Thin Air Profits Review – Is It As Stupid As It Sounds?

I discovered Thin Air Profits because I was on the subscriber list for a program called Dumb Little System and they sent it to my inbox as a money making opportunity. 

​The sales video made some pretty big claims so I decided to check it out and write a review on it to see if it's legit or just another crappy scam. 

Name: Thin Air Profits


Owner: ​James Renouf & Shane Nathan

Price: $9.99

Score:64 out of 100

The Sales Video

The sales video for Thin Air Profits is very simple. It’s only a couple of minutes long and it doesn’t really give us any information.

I’m sure that since you’re here you’ve probably already watched the sales video and now you’re trying to figure out if this program is honest and legit.

I’m going to take you through this program from start to finish so that you can decide for yourself if this is right for you but first I want to tell you what the sales video tells ME about this program.

Lots Of Hype With No Information – They guy talking in the video basically just talks about making money online easily.

He doesn’t tell us how he makes money or how we can also make money, he just tells us that we can easily have 3 figure days.


This tells me that the actual system they are selling is probably pretty thin, pun intended.

A decent program would give us at least a little bit of information about how we will be earning money before trying to get our money and a great program would let us try it out without paying.

Price Increase Tactics – The video tells us that the price of this program is going to go up so we should hurry up and buy it now while it’s still cheap.



This tactic is actually proven to work for generating more sales in the online world so it’s not a surprise that they are using it.

The problem I have with it is that most of the time it’s a lie. Most of the time they never intend on raising the price and they only say this in order to rush us into buying.

To me that is misleading and not a great way to start a relationship with a customer.

So all in all this video does not give me confidence that this program will be high quality but I can’t be sure unless I buy it and try it out myself. So that’s what I’ll do.


My Experience

So I purchased the product. After buying it I realized that it’s a Warrior Plus product which doesn’t tell me much because I’ve seen decent products from there as well as bad ones so we’ll have to wait and see.

Below is a screenshot of my receipt.



Now that I’ve purchased the product I’ve been directed to another short video. This video is James Renouf, one of the creators of Thin Air Profits talking a little bit more about this system.



The fact that he’s showing his face is a good sign that this product might be legitimate. It gives me a little bit of confidence.

Unfortunately my confidence was short lived as the second thing he says in the video is that there is an upsell.

I hate upsells because I just don’t understand why they can’t give us everything for one price. It’s just a little bit sneaky for my liking.

I’ve already made the purchase so I might as well buy the upsell in order to do this right. I’m sure that’s the mentality of a lot of people which is why upsells make more money. Not fun for the buyer though.


The Creators

I’ve accessed my copy of Thin Air Profits now but I wanted to talk about the creators of this program very briefly before I dive into the program itself.

According to the video it was created by two guys by the names of James Renouf and Shane Nathan.


Both of these guys are active members of the Warrior Plus community and they are willing to show their faces on here so they must not be complete scammers.

James Renouf is connected to quite a few other online money making programs actually.


That’s just a small sample of the programs that he is associated with. He appears to have made a lot of sales but my concern is that he seems to be flogging pretty much anything and everything rather than putting his focus on one or two great programs.


Thin Air Profits Review

Now that I’ve the program I can tell you that it’s a PDF file that consists of 24 pages all in text format with a few pictures.

Seems pretty weak but I guess you can’t expect too much for $9.99.

Page 1

The first page of the PDF just thanks us for trusting them and for buying the product. Then he dives right in to it.

He states that it’s very important to get people to see our products and more importantly to get people to spend money on the products.

He even say the words “push them to give you money”. Geez, that sounds a little aggressive. lol.

Page 2 & 3

In these pages he talks about how great it is to make money from home. He talks about how the times have changed and we need to be able to adapt to the changing times.

He tells us that nothing is as easy as what he is about to show us.

Page 3 & 4

In these pages he talks about the fact that mobile is taking over.

He also talks about how popular streaming is and facebook. Pretty much just states a bunch of obvious stuff.

He says that even though these things are so popular, people are struggling to monetize them.

Page 5

Here he finally moves on to what we’ll be learning about. It’s an app called Busker and he claims that we can make money using Busker just by getting people to click a button.




So he tells us to go to the app store and download Busker and he also gives us a link to download it.

Then he explains a little bit how Busker works.


Basically Busker is a place where you can create content with the intent of other people seeing your content.

So you could create a video and post it on busker then your goal would be to get other people to see that video.

If someone watches the video and clicks the like button then they will be following you.

Then people also will have the option to hit the pay button. This means that if they like a video they can actually pay you money.



Then they have the choice to pay $1, $3, $5, $10 or $20.

Seems weird to me, I just don’t understand why anyone would pay for a video that they’ve already watched. What’s in it for them?

Let’s see if we find out…..


So he doesn’t really explain why people are willing to pay money for this stuff. Instead he just tells us that even though we don’t understand why people pay for this, we should just accept it.

He uses the example of crowdfunding where people just pay to support something even though they aren’t really getting anything in return.


Sell Stuff

There is also a blue icon on the Busker app that isn’t active yet but when it is, it will allow you to sell stuff directly from your Busker profile.

I could see how this could work if you had a massive following of 100,000 or more people.

James is telling us that this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor. He thinks this app is going to grow and become huge very soon.

In a way this reminds me of TSU Social network which basically shares it’s profits with the members so you can make money by sharing content.


Live Streaming

There is also a live streaming function where you can schedule a broadcast and people can show up and watch you live.

This could be good if you’re trying to teach an audience about specific products or niches. It sounds like a decent way to communicate with an audience.

As long as you have an audience.


Pages 20-24

These last pages are all about hyping this up. It’s basically James talking about how huge this app is going to be.

He tells us that we need to use more than one platform for reaching our audience but Busker should be the one we use to monetize our audience.

Then at the very end he tells us about the upsell that will make this whole thing go Gangbusters. So I clicked it since there was nothing more to read and I had already gone through the entire Thin Air Profits PDF.


The Upsell

After clicking the upsell link I was taken back to the thank you video that I had already seen. Below the video was a link so I clicked it.

After clicking the link a button popped up that said “Buy Now $17”.

I was going to buy this product just to make for a more complete review of this but I really couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I just didn’t feel like I was given enough value for the original purchase and I knew that this second purchase would probably be more of the same.


Final Thoughts

I have to keep telling myself that I only paid $9.99 for this program so I can’t be too disappointed but somehow I still am.

I definitely don’t think that this is a scam by any means but I also don’t think that it’s really worth the time it takes to read it.

I do see that there could be some potential here as a way for some people to make money online.

Maybe if you already have a large Youtube following and you want to monetize it this could be a good way to go about that.

I just don’t think that as a beginner this is going to get you anywhere.

Not to mention you would have to be making videos all the time to add to your profile. Nowhere in the intro video did he mention that we would have to make a lot of videos to make this work.

I just don’t really like making videos and I know that not everybody does.

Here are my star ratings.

Thin Air Profits Review – Is It As Stupid As It Sounds?
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Profit Potential





So if you’re looking for an easy way to make money online you’re going to be looking for a long time because there really isn’t an easy way.

Anybody who makes a full time living online has worked very hard to get where they are.

The main thing you need in order to start making extra money online is the proper training program.

You need to learn the legitimate avenues that will bring you success and help you avoid the scams.

There are a few really good training programs for internet marketing and if I had to direct you to one of them I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has a free trial where you can start taking lessons and get an idea of what it takes to really make money online.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. If you have any questions or comments please use the box below and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP.



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