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I tried VIP Voice with an open mind and decided to write a review. You'll want to read this before you join because this might not be what you're expecting.

VIP Voice

VIP Voice

Name: VIP Voice


Owner: The NPD Group inc

Price: Free

VIP Voice

As you probably already know, VIP Voice is a paid survey website where you can complete surveys in exchange for prizes. 

So you complete surveys and then you'll earn points every time you complete a survey. 

You would think that it's as simple as just exchanging your points for prizes or cash but unfortunately it's not that simple. 

They try to make it fun by creating a casino like atmosphere which kind of works but it doesn't really make up for the fact that your points earned won't necessarily translate into prizes. 

Let me explain what I mean by that. 

How It Works

Most survey companies will let you exchange your points for gift cards, cash or prizes but VIP Voice doesn't work that way. 

With VIP Voice there are two ways to get prizes and they both require a little luck and I would go as far as to say that it requires a lot of luck. 

The two ways to earn prizes are Bidland and Sweepland

Bidland is basically an auction where you can use your points earned to bid on items. 

This is where VIP Voice really differentiates itself from the other survey companies because I've never seen an auction from a survey website before. 

Since it's an auction there is no guarantee that you'll win anything. So you could use your points to bid on something, then get outbit which means your points are wasted. 

So that would mean that you spent all that time and effort earning points all for absolutely nothing. 

This is such a rip off in my opinion. I can only imagine that the people winning auctions are the ones who have saved up points for years so that they could be sure that nobody would outbid them.

The thing that really annoys me is that the only real winner here is VIP Voice because the majority of the people who complete surveys get absolutely nothing in return for their hard work. 

This would save them a ton of money and in my opinion makes this a very crappy survey company that I would never recommend for anyone. 

Then there's Sweepland

Sweepland is just as bad as Bidland and maybe even worse. At least with bidland you might somewhat enjoy the auction and bidding process. 

With Sweepland you just use your points to get your name entered in a sweepstakes draw and then your chances of winning the draw is slim to none. 

So again, most of the people working their butts off to earn points are getting nothing in return for their points. 

What Others Are Saying

I went over to to see what other people had to say about VIP Voice. Not surprising, most people feel the same way I do. 

Here's a few Screenshots.

So there are the odd positive reviews on there but I honestly don't see how anybody could say anything positive about this program. 

There just isn't any reason to waster your time with this. 

If you're doing it because you really want to win free stuff you should definitely try a different survey company like Radial Insight or Swagbucks

If you're doing it because you just have a lot of time to kill then I would suggest killing your time with something more fruitful because there are a ton of better ways to earn cash or free stuff online

Is VIP Voice A Scam?

It's hard for me to say that it's a scam because it doesn't actually cost anything other than your time and effort. 

With that being said, it's about as close to being a scam as it can get without actually being called one. 

My biggest issue with it is that they don't make it clear that your points won't directly translate into cash or prizes. 

I feel like they highly mislead people by making you feel like all you have to do is complete surveys and then get prizes. Which is definitely not the case. 

To really get the truth about how it works you'd have to read all of the fine print and nobody has time for that and they know it. 

Why Are People Recommending It?

You might have seen some positive reviews of VIP Voice and thought it sounded pretty good. I've seen a few people saying nice things about it too but there's a perfectly good explanation for that. 

They are getting paid to send people there. I did some digging around the internet and I found that there are some affiliate programs that are paying people for sending leads to VIP Voice. 

There are thousands of affiliate marketers out there who are willing to say positive things about any company as long as it pays well. 

This is surely the case with VIP Voice because I can't imagine anyone who's actually used it would have very many good things to say about it. 

What Are The Surveys Like?

The surveys that I took were mostly asking about my shopping and eating habits. They take about 20 minutes to complete and unfortunately they are dreadfully boring. 

Here's a screenshot of one of the questions on a survey that I took. 

After completing a survey the points are credited to your account right away and you can use them to enter sweepstakes right away. 

If you're interested in trying one of the auctions you'll want to wait until you have more points because otherwise you're pretty much guaranteed to be outbid and then your points are just wasted. 

Final Thoughts

Well I think I've made it pretty obvious how I feel about VIP Voice. I'm not a fan and I'll never recommend it to anyone, not even my worst enemy. (I don't actually have any enemies) 

But in all seriousness this program is a big waste of time. 

The sales page is very misleading and I'm not surprised at all that there are so many people writing negative things about it all over the internet. 

It's not a scam but it's certainly a shady program that doesn't care about wasting people's time. 

If you're seriously interested in making money online there are some way better options where your time and efforts can be put to good use and not wasted. 

I started working online in 2015 and I've never looked back but fortunately for me I found an amazing training program that taught me how to start my own online business. 

Before I found this training program I did get scammed a couple times and I also wasted some time with survey sites so I know how it feels. 

It's not fun and I was lucky that I stumbled onto a great training program as early as I did. 

Programs like VIP Voice are a dime a dozen online these days and it can really be hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones until it's too late. 

Thanks very much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any questions or comments please use the box below and I'll be sure to respond ASAP. 




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