The National Wealth Center Review – The Truth

Name: National Wealth Centernwc 4


Owner: Peter Wolfing

Price: $25/month, $50/month, $100/month

Upsells – $250, $1000, $3500, $7500

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100


Introduction To NWC

Before I dive too deep into the national wealth center review I want you to watch their promo video so you can get an idea of what they are promoting.


So if that wasn’t very clear to you, they’re selling video and audio training on health, wellness and success. It is an MLM company so if you’re not familiar with that, here’s the Wikipedia definition.




I found this definition HERE.

So some people absolutely hate MLM companies and they just throw them in the same pile as pyramid schemes but this is not true. There are legitimate MLM’s that do not break the law. I do believe that NWC is within the confines of the law.

The owner of NWC(Peter Wolfing) has had many MLM’s over the years. He’s actually known for starting them up and then ditching them when people start to catch on to the fact that they aren’t making the money they were promised. I would be quite skeptical before I joined anything that he was promoting.


I’m Still Not Convinced But Not Turned Off  Yet

So as I said before, they’re selling ebooks, video training and audio training. These products are meant to be helpful to people for self-developement, business and wealth training. Sounds alright so far.

nwc 1


So these products seem ok. They might actually be worth while on their own but then the upsells start to come. The upsells are basically them trying to pull you into the MLM game. They want you to pay a lot more to join the game. Once you join your goal is to convince other people to purchase the digital products or even better, join the MLM and sell for themselves.

Here’s the costs of the different levels you can join.

nwc 2


Those are some pretty huge numbers. It would take a lot of trust and faith for me to pay that kind of money without knowing for sure if it’s even a legitimate company. But let’s say you do end up diving in and paying to be a part of this thing. How Would It Benefit Me??


How You Can Make Money

I’ll try to be clear and concise with this description of how you can make money with this. Once you sign up to start selling these things on your own, you will be assigned a sponser. The sponser is above you in the upline which means that you will end up splitting some of your profits with them.

So if your apart of the wealth advantage level then you paid $1000 to be apart of that. Your main goal now is to get other people to sign up to be apart of this “Wealth Advantage” sales team.

If you make a sale, the money goes to you. Then if you make a second sale, the money goes to your sponsor. The third sale would go to you and the 4th sale would go to your sponsor. Get it?

This is all very interesting to me because in the sales pitch they constantly say that you get 100% of the commission. See for yourself in this picture…..


nwc 5


So why would they say you get 100% commission if you have to give the profits from 2 of your first 4 sales?? I’m no mathematician but I’m pretty sure that’s 50%. So that is a hint that they may be a little misleading. Not a good sign.

They also don’t really talk too much about the actual products. They don’t give you very many details as to what’s in the books and videos. This really stuck out to me as a red flag.

I’m ok with the MLM thing as long as the products being sold are high quality. The fact that they are talking more about downlines and uplines and all the money you can make from recruiting people than the actual products themselves is a bad sign.

This is where my attitude really shifted and I saw that this is starting to look shady and even starting to look like a pyramid scheme. They also talk a lot about pitching it to people you know. I personally would not feel right pitching this to friends and family. Especially since I don’t even really know if the products are good.

My Verdict: Not Recommended

So Now What ???

So I really did try my best to like this product especially since the website and videos were actually very high quality. Now that I’ve kinda torn it apart you’re back at square one trying to find a good online opportunity.

Don’t worry, there are good opportunities on the internet that you can make real money from. There are websites and training programs that are even good for beginners or people who are in-experienced with computers.

My #1 Ranked Product is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s always the first program I recommend to people who want a legitimate opportunity to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing training course that teaches affiliate marketing. I love affiliate marketing as a way to make money because you can really tap into a niche market of your choice.

This allows you to work on something that you’re passionate about which really helps not only make money but also helps you enjoy your day to day work.

In the end we all want/need money but what good is money if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing everyday? Not only that but we should be able to do something that we’re proud of that is sustainable.

Affiliate marketing is not only sustainable but it is also something you can do well into your older years from the comfort of your own home.

You can access all of my reviews by clicking on the reviews tab at the top of the page but the first one you should read is my #1 ranked Product, Wealthy Affiliate and it’s FREE to try.

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The National Wealth Center Review – The Truth
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