Wealth Generator X – Binary Options Review



Name: Wealth Generator X

Website: www.wealthgeneratorx.com

Owner: Daniel Mason

Price: Free

Overall Rank: 12 out of 100



Wealth Generator X didn’t have all of the usual red flags that binary options scams tend to have so I signed up for it to learn more about how it works.

It claims to have a team of professional traders that will take care of your account if you choose to join. They claim that this team of traders has a winning record and they’ll be able to make you over $2000 per day, consistently.

They say you don’t need any experience or knowledge in the industry because they’ll take care of it all for you. They also say that they’ll do all of this for free. That’s when I got suspicious.

I signed up for the program and the first thing I noticed was a huge inconsistency. Before joining they said that there’s a team of traders taking care of my trades for me. Once I got inside the members area, they changed the story completely.

They were now telling me that this is a software they have developed that makes trades on autopilot. That’s a little different and it seems like they’re getting caught up in their lies already.

After that the red flags became rampant and I could tell this was just another scam. It might seem like a good system but believe me it’s not and I’ll show you exactly why.


Proof It’s A Scam

Okay so I was actually able to obtain proof that this program is a scam. Remember the testimonials that they showed in the promo video? Well I can prove that they are fake. Check it out.




So above are screenshots of two of the ladies who do video testimonials on the promo video for Wealth Generator X. You might recognize them if you watched the whole video.

Below are screenshots that I took from Fiverr.com. These are the same two ladies saying that they’ll make a video testimonial for anything you want for $5.



So there it is, proof that this program is dishonest. That right there should be enough evidence for you to turn and run from this program and that’s exactly what I recommend you do.

But before you take off, you should have a look at my top recommended program for making money online. I’ve trudged through all of the scams and figured out which ones are legit. Check it out here.


Why The Wealth Genarator X Scam Works

 This scam is pretty common in the binary options industry. Obviously this scam must work because the internet if full of fake binary options program promising huge earnings. Here’s why it works.

First of all they tell you all about how much money you can make and how easy it is. This gets people to start fantasizing about being rich and how great it would be.

Then they tell you that they have a software that can predict the stocks and guarantee you profits. This all sounds good and most people would probably be willing to pay money for a software that could do that because it’s worth the risk as long as its not too expensive.

That’s when they tell you that it’s free. They tell you they’ll give you this software for nothing as long as you sign up right away because they’re only giving it away to a limited number of people.

This sounds great and it all seems risk free because they aren’t charging you anything.

The Catch

Then comes the catch. They tell you that in order for this software to work you’ll need to go to a specific broker. Seems fine, most people wouldn’t care what broker they use so they take the advice.

The thing is, all brokers have a minimum investment which is usually $250-$500. So then people make the investment because at this point they still aren’t paying anything to Wealth Generator X so they have no reason not to trust the advice they were given from them.

So they make the minimum deposit. What they don’t know is that the brokers all have affiliate programs that pays people commissions for sending customers to them.

So when you make your deposit with the broker, Wealth Generator X is making money from you. Not only that but they’re done with you and you can’t do anything about it because you didn’t pay them directly.

That’s usually when people discover that the so-called “software” doesn’t work at all and they lose most trades and the money is gone within minutes.


Final Thoughts

 I really don’t like binary options at all. Binary options themselves aren’t scams, they’re just very risky. Even the professionals who know the markets and have plenty of experience lose money often with binary options.

Sure it’s possible to win and make money with them, but in the long run you’ll always lose. As I said, they are not scams but so many people these days are setting up websites and lying about earnings in order to send you to a broker and make commissions off you.

It is always best to avoid anything high risk. Most people are looking for a way to pay bills and support their families so high risk programs are a bad idea.

If you want to make a serious effort to make money online there are good options. There are even low risk options but you’ll have to put in some work.

There’s no such thing as easy money on or offline and that’s what you have to remember when someone tells you otherwise. Anyone to says they have an easy way is lying.

The best way to make a living online is with your own website. Once you have a website you can monotize it many different ways. You can use paid ads, affiliate links or sell physical products and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to learn more about making money from your own website I can recommend a training program for you to try out. Its called Wealthy Affiliate and you can learn about it right here.

The great thing abot it is that it’s beginner friendly so you don’t have to worry about your lack of experience. Not only that but it’s free to try so no risk.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I really hope you read it before you spent money on the Wealth Generator X.



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