What Is Google Sniper 3.0 About – My Review

Name: Google Sniper 3.0sniper

Website: www.gsniper.com

Price: $47

Owner: George Brown

Overall Rank: 52 out of 100



If your curious to know what is Google Sniper 3.0 about then you just have to read some reviews on the original Google Sniper as we as Google Sniper X. Those are the predecessors of Google Sniper 3.0 and to be honest there is very little difference between them.

This really just seems like the same old stuff just regurgitated into this new form. George Brown doesn’t exactly have a glowing reputation in the online world but at the same time, he’s not a full blown scammer so I thought I’d give this product the benefit of the doubt and chek it out with an open mind.

So Google Sniper 3.0 is basically a training program that teaches you how to make money online using affiliate marketing. In order to do this you need a website. In fact he is teaching you to set up multiple websites.

He teaches you how to pick a niche and build your websites around that niche. He helps you find hosting, affiliate programs and write content.

He also claims to have a secret way of driving a lot of traffic to your website. So let’s find out if he delivers.

Does It Work?

His training is actually not too bad. He lays in out in a way that is quite easy to understand even if you’re a beginner. The main concern I have initially is the techniques he teaches for generating traffic.

He preaches a lot of techniques where you use social media accounts to drive traffice to you website. I’m not against using social media for traffic but some of the stuff he is telling you to do is very spammy and not sustainable.

I hate using anything that is spammy in any way because the internet is already full of spam and the last thing it needs is more of that.

To rank your website he encourages using an exact match domain. I don’t think this is a bad idea but I really don’t think its all that important if you have good content on your website.

He does talk a lot about low competition keywords which I can totally agree with him on. It’s good advice but the way he teaches you to find low competition keywords is a little outdated.

In fact a lot of his techniques are outdated. When the original Google Sniper cam out it was 2009 and there have been major changes to the way Google ranks websites since then. He hasn’t adapted to the new Google algorithm and this is not good news for anyone taking his advice.

I think it could work and you could be successful using this system but I don’t think the success rate for his students would be very high since he is using such outdated techniques.

It might work for you and you might love it but the truth is that there are way better affiliate marketing training programs out there.


Things I Hated And You Will Too

I’m not trying to rip this system to shreds but I really want to give you all the information you need to decide if this product is right for you. With that being said, here are some things I really disliked about it.

The support was non-existence. They provide you with an email address you can use if you have issues or need help with anything. Here’s the response I got when trying to get answers.

sniper 2


So they obviously don’t want to put any effort into help their members. This is pretty bad and especially since I’ve been invovled with other programs that have amazing 1-on-1 support with the owners. This really is terrible support.

As I said before, a lot of the techniques he teaches are very out of date and will not only fail to provide you traffic but could even hurt your rankings.

The price you pay($47) is not too bad especially as a one time fee. You are actually getting some value from it. BUT there is a little catch. When you are cheking out at the payments section, there is a little box that is checked. It’s so small that it would be really easy to use. The little box is checked to say that you are agreeing to a reccuring monthly fee of $47.

This is the only time it memtions a monthly reccuring payment plan so I found it to be very deceptive.

There is also quite a bit of pressure to sell this system to friends and family. This is just in poor taste in my own opinion but not the end of the world.

Final Thoughts

So I gave this product a 52 out of 100 which isn’t terrible but not too good either. I do think there is some value in this product.

If you’re new to internet marketing then you can learn some good skills like building a website, using wordpress, the thoery of keywords and the thoery of affiliate marketing. These are good things to know and this might give you a good start to the industry.

I do however think that most people who get into this system eventually will have to look elsewhere for better training. I find it hard to believe that it works for beginners.

I also was really put off by the hype that he shows in the intro video. He keeps showing you the receipts for payments he’s received from his websites. This is some real low brow marketing in my opinion plus these figures can easily be faked.

I do however think that affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living online. I have a fitness website that makes a lot of money from affiliate sales and it’s really not rocket science if you have the right training.

My #1 Ranked Product is by far the best place to learn affiliate marketing and I highly recommend it to anyone from beginner to advanced marketers. The nice thing too is that it’s free to join and get started.

Thanks for checking out my site. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments by using the box below. I always respond personally asap.

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