The Lotto Crusher System Is A Piece Of Crap! Here’s Proof

Seriously....The Lotto Crusher System is a piece of crap. You'll want to read my review of this lottery scam to see my proof.

Lottery Crusher

The Lotto Crusher System

Name: Lottery Crusher


Owner: Larry??

Price: $97 USD

The Lotto Crusher System

So this system is called the Lottery Crusher but I'll be referring to it as Lotto Crusher or the Lotto Crusher System since that's what most people know it as.

You've probably seen the website for Lotto Crusher and so you know that it's a very simple website with a very long video and an email grab. 

This was the first sign for me that this program isn't great because generally a good program will provide more information. 

But I decided to give it a chance just to see if the video had some useful information or maybe explained how this system works. 

I sat through it all. Yes all 30+ minutes of it. 

Then I filled in my name and email address and clicked "add to cart".

After that it was a simple checkout that was charging $97 for an e-book. 

By this point I had a pretty good idea what the "system" was but for the sake of research I bought it anyway. 

The actual e-book is full of the usual lottery strategies that you can get for free anywhere online and not one single thing that makes it worth $97. 

There's a formula that he claims is his secret to success but I'm pretty sure it's just a made up math equation. 

Basically he asks you to track the winning lottery numbers for some previous winners and enter them into the formula. 

Then when you work out the formula it will tell you what numbers to pick for the next lottery. 

This is very similar to Lotto Dominator except at least with Lotto Dominator the creator actually has some proof that he has won real lotteries. 

All in all there is no way the lotto crusher system has any merit to it whatsoever and I'll show you my proof in the next paragraph. 

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Is Lotto Crusher System A Scam?

Is Lotto Crusher System a scam? Absolutely yes, it is a total scam and a total piece of crap.

Let me show you the proof I have that the creators of this "system" are not afraid to lie to you in order to get your money. 

You remember the testimonial videos? Maybe you didn't make it that far into the video but there were some people saying that the lotto crusher system worked wonders for them and they won the lottery as a result. 

Well I discovered that these are completely fake. I found one of the guys on advertising his services as an actor. Have a look. 

So that's obviously the same guy sitting in front of the same book shelf on the same chair. There is no attempt to even disguise this. 

It took me about 2 minutes to find him. 

So now we know that they are hiring people to claim that the Lotto Crusher System worked for them. 

This is an outright lie and in my opinion this makes this program a SCAM. 

If you lie to someone in order to convince them to give you money you are scamming them, nobody will argue that. 

So there's my proof.

If you knew a company hired actors for fake testimonials would you still consider buying their product?

I sure as hell wouldn't. No way.

If a company has a legitimate product that works as advertised then there is no reason to have fake testimonials. 

Therefore it's easy to come to the conclusion that any company who uses fake testimonials is not legitimate .


Lotto Crusher Sales Video

Now that it's common knowledge that the Lotto Crusher System is a scam let's look at some of their other tactics that are also blatant lies.

Larry (if that's even his name) is a real big liar. 

In the sales video he makes so many claims that it's hard to keep track of them all. 

The first one that really jumped out at me was the time he talked about how people who use his system can now afford luxury cars and mansions. He even showed a picture.  

These pictures were very obviously taken from a stock photo website I have no doubt especially considering what we know about the testimonials. 

Another questionable thing about the sales video is that this so-called Larry never shows his face. 

If he's really helping people get rich then you wouldn't think he'd be afraid to show his face. 

That's pretty normal for scams though. 

The main red flags you should always look out for with programs are huge earnings claims and an owner who doesn't show his or her face. 

When they dangle photos of an expensive lifestyle in front of you it's almost always a scam or a low quality product at best. 

Legitimate programs would never use those tactics. 

Customer Service

The customer service is pretty much non existent. 

They don't provide you with a phone number, an email address or even a physical address. Nothing like that. 

All there is for help is a forum that is barely used and provides next to no help at all. 

Affiliate Program

They also have an affiliate program so bloggers or website owners can make money by selling it. 

This is something I just learned by reading the fine print at the bottom of the website and it's pretty interesting. 

They're trying to convince people to sing up as affiliates and push this system on more innocent people looking to make a buck. 

They make it seem really profitable too. 

So yeah they're saying that if you had 1000 active customers you would be making $34,992 each month. 

I'm not questioning their math, just their ethics. 

Even if I knew I could make that much money promoting the Lotto Crusher System I still wouldn't do it. 

Sure I make some money by promoting other people's products (Learn how you can do this too) but I only promote products that I know are legitimate. 

In fact I would never promote something that I haven't tried myself because I would never want to break the trust of my readers. 

If I break the trust of my readers then this entire website that I've worked hard on would be worth nothing. 

Even if the ethics of this didn't bother me I still wouldn't do it because if a website was sending that many people to the lotto crusher then eventually people would start to figure out that they can't trust it. 

I have no problems with affiliate marketing. In fact I make most of my living from it but I would never lie to convince people to buy something. 

Final Thoughts

Well there's no doubt about the feelings I have towards the Lotto Crusher System. I hate it and I certainly would never recommend it. 

If you did end up buying it before reading this review you should try your best to get a refund. 

I personally tried to get my money back but still haven't been able to. 

If they don't refund your money you should consider going to the BBB and filing a formal complaint. 

Other than that there isn't very much more to say about it. 

The Lotto Crusher System is a scam and a huge piece of crap. Don't do it. 

If you're looking for a way to make some extra money I wouldn't recommend any lottery or gambling of any sorts. 

That's most likely just going to cost you more money. 

Unfortunately there is no way to make quick and easy money. Period. 

If anyone ever tells you otherwise they are lying to you. 

I've found a way to make a steady income online but it didn't come easy. I had to first find the right training program and then I had to work my ass off for it. 

With that being said, if you're willing to put time and hard work in you can make money online as well. 

Just don't expect it to come over night. Here's where I learned how to do it

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Lotto Crusher System
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