The Commission Machine – Will It Help You Make Money?

I’ve heard a lot about The Commission Machine and I’ve read quite a few reviews on it as well so I thought I’d buy it for myself and review it. I hope you enjoy this review or at the very least find it helpful.


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Name: The Commission Machine


Owner: Michael Cheney

Price: $19.95

Overall Rank: 73 out of 100



 After reading multiple reviews of The Commission Machine online, I went into this with pretty high expectations. There’s a lot of people out there giving this program some very high praise.

To put it very simply, this is a program that’s supposed to help people make money online. They’re actually making some pretty big earnings claims on their sales page too. Some people are even claiming to be making up to $2500 per day.

They aren’t secretive about what they’re selling which is a nice change. They straight up tell us that they’ve created a course that teaches people how to set up a very effective email marketing campaign.

They really emphasize that this will work for you, even if you don’t already have an email list or website of your own. Sounds interesting to me. Let’s get into it.


Michael Cheney

 Michael Cheney is the creator of this program and also the teacher. He’s the first guy you see when you arrive on the sales page.

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I’ve actually heard of him before and I’ve been on a few of his email marketing lists before. From my experience with his email marketing lists, he likes to send multiple emails per day which can get tiresome.

I had to actually unsubscribe from a couple of his lists because I was so annoyed by his constant emails. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I know that some of the most successful email marketers use this same technique.

They blast their lists with a lot of promos and they probably make a lot of sales even if they lose a lot of subscribers due to the annoying frequency of emails.


What’s Inside

 I was happy about the price because a one time fee of $19.95 is a very reasonable price assuming that the product works at all. I know I’ve paid a lot more for products that are barely useful.

Right after purchasing the product you’re hit with an upsell. Literally as soon as your payment is complete they ask you if you’re interested in making more money, faster.

That’s a really dumb question because everybody wants to make more money faster, right? So I was put off by this upsell because the sales page is quite adament that The Commission Machine is a complete package with everything you need to make good money. Apparently not.

So I really hate upsells but they are a fact of life and I guess I just need to accept them. I guess I’m spoiled because my favorite program out there for making money online has zero upsells which really raises the bar for the industry.

With that being said, this upsell doesn’t mean that The Commission Machine is a scam or a crap product, it just means that they’re trying to make money and they probably use the upsell technique because it’s effective and they make money from it.

I guess I can’t blame them for this. But personally, I declined the upsell and stuck with the original program for the sake of this review. I just wanted to focus on the main product.

So the course is made up of 7 modules that are video based. The first video is an introduction and it explains what you’ll be learning. Kind of an overview.

Michael has arranged the videos in a way that creates an acronym that reads RAPID. This is a cool way to help jog the memory. A nice touch in my opinion.


Research – This first lesson talks about niche selection. It helps you figure out what niches are profitable and of course what niches are best suited for you.

Angle – This lesson talks about you as an individual. It tells you to figure out what it is that makes you unique. Michael says that if you know what makes you different, then you can give your readers a good reason to buy from you instead of your competitors. So figure out what YOUR angle is.

Provide Incentive – This lesson talks about giving your readers an incentive to buy through your affiliate link. A lot of people like to navigate around affiliate links for whatever reason. This lesson gives some good ideas for convincing people to click your link.

Deploy – This lesson focuses on actually creating the email campaigns and implementing what you’ve learned.


My Thoughts

 All in all I have to say that I liked this course. I really thought the training was well done. The videos were high quality and Michael is a really good teacher. He’s clear, concise and he even has a sense of humor which keeps the course interesting.

The stuff he’s teaching is not exactly new information and there are plenty of other ways to get this information for free, but he’s made it into such a nice little video package that’s even pretty cheap at $19.95.

My guess would be that anyone who buys this product will be satisfied with it as long as you already have some experience with internet marketing, but not too much experience.

Although they tell you that you don’t need a list or a website to make this work, I have to dissagree. I didn’t really see how this could be effective for someone without those things.

I actually think that if someone with zero experience started with this program first, they’d be a little lost.

On the other hand I think that if someone already has experience with internet marketing or email marketing this course might be a little too novice. I say that because if you’ve already signed up for an autoresponder like Aweber you’ve probably already learned most of this stuff.

Members of Aweber(and most other autoresponders) get free training on a regular basis. Usually via webinars or videos. That’s why I don’t think this course would be all that valuable for experienced marketers.

So if you already know a little bit about email marketing but you want to give your campaign a boost or you just want to refresh what you’ve learned, this could be a great course for you.

I rated it 73 out of 100 and that’s a pretty good score. Sure it doesn’t quite match up with my top recommendation but that’s in a whole different category.

My top recommendation is a complete training course for internet marketing which teaches you everything. The Commission Machine isn’t saying that they’ll teach you everything but instead they focus on one small part of internet marketing. Which is not a bad thing.

I can say with confidence that this is a legitimate program and most deffinitely not a scam. If you have any questions or comments about it please use the box below to chat with me. I always respond ASAP.



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The Commission Machine – Will It Help You Make Money?
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