What Is Killer Content System About? – My Review

Name: Killer Content System killer content system 1

Website: www.killercontent.com

Owner: Socrates Socratous

Price: $47 or $37 with special bonus

Overall Rank: 61 out of 100




After watching the promo video I was still asking myself, What is Killer Content System About? The video is pretty long and it talks a lot about being wealthy and making easy money but it doesn’t give you any details on how that will happen.

As the video goes on it starts to reveal a little bit more. It says that with a few mouse clicks you can have your own website and they will add new content to it with their automated system. All you have to do is set up the website and walk away.

Then you can just keep setting up different websites and watch the money pile up. It seems pretty easy and I’d even say it sounds too good to be true.

He also shows lots of screenshots of bank accounts with lots of money in them and pictures of him on expensive holidays. These are tricks that I hate to see because they can easily be faked. A lot of scams use these same tricks but let’s wait and see if this is for real before we judge it too harshly.

If it does work as well as he says, then maybe it will even compare to my top ranked product, but so far nothing has compared to it.


The Three Steps

 So there’s a part in the video where he claims he’s going to reveal exactly how the money is made. He breaks it down into 3 steps.

Step 1

killer content system 2






Step 2

killer content system 3





Step 3

killer content system 4







Wow this really does seem easy. He then goes on to say that each website you make will earn about $100 per month. That doesn’t seem like a huge amount of money but according to him it only takes 10 minutes to build and set up each website.

So he recommends building 8-10 websites per day which will only take an hour or so. It’s pretty easy to figure out that these numbers are pretty impressive when you add them up.

If you can build a business that will be making $1000/month after just 1 hour of work,  wouldn’t you be on board? I know I would. Somehow I don’t fully believe these predictions. It is seeming too good to be true.



What You Get

So let’s start by talking about what you actually get when you sign up for this program and pay the $47. First and foremost you’ll be getting training videos. You get 10 videos and here’s what they are…………

  1. How to get 3345 subscribers in less than 2 hours of work
  2. How to build a list on ebay and make money at the same time
  3. How to make 68% more money with reselling rights on your products
  4. Quick and simple ways to increase the profitability of any PLR package
  5. How to turn information products into high quality, multimedia CD’s
  6. How to get paid big bucks while building a big list
  7. How to double your optin list conversion rate
  8. How to find workable niches
  9. Outsourcing secrets: How to double your income and triple your time off
  10. How to generate 30,000 targeted keywords in less than 3 hours


On top of those training videos you will also get some tools like a Site Manager that allows you to connect your sites to each other and othe wordpress sites.

I don’t like this tool because Google does not like duplicate content and so I think this tool will actually harm your sites traffic.

They also have a banner tool called Money Makers. This gives you access to built in banners that can be added to any of your sites. These banners will give your site a professional look.

And then of course there is the Auto-Publisher tool. This is the one that automatically publishes articles to your site. Although this sounds nice because it’s hard work writing articles to add to your site, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

All of the articles they publish to your site will be the same content that other members are getting published on their site. As we know, Google only likes unique content so this could actually be harmful for SEO.



 The support is always an important part when joining or buying a program. Especially when it’s a program designed for beginners like this one. Any real beginners are going to have a lot of questions and will need high quality support to actually become successful no matter how good the training is.

I sent a few emails to the support address provided and I didn’t get a response from even one of them. This is really bad news for Killer Content System and maybe the biggest red flag yet.

Any great system will happily provide you with quality support because they know their system works so they should be more than willing to help you get through your problems and get on with making money.

They also have the typical FAQ section that offers help for some generic issues and can be somewhat helpful. There is definitely no way to contact the owner so don’t expect that.

With my top rated program all the members have access to the owners for help and support, so I’ve become accustomed to that. It’s interesting to see that pretty much no other programs will give you that kind of access.

So if you’re nervous about figuring this out on your own and you think you’ll need help along the way, you might want to consider a different program because you won’t get much help here.


Final Thoughts

My final thoughts for this program are a little mixed. I do like a lot about this program but there are still some things that I cannot get on board with.

I like the simple idea of creating quick websites and making small amounts of money from each of them. I think this is a realistic goal to set. However, I just don’t believe that you can make a website in 10 minutes that will instantly be making $100/month. I just don’t believe it.

Sure there are some good reviews about this product backing up the numbers that the promo video claims. But we have to remember that there is an affiliate program for Killer Content System.

So when you read super positive reviews about it you will have to keep in mind that the reviewer might just be telling you what you want to hear in order to make a commission from you.

In all of my experience I’ve never heard of anyone being able to build a profitable website in only 10 minutes. Especially when using duplicate content. As I said before, duplicate content is bad for Google rankings which in turn is bad for traffic and profit.

I won’t go as far as to say that this program is a scam but I do think that they are misleading their members with false earning claims. This is dishonest and I’m sure there are a lot of disappointed people who had their hopes up.

If you’re set on making money online or even just learning more about it, I’ve written an article about how I got started doing this. I currently make a full time living online and I did it with zero experience.

To read my article about how I learned to make a living online and how you can do the same thing, you can just click right here.

If you have any questions or comments about this review please use the box below and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP.



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