Ultimate Home Profits Scam Review – 5 Huge Mistakes To Avoid

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Name: Ultimate Home Profits

Website: www.ultimate-home-profits.com

Owner: Emily Hudson

Price: $97 + Upsells

Score: 14 out of 100



This review of Ultimate Home Profits is not going to pull any punches and I’m not even worried about hurting Emily Hudson’s(site creator) feelings because she isn’t even a real person.

So what Is The Ultimate Home Profits?  Is it a Scam?

The truth is, Emily Hudson is just a made up name that this website uses as a front. I’m not saying that any website that uses a fake name is a scam. There are a lot of people who use a pen name for their websites for privacy reasons and that is totally understandable.

This however is not just a pen name and I know that because I’ve been to this website before for research reasons and before they were using the name Emily Hudson, they were using the name Michelle Robinson and before that they had half a dozen other names.

I can only assume that they keep changing the name because it becomes well known for being associated with a scam after people lose money with this.

They have to change the name so people don’t catch on. Eventually they’ll have to  change the domain name because they’ll be far too well known as a scam.

Changing the domain name as well as a few small details within a website is very common with scam programs. These are called duplicate sites. The scammers just keep using the same scam over and over again under a new name.

Sometimes they don’t even change the logo. For example, Ultimate Home Profits is a duplicate of another scam called Replace Your Job, I also reviewed that one and you can read that one here.

I also reviewed another similar program called Home Jobs Today that is also the same scam. So they’re using this same scam over and over with different names in order to keep tricking people.


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So it didn’t take me long to recognize that this was a duplicate scam since I’ve already reviewed the other versions of this program. But for the people out there who haven’t seen the duplicates this might actually seem like a legit program.

It is a proffesional looking website and they don’t have any dead givaways for unsuspecting people. In the future, here’s a few things to look out for when you’re looking into a “make money online” program.

False Affiliations

This website uses well known and trusted logos in an attempt to make it appear as though they’ve been indorsed by these big brands. Here’s a screenshot of the logos they used.

ultimate home profits 2

So we all recognize these brands and most of us probably trust a lot of what is said on these TV networks. That’s why they put those on their website, to build trust.

The problem is that anyone can put those logos on their website so it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve indorsed this website.

There is only 1 way to find out if this is a real indorsement or just a fake. Click on the logos. If you click on the logos and it brings you to another page either promoting that brand or an approved write up from that brand indorsing the product then you know it’s real.

If you click on the logo and nothing happens, then you know it’s a fake. In the case of Ultimate Home Profits, nothing happens so we know it’s a fake.


Saying It’s Easy

Another red flag to look out for with “make money online” programs is when they tell you it’s easy money and that anyone can do it.

This is always a lie because in reality there is no easy way to make money on or offline. If there was, then we’d all be doing it.

I make my living online and although it’s possible for anyone to do it with the right training, it’s not easy. It takes hard work and dedication. When someone says it’s easy, you know they’re lying.


Make Quick Money

They’re also telling us that we can make money within 5 minutes. This is a total lie because there is no way anyone can make REAL money that fast.

Sure you may be able to make a few bucks with certain programs just for signing up but after that you’ll be hard pressed to make any more than that.

Whenever a program claims that you can make quick money, they are lying. To make a real living online will take a lot of time and most successful internet marketers don’t make any money in their first few months.


What Is This Program Selling?

 I’ve been so caught up telling you how I know this program is a scam that I haven’t even told you what they’re trying to sell you.

They claim to be able to teach you how to make money from your own website using affiliate marketing, an email list, Ebay and drop shipping. They also claim to be able to teach you how to generate traffic to your website.

In all fairness, they do provide some decent information on how to do thses things. They basically give you a book filled with information and techniques on internet marketing.

I went through a lot of their information and it wasn’t all bad. Some of the teachings are good and some of the techniques they talk about are similar to ones that I use and have success with.

That is where the pro’s end. One of their biggest selling point is that you don’t need any experience or skills to have success with this and that is wrong in my opinion.

Since all your getting is some information, you’d have a hard time implementing it as a beginner. If you got stuck or needed help with anything there isan’t any way of getting that.

There’s no forum or members area for getting help or asking questions. There isn’t one person out there smart enough to make money online without a little help and support from other people.

On top of that they are promoting a lot of bad practices. One thing they really push is link posting. Link posting was a great way to make money online 5-10 years ago but since the search engines have changed their algorythm link posting is no longer effective.

They also promote using duplicate or copied content which is completely wrong. The best way to get traffic to a website is with original content but these scams don’t say that because that sounds too much like hard work.



Final Thoughts

So although this program might be able to teach you a few things about internet marketing, I still call it a scam. I call it a scam mainly because it misleads people.

It makes people think that it’s easy to make money with this system. It makes it seems like all you have to do is sign up and the money will start to roll in.

In reality I highly doubt anyone has ever had any success with this program especially beginners. The only people making money from this are the scammers selling it.

I really don’t recommend this program for anyone looking to make money online and that’s pretty much what all the Ultimate Home Profits reviews will say.

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There are far better options out there and for less money and less risk too.

Often people who are new to the “make money online” world will start off doing paid surveys.  I know there are people out there who do make ok money from paid surveys but in my opinion they aren’t worth the time.

They require a lot of time for far less than minimum wage.

I wrote this Ultimate Home Profits Review to help you avoid a scam and if you’re interested, direct you to a program that can actually teach you how to make a good living from the internet.

I personally learned everything I know about internet marketing from a training program called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not a get rich quick scheme or even a “make money” scheme. It’s just a training program that puts you through some courses so that you can go out and make your own money online.

If you want to learn more about this training program and find out if it’s right for you, find out here.

I really appreciate you stopping by today and I hope you found this review helpful. Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions in the box below. Cheers,


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