The Commission Miner Review – Is It Worth Your Precious Time?

I wanted to write the Commission Miner review that would clear everything up for anyone considering this program.

There are a lot of reviews out there about this program even though it was only launched in June of 2015.

Commission Miner Review

Name: Commission Miner


Owner: Bryan Winters

Price: 30 Day Free Trial, $29/Month

Score: 41 out of 100​

Summary: I actually have a pretty unique take on this program since I bought into it thinking it was great and that I would make money from it. Once I figured out how it all works I really didn't want to have any part of it so I got a refund. If you want to make money online you'd be far better off checking out Wealthy Affiliate instead. 


I was reading a lot of contradicting reviews on the program so I just decided to join and see what it’s all about.

After all it gives you a free 30 day trial so I have nothing to lose.  Which is awesome.

First thing I noticed is that they are focusing on something a little different. Yes they are teaching affiliate marketing, but they are telling us to promote affiliate income opportunities instead of strictly promoting products.

Let me explain the difference….

I have a fitness website where I promote products. I promote things like exercise equipment, fitness clothing and supplements.

If someone goes to my website, clicks one of my affiliate links and then ends up buying something then I get a commission. Simple as that.

Bryan Winters is not saying that this is a bad plan and I know it’s not a bad plan because I make my living from that fitness website. All he is saying is that he thinks it’s better to promote affiliate income opportunities.

The main reason he is not in love with the idea of promoting physical products is because once you make a sale, that customer is gone and you might never make another sale from them again.

So you have to work really hard to get a lot of traffic so that you can keep getting new sales.

This differs from promoting affiliate income opportunities because usually affiliate income opportunities are membership based so once you sign someone up you would then make a commission off them every month.

What’s an affiliate income opportunity??

There are lots of affiliate income opportunities out there on the internet.

Lots of them are scams but a lot of them are pretty decent and some of them are even amazing like my #1 Ranked product. The cool thing about promoting an income opportunity is that most of them are membership based.

That means that once you sign someone up, you will not only get that initial sale, but you’ll get a recurring sale from them every month.

This can be great because if you think about it, every time you sign someone up, your giving yourself a raise. Don’t get this confused with a MLM program because that’s a different thing all together.

Another thing that I noticed right away is that the graphics and pictures on the website are a little cheesy.

commission miner 2


As you can see, they’ve got this gold miner theme going on and they are really running with it.

It’s kind of funny and not really all that important but I just thought I’d mention it because there might be some people out there who won’t take it serious as a make money opportunity with this kind of theme.

I was able to look past it and focus on the content, as to not judge a book by it’s cover.


Getting Started

Once inside you will be prompted with a welcome video and a bit of a guide to tell you how it all works. I was a little confused at first because it does move pretty fast.

This however is actually a good thing because there is no fluff in the videos so they are totally straight forward and to the point.

If I was confused by something I would just rewind the video a little and watch it again. The videos are all done by the owner Bryan Winters and he is very well spoken, knowlegeable and easy to listen to.

You will also have to give your paypal information upon signing up for the free trial because once the 30 days is up they will automatically charge you the $29 monthly fee.

This isn’t a big deal since they do give you 30 days to figure it out. I would recommend putting a reminder in your phone or something just in case you decide to cancel it before the 30 days is up, that way you won’t forget.

I have actually been apart of programs that do this same thing but they only give you 3 days and so you pretty much need to decide on the first day if you want to cancel or not.



The training in the members area is very high quality. As I said it can be a little confusing if you have zero experience with internet marketing but still not so confusing that you can’t figure it out.

If you’re really struggling to understand how it works you can use the public forum they have and get questions answered quickly.

For most new people I think the first day is overwhelming but by the second or third day they get it figured out no problem.

The training is available in video form or text(PDF) which is great.

Basically they are offering training that teaches……..

  • Building a list
  • Promoting products
  • Setting up your own sales force of affiliates
  • How to use free traffic as well as paid traffic to get traffic to the squeeze pages
  • The best way to train your own team of affiliates

They also offer extensive training on 3 different types of sales funnels.

When I say sales funnels I just mean websites. They refer to them as sales funnels because that is the correct term for a  webpage that is built with the sole purpose of selling something or getting people to sign up for something.

This is cool because it means you won’t need a website to use this system.

They provide you with other ways of directing traffic to these funnels for people who don’t have a website.

With that being said, if you do have a website then you could use your existing traffic to direct people to the provided funnels.



So the 3 types of funnels are as follows…….

Type 1 Funnel – With this funnel you will be promoting Commission Miner Co-op itself. It’s probably the best place to start for new members because it’s simple and straight forward.

Type 2 Funnel – With this one you will be promoting CMC funnels that offer free products.

