re the first result on a Google search of that term.

Third Number

The third number represents the amount of websites that are competing for that exact term or keyword.

The Colored Circle

The colored circle is an indication of whether that keyword is viable. Basically it tells you if you should try to target that keyword or not.

There are three colors that you could see there. Green means it’s a viable keyword and you should go for it. Yellow means it’s not too bad but could be better. Red means it’s too competitive and you shouldn’t try to compete for it.


So just from that quick search I can see that there are a lot of good options in the home brewing niche.

Now this is only one of the functions of the Jaaxy tool but it has many. I’ve actually written a complete review of Jaaxy and you can read it right here if you want to learn more.

Otherwise if you’ve already heard enough and you want to sign up for it you can do that as well. They offer a free trial so you can do some searches for yourself and see what you think.

I must say that you shouldn’t be too concerned with getting a Jaaxy account before you’ve signed up for Wealthy Affiliate unless you already have a website or blog of your own.

This is because the training at Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through building the foundation of your website/blog and that training will let you know when the time is right to get a keyword research tool like Jaaxy.

Sign Up For Jaaxy Now!


The Third Pillar

This pillar is the one that will bring your success to the next level. This pillar is all about buying traffic to your website or blog.

I must make it very clear that you shouldn’t try buying traffic until your website or blog is already profiting.

The reason I say that is because if your website isn’t making any money yet, it’s probably because it needs more work. So even if you buy traffic, that traffic won’t convert to profits either.

You have to get your website to the point where the traffic that comes to it is turning into profit. Let’s use an example.

Let’s pretend you have a physical store that sells Tea. Now pretend that for whatever reason, the people who come into the store aren’t buying the tea.

Line art coffee 5

They come in, they look around but they leave without buying. This probably means that your store needs some work.

Even if you were to pay for all sorts of advertising to get more people into the store, it’s not going to help because the people who come in still aren’t going to buy.

You need to put more work into the store and make it so that the people who come in are more likely to spend money before you should waste money on getting people there.

Make sense????? I hope so because it’s the same basic concept with a website.

Make sure that you’re already making money from your website before you spend money to get people there.

A lot of people make this mistake. They think that all they have to do is get people to their website and the money will start flowing. Then they end up wasting a lot of money on traffic.

Learn To Buy Traffic

Once you’ve got your website to the point where it’s making money, then you can start thinking about buying traffic. That’s why this is the third pillar and why you should master the first two first.

Before you just start blindly buying traffic you’ll want to educate yourself on the process. Even high converting website owners can waste a lot of money buying traffic because they just don’t know how to do it.

That’s where the third pillar comes in. It’s called Traffic Blackbook 2.0. 

traffic black

This is a really good course for a really reasonable price. It helped me increase my business and more importantly my profits.

I’ve written a full review on this program as well which you can access right here if you want to learn more.

Basically it teaches you how to get the most out of paid traffic whether it’s Facebook, Google or YouTube.

There are a lot of different ways to buy traffic and it can be a really confusing and risky endeavour if you don’t have the right training.

The most common place for people to start buying traffic is with PPC through Google.

3d hand Pay per click button

PPC or Pay Per Click is when you pay Google to put your website’s link at the top of the results page. You’ve probably seen the top results that have the little yellow symbol that says “AD” beside it.

That means that someone paid to have that result there. It can cost anywhere from a few cents per click or $100 per click depending on your budget.

So you can see how expensive this could get. Especially if the people coming to your website aren’t even interested in what you’re selling.

This is why you need to educate yourself on paid traffic so that you can be sure that you’re paying for targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic is basically traffic that is guaranteed to be interested in the topic of your website.

I know this sounds a bit intimidating because it was to me when I first started as well. I’m so glad I discovered Traffic Blackbook 2.0 when I did because it not only saved me a lot of money but it’s also made me a lot of money ever since.

Get Traffic Blackbook 2.0 Now!


Now that I’ve explained the three pillars to you, the ball is in your court. It’s now up to you to take action on these steps I’ve outlined for you.

Don’t worry about your lack of experience or even your lact of free time. You don’t need a lot of free time to do this.

A lot of people start working on this while they work a full time job. You can put time in on evenings or weekends and that will be enough.

You don’t have to quit your job or take any risks at all. So do yourself a favor and take a step towards financial freedom right now.


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