The Guaranteed Income Machine Review – A Disastrous Scam

I'm writing a review of the Guaranteed Income Machine mostly as a warning for people out there who are considering it as an option.

It's actually really bad and I hope I can prevent a few people from falling into the trap.

Name: Guaranteed Income Machine


Owner: Bobby.....Doesn't give a last name

Price: $27/month and Up

Score: 6 out of 100

Brief Overview

I’m sure you’ve already watched the promo video for this program so you already know that this “system” is all about email marketing.

The guy in the video, “Bobby” tells us that he has such an enormous list of email subscribers that the email companies won’t allow him to email them all on his own.

That’s what he needs us for.

He needs people to sign up for his program and send out mass emails to people on his subscriber list since he isn’t able to do it himself.

Then if any of those people click the link in the email, you’ll get paid.

That’s pretty much the whole system.

The only additional thing worth mentioning is that there is also a referral program that pays you $70/month for every person that you refer to the Guaranteed Income Machine.

Before you get too far into this review I want to warn you that this program is a scam and you should not sign up for it.

You can keep reading below to find out why I’m so sure this is a scam but if you’d rather read about an honest way of making money online then you’d be better off reading about my top ranked program.


How It Works

Once you sign up for this you’ll be directed to another website called PWM.

gim 3

Once in the PWM members they explain to you how to set up your autoresponder account.

Basically they get you to sign up for this autoresponder where your job is to send out emails to people who have supposedly requested them.

I have a hard time believing that people have actually requested the emails and I think it’s far more likely that the emails are just spam that the recipients are annoyed by.

So far this is all free just like Bobby promised but that comes to an end in this next step.

In order to actually send out these emails you’ll need to sign up for an external autoresponder account.

The autoresponder that they direct you to is called My Inbox Pro and it’s not free. This will cost you $27/month.

gim 5

The $27/month is actually just the basic package that you can choose if you want but you have the option of spending more.

The basic package will set you up with 500 email subscribers.

Since the goal of this system is to get people to click a link in the email, it all comes down to numbers.

Of course the more subscribers you have the more clicks you’ll get and therefore the more money you’ll make.

So they say.

So that’s why they leave this part up to you. If you want to get more than 500 subscribers all you have to do is pay more and you can get as many as 500,000 subscribers for a whopping $3760/month.


gim 7


Now that’s a lot of money. The logic here is that you would make way more than that because of all the subscribers you have but is that a risk you’d be willing to take?


The Truth About This System

The hard truth about this system is that you won’t actually make money from it.

Nowhere on the website does it actually explain how you will get paid.

There is no explanation on transferring your balance to your paypal account or anything.

The reason for this is because they don’t need to worry about this since they don’t actually pay people….EVER.

They are making money by referring you to My Inbox Pro.

Every time someone signs up for a My Inbox Pro account through them they will get a commission.

Not only that but every time someone pays for one of their upsells they’ll get a commission as well.


“Don’t give them your real information”

You might have noticed that they are asking for a lot of information upon signing up for this.

They not only want your name and email address but they also ask for your address and phone number. This is really alarming and I wouldn’t recommend giving them real info.

I gave them a fake address and phone number but I did give them my real email address.

Since signing up I’ve received about 10 emails a day from them all trying to sell me more crap. Basically just spam emails.

This tells me that they are also making money by selling people’s information.

There are websites out there that will pay for people’s information.

They pay for email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses because they can then use that information to try to sell you more stuff. Usually scams as well.

I’ve seen this same technique with a lot of the binary options scams out there.


Bobby Is An Actor

I thought this “Bobby” guy seemed very suspicious and I didn’t believe he was really the creator of this so-called system.

So I did some digging around the various freelance websites and sure enough I found him.

Here’s his profile on where he’s selling his services as an actor.

gim 2


So there it is. For as little as $5 he’ll be a spokesperson for anybody.

That right there is proof that the Guaranteed Income Machine is a lying program.

Whoever the actual creator of this scam is, he or she does not have the guts to go on camera and tell us to sign up for this because it’s obviously a scam.


What I Liked

  • Nothing

What I Didn’t Like

  • Too many lies
  • Can be very costly
  • Fake owner
  • Very deceptive
  • Cannot make money from this
  • They sell your personal information
  • They spam you and others


Final Thoughts

It’s pretty obvious what my opinion of this “system” is.

It’s just a new way for someone to make money from innocent people looking for an opportunity.

It sickens me to think that there are people out there preying on innocent people who just want an honest opportunity to make extra money.

Here are my ratings……

Star Ratings
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Profit Potential




I’m sure that there are a lot of people out there who have completely given up trying to make money online because of scams like this one.

Losing money to scams is embarrassing and demoralizing.

That’s a big part of the reason I started this website. I really want to prevent as many people as possible from falling victim to scams like this one.

Out of all the “make money online” programs out there about 60% of them are scams. Those are bad odds.

I’ve reviewed a lot of different programs and I’ve ranked them from best to worst so that you can avoid the bad ones and stick to the good ones.

Check out my list here.

Thanks for stopping by today. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the box below.



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