Type 3 Funnel – With this program you will be able to promote other affiliate products that are not made by CMC. These products do cost money in which you can earn commissions from if people sign up under you.

They say that all of these products are hand selected by Bryan so you can be sure they are good products but this isn’t enough to convince me because he hasn’t done anything to gain my trust yet.

I can only wonder if these product are legit or if they are just scams. I’ll look into this and update this review asap.



There are a lot of great tools provided with this system and they make them sound very enticing. The three funnels that I just told you about all sound like great tools in theory.

Because of these funnels you(supposidly) don’t need a website of your own. You can just use the provided funnels so you won’t have to pay for hosting.

Another tool is the built in autoresponder. This is deemed as great because you won’t have to pay for an autoresponder since they have one built in.

It works a little differently than typical ones, they jujst collect the addresses for you and you can use them as you please.

This seems kinda sketchy. It seems like they are just using these email addresses freely and not respecting them at all. I know when I collect email addresses here at I don’t ever share them with anyone and I would never spam them.

Basically what it does is collects all the email addresses of the people who signed up using your affiliate link and saves them for you.

You can access these addresses to send out mass emails with promotions of other CMC products or external products too.

This means that the addresses are just getting passed around. Of course you would need to purchase a real autoresponder in the future when your list gets really big because a large list would require a legit autoresponder.

Skip All This And Take Me To The #1 Ranked Product Now!!

They also provide you with email swipes. What that means is that they have pre-written promotional emails with your affiliate link built right in. All you have to do is copy it and send it out to your list or someone elses list.

They also have a forum that’s available to all members. This can be a very important thing because anytime you find yourself stuck or lost you can just head over to the forum and ask a question.

The problem is that this forum isn’t all that active. They also say that there is a pretty good chance Bryan himself will be chatting in the forum and sometimes he will answer your questions too but I never did witness that.


How Do I Make Money?

Now for the fun stuff, the money. They say there is a lot of money to be made here and it’s all paid out through paypal.

Anytime one of your referrals signs up and pays for the $29 monthly membership you will get 50% of that.

Of course the keyword there is monthly, which means you get that money every month as long as that member is still a member.

On top of the affiliate sales money there is what they call The CMC Auto-Rotator. This is an interesting idea in theory but there is no way this can be sustainable.

Bryan has said many times throughout the training that he will be sharing HIS profits with all of the members and that’s exactly what the auto-rotator is. He divies up 50% of every dollar he makes between all of the affiliates that are members of CMC.

That’s right, he just gives it to you. It comes in payments of $48.50 and it goes directly into your paypal account.

This is not a one time thing either, the payments sometimes come as often as twice a week and once a month at the very minimum.

This is a great way to make people think that there is no risk to paying the $97. It makes it seem like at the very least you’ll make the money back from the auto-rotator so there’s no need to worry.

There is one catch to receiving this auto-rotator payment. To be eligible to receive this you will need to take advantage of the one-time opportunity when you’re signing up and it’s $97.

This seems a bit fishy because these “One-Time Offers” are synonymous with scams.

I really just felt insulted when I read this part of the agreement. No legit product would try to catch you on a one-time payment opportunity.

So if you decline this One-Time payment of $97 then you will not be able to receive these payments of $48.50. I hate upsells and this one is as bad as the rest of them.

Final Thoughts

Of course nothing is perfect and CMC is no different. There are things that I don’t like about it and the first thing I would say I didn’t love is the fact that it can be overwhelming at the beginning after signing up.

The training is lacking in detail and there are too many tricks that can catch people off-guard and fool them into thinking this is a real program.

Another concern I have is about the external products that they tell you to promote. I looked into these and they are not well known nor do they even sound like decent products. Really they just sound scammy. This is a huge turn off.

So it sounds like a cool system and it seems like you have nothing to lose with the free 30 day trial but I just don’t see this as a real program.

I can’t with good conscience promote a product that is only trying to teach us to recruit other members.

I’d rather be part of a community that is promoting a good product in itself rather than just learning how to recruit members.

I really can’t recommend anyone to join this program because it has all the red flags of a scam.

I can’t say for sure that it is a scam because there might be a possibility that it is a real way to make money, but I don’t think it’s worth the risk.

Here are my final ratings.

Star Rating
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Potential Profit




If you’re looking for a way to make a real living online I would recommend getting started with Wealthy Affiliate.

There’s a reason it’s my #1 Ranked Product because it really works and can turn a total beginner into a successful internet marketer.

If you’re looking for something that is easy and will make you money quickly, I hate to break it to you but that doesn’t exist.

You will have to work for your money just like the rest of us. If you were looking for the commission miner review that would convince you to join, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Thanks very much for reading my review today. Have a great day and feel free to leave me a message in the box below and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP.



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