The Canuck Method Review – Don’t Be Fooled

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Name: The Canuck Method


Owner: Jake Mason

Price: Free

Overall Rank: 1 out of 100



Hopefully you’ve discovered this review before you decided to take any advice from The Canuck Method website. The reason I say that is because I’m telling you straight up that this program is a huge farce.

You’ve probably gathered that already based on the embarrassing 1 out of 100 ranking that I gave it. This program actually uses the same exact lies as some of the other binary option scams I’ve reviewed which is part of the reason it was so easy for me to spot the errors and catch them in their lies.

I won’t blame you if you decide to leave this page now that you’ve learned that this is nothing but a scam. But before you leave, I’d like you to check out my top recommendation for making money online.

It’s a legitimate training program that teaches beginners how to make real money online. It’s the same program that got me started with my online career and I’ve been making a full time living ever since.


Binary Options

 As I said before, this is a binary option scam. Binary Options themselves aren’t scams, they’re just a very risky way to try to earn money.

They’re basically short term trades. You can trade quite a few different things with them like currencies, stocks, bonds and assets.

You first have to sign up with a broker and make a deposit which is usually a minimum of $250. Once you’ve made your deposit you can then start to make trades.

You select what it is that you want to trade and then you have 2 choices. You can choose whether the value of your pick will go up or down in a given period of time. That given period of time can be as little as 60 seconds which is why this is such a popular way to trade. It’s very much like going to the casino and putting money on red or black.

If you guess correctly you get your money back plus an aditional 75%. If you guess wrong you lose all of your money. Since you only get 75% of your money back for a correct guess but you lose everything for a wrong guess, you would have to guess right far more often in order for this to be a profitable venture.

It’s not difficult to see that this is a very bad way to make a living. In fact I would be surprised if anyone makes a full living from this.


The Canuck Method Sales Pitch

 What The Canuck Method claims to have created is a software system that can accurately predict the outcome of binary option trades.

They claim that their software is right far more often than it’s wrong. Not only are they claiming to have come up with this software but they’re also saying that they’re giving it away for free.

This is a really clever way of getting people to trust them because most people think that since they aren’t asking for money, it must not be a scam. So they gain a lot of people’s trust this way.

To make this even harder to resist, they say that only the first 20 people will be able to get this system and if you’re watching this video, you’re one of the lucky 20.

To be sure that this is a lie, you’d only have to come back in a week and see if they say the same exact thing. If/when they do, you know it’s a lie.


red flags

There were a few red flags that had me concerned about this program right away. The first thing I noticed was that they were relying heavily on video testimonials to gain trust from potential investors.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I thought that some of the videos looked a little fake so I decided to look into them a little more. I went to where you can hire people to record fake testimonials of themselves saying whatever you want them to say.

It didn’t take me long before I found one of the guys from the canuck method on there. Check out the screen shots.


canuck 3

So above is one of the guys from TCM website telling us that he made over $700,000 in one month from this system. Below you’ll see the screenshot I took of the same guy on advertising himself as a testimonial actor.


canuck 5


So what started as a red flag turned into glaring proof that this program is a lying scam.

Now that I know they’re flat out liars I’m much more critical of everything on this website which is a good thing because I’ll share it with all of you so that they can’t steal any of your money.

The guycanuck 7 who they claim to be named Jake Mason is the face of this entire program. He says that he created this program and he’s now sharing it with us.

I find it very strange that he’s willing to show a picture of himself on the website but they don’t show him speaking on the actual promo video.

This is another huge red flag for me because if he was telling the truth then you know he’d want to be in the video as a way to build more trust. Since he isn’t in the video I can only assume that it’s a made up person and they got that photo of him from a stock photo website.

The other huge red flag is the amount of money they claim you can make with this system. They claim you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month, including your first month.

This is total malarkey and don’t believe it for a second. There is no way any online program could make even close to that much money, that fast. If you ever hear someone claiming earnings like that, you know they’re lying.


UPDATE: DEC 16, 2015

I discovered a duplicate site called The Aussie Method and it is even more proof that this is a scam. I also found some pictures of the supposid creator of this and now I know for sure this is a stock photo and he isn’t a real person. Check it out below.

aussie method 6


The Scam

 So you might be wondering how this can be a scam if they aren’t asking for your credit card information. Well don’t worry about them, they are getting something out of this.

After signing up for this program they start to tell you how to make this software work. One of the things they put the most emphasis on is the broker you choose to make your trades with.

They claim that the software will only work with a specific broker. So if you go to the broker they recommend you’ll have to make the minimum deposit of $250.

So from that $250 deposit you make they’ll get paid one of two ways. The first and most likely way they get paid will be simply because the broker actually owns the Canuck Method website and they have created it to fool people into spending money at their brokerage.

Now it’s not for sure that the broker owns The Canuck Method. If they don’t, then the canuck method is probably making money from affiliate sales. That means that they get a commission from every person that they send to the brokerage.

On top of both of the methods of making money, they are probably going to put your email address on a list and send you all sorts of scammy sales pitches trying to get more money out of you.


Final Thoughts

 So obviously I don’t recommend this product. I actually wouldn’t recommend any binary options as a way to make money online. They’re just too risky and not at all a sustainable way to make a living.

There are plenty of great ways to make money online and you don’t have to take a huge risk to do it. The one thing you need to be aware of before you decide to make a go of it online is that it’s not easy.

There really is no easy way to make money online or offline and don’t believe anyone who tells you any different.

I make a pretty good living online but it’s taken me a lot of time and work to get to where I am today. Fortunately there are legitimate training programs designed to teach beginners how to start an online business.

You can follow a path that’s proven to be successful and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of the training courses out there are expensive but I’d recommend this one because it has a free trial and is only $19 for your first month after the free trial.

Thanks very much for stopping by today. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the box below and I’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP.



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The Canuck Method Review – Don’t Be Fooled
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