TSU Social Network – Are The Reviews Honest?

Name: TSUtsu 1

Website: www.tsu.co

Owner: Sebastian Sobczak

Price: Free To Join

Overall Rank: 48 out of 100








 Simply put, TSU is a social network that shares it’s ad revenue with the users. This review might be a little different than the other reviews you’ve read about Tsu because I’m not just analizing tsu as a social network. I’m analizing it more as a way to make money online.

Tsu(pronounced Sue) is actually very similar to Facebook. So much so that you could almost call it a rip off of facebook.

The idea behind it is that the owners will only keep 10% of the ad revenue and share the other 90% with the users. You can earn some of this money by sharing stuff, liking stuff, commenting on stuff or posting your own stuff.


How Does It Work?

 Once you sign up you’ll have to fill out a profile but then you can start interacting right away. You can follow other people or become “friends” with others in order to see what they post.

You’ll have a timeline just like with Facebook and you’ll also have your own page that showcases anything you’ve posted.

The main difference with this network is obviously that fact that you can make money with it. Money is the big incentive for members to interact which is a great motivator and as a result the members are extremely active.

You can post even the most boring and generic photo and it’ll get all sorts of comments and likes because that’s how people earn money.

Every member has a section of their account that show them how much money they’ve earned. It’s called “Bank”. Below is a screenshot of my bank account over the last month and the balance is for the entire time I’ve had the account.

tsu 2


I’ve been a member at Tsu for about 3 months right now as I’m writing this article. As you can see I haven’t made a lot of money.

That being said, I haven’t been going out of my way to be extremely active. I’ve posted on here on average about once per day and I’ve gone through and liked the odd thing and commented on stuff here and there. Basically I’ve been treating it like it’s my facebook or twitter and just interacting naturally.

Still, the profit is really bad. I haven’t even come close to earning a dollar. I’ve looked into it a little more for the sake of this review and I’ve discovered that there is another way to increase your earnings, referrals.

You may or may not have received annoying emails, Twitter autoresponses or texts from people telling you about Tsu and sending you a link. These are in fact affiliate links.

If you are able to recruit lots of people who become active members then you’ll be able to earn a lot more money. But with that being said, you still won’t earn much. Absolutely not enough money to make a living.

In my opinion if you have the skills and knowledge to convince people to join certain things online then you will be much better off promoting products that are actually profitable.

Affiliate marketing can be an extremely profitable way to make a living online but you need the right training(click here for the right training) and you surely won’t be making any sort of living from Tsu once you’ve learned the proper way to make money from affiliate marketing.


The Sales Pitch

 A lot of people tried to pitch the idea of Tsu to me before I decided to join. Finally I joined, not because I wanted to make money from it but because I wanted to assess it and write a review on it as a money making opportunity.

The people who pitched it to me all had  one main argument. This argument was basically saying that huge networks like Facebook are greedy and they don’t share any of their profits with the users, so why not join a network that is just as good but shares the profits.

I like money so I was slightly interested when I heard this but I still don’t like that argument. Facebook is free to join and it has changed the way we interact online, communicate and express ourselves. All of this for free.

I don’t really think that we(facebook users) are entitled to the profits. Mark Zuckerberg created facebook and so he can do whatever he wants with that money. It just so happens that he has recently donated $45 billion to charity which really takes away from the argument that he’s greedy.

So I’m not really on board with that argument. I like Facebook and I’m happy to continue using it without getting paid.


Final Thoughts

 So my ranking of 48 out of 100 is not because this is a crappy social network. It’s more because this is not a good way to make money online.

If you want to join Tsu and make it your main social network that’s totally fine and you’ll probably be happy with it as a social network. But if you want to make money online, you should seek a different opportunity and remember that the reveiws you read about it are probably affiliates.

All though they have a decent affiliate program, it’s still a waste of time in my opinion. You’ll be working for less than minimum wage trying to recruit people to this and you’ll probably have to spam people in order to get them to click your affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing works much better if you’re promoting products that pay more money and it also helps if you promote something that you’re passionate about.

Really you need your own website to make a living from affiliate marketing. It might sound difficult but with the proper training, anyone can do it.

I learned how to set up a website and turn it into a relatively passive income from this training program. The training is beginner friendly and you can eventually make a full time living from it.

Thanks very much for stopping by today. I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the box below and I’ll respond ASAP.



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TSU Social Network – Are The Reviews Honest?
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