Virtnext Review – Scam Or Legit?

Name: Virtnextvirtnext 1


Owner: Virnext Investments Ltd.

Price: Free Download, Minimum Deposit

Overall Rank: 13 out of 100



 Virtnext is the latest website to pop up telling us that they can make us all rich. I wanted to write a Virtnext review that would be completely honest and transparent since all the other reviews I found online were totally positive in a way that made me suspicious.

Virtnext is claiming to have come up with a software that is able to make trades in the stock market with a very high success rate. They’re saying that for a very limited time they will be allowing the public to download this software and profit from it.

Not only that but they’re allowing us all to download it for free. Once we download it, all we have to do is plug in our information and watch it trade. Easy money just like that.

They claim to be able to make us real money without any work. Seems like it could be too good to be true but let’s find out for sure.

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Promo Video

 This promotional video is a lot better than a lot of the other binary options promos that I’ve reviewed as of late. This one was different because it wasn’t showing off a wealthy lifestyle that everybody wants.

Most binary options programs like to show footage of a rich young guy driving an expensive supercar or sitting by the pool with girls in bikinis. I’ve seen every sleazy trick in the book like pictures of mansion, private jets, limos or beaches.

The majority of binary options programs you see are using these types of tricks to show people how rich their progrmas can make them. It’s an old trick but unfortunately it’s also an effective one.

Virtnext is different though, they didn’t do any of that. Usually when I see those tricks I can tell right away that it’s a scam but with Virtnext I had to look deeper because the promo video was actually very professional and well done.

The guy doing all the talking was very well spoken and he didn’t seem sleazy or arrogant. He was using a lot of stock market and financial jargin, some of which I didn’t even understand so I can’t guarantee that it all made sense.

This was pretty effective though I must say. Asside from the jargin he basically told us that they have a great software that is highly effective at making trades. I can’t say that it was all good. There were some red flags that caught my attention and so I have to share those with you.


red flags

 The first red flag was the countdown timer underneath the video. Countdown timers are a classic trick that almost all internet scams use. It’s a way of rushing people into making a decision.

They tell people that they’ll only be allowing a small number of people to access this software and this makes people feel like they’ve hit a stroke of good luck and they must capitalize on the opportunity before it’s too late.

All you have to do is refresh the page and the timer starts all over again proving that this timer is a complete lie to begin with. This is one sign that this website isn’t being honest.

The second red flag was the statement he made about the software being so effective that it was only wrong once out of over 1400 trades.

This is a huge lie. If there was anything in the world that could actually predict the markets like this it would become illegal very quickly. But it’s actually rediculous to even think that someone or something could be capable of this.

It’s so rediculous that it’s a dead giveaway to me that this is a scam.


virtnext 2Another red flag of this program are the enormous earning claims. They are telling us that we can make $2528 every single day.

These are numbers that cannot be met without an lot of time and work. Sure there are internet marketers who make this kind of money, but for anyone to claim that this kind of money can be made without any work or any experience is total BS.

As with any stock market trading there is always a chance you could profit from it. With that being said, unless you have a lot of knowledge or experience you will lose much more than you will win.

In the ends it’s just a gamble and this software that they claim to have created doesn’t actually exist.


The Scam Explained

So you might be wondering how this all works. You might be wondering how they make money if they are giving the software away for free. That’s actually the part that makes this scam so effective.

By giving away this “software” they are coming out smelling like a bed of roses. It gives us the impression that thet are honest and they are only trying to help us out. This is simply not true.

Once they convince you to give up your email address in exchange for the software they will then direct you to a broker where you can invest in stocks, assets, comodities or forex.

If you decide to invest in any of these, then Virtnext gets a commission from that. Simple as that. They haven’t developed any software at all and you have no better chance at earning from the stock market than anyone else. You’ve just wasted money on the market and you’ll never get it back.

This is how they make their money. You see that’s exactly why they insist on sending you to specific brokers. Because they will only get a commission if you go to the breker they recommend.

In addition to all of that, they will also use your email address to try and sell you other crap/scams. Until you remove your address from their list you’ll receive non-stop promotions for scams.


Final Thoughts

My final verdict of this Virtnext is that it is a complete scam. They are misleading people with outright lies and collecting a commission from it.

It discusts me that there are so many people/websites on the internet that are making money this way. That’s why I run this website, to expose the scams and to help people find legitimate online opportunities.

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You might be surprised to find out that I’m just an average guy who took advantage of a good opportunity and that you can do the exact same thing. Check out the story of my journey to online success.

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