The Aussie Method Is A Scam – This Is A Complete Lie

the aussie method


Name: The Aussie Method


Owner: Jake Pertu

Price: Free

Overall Rank: 1 out of 100




The Aussie Method is trying to convince people that they’ve found a way to make you easy money on autopilot. The problem is that they’re telling us nothing but lies.

I’ve caught them in their lies and so I have no doubt in my mind that The Aussie Method is a scam. In this review I’ll tell you all about what kind of crap they’re feeding us and then after I’ll show you how I know they’re lying.

If you don’t feel like reading the rest of this review now that you know this is a scam, I don’t blame you. But before you leave, please check out my top recommendation for making money online.  Unlike the Aussie Method, it’s an honest program that teaches people legitimate ways to make money online.


The Sales Pitch

The sales pitch is full of video testimonials of people saying how much money they’ve made with this system. They don’t tell us exactly how they made this money, just that it was easy, fast and anyone can do it.

A few of the people in the video testimonials look familiar to me and that’s probably because I’ve seen them doing testimonials of other scam programs but I’ll confirm this later in the review.

As the sales pitch goes on it starts to give us small details about how the supposid money is being made. Apparently this Jake Pertu guy has created a software that can predict the outcome of binary options.

I’ve heard this same lie from other scams so I’m not even remotely convinced at this point.

The one silver lining to this is that they aren’t charging any money for this software. They’re giving it away for free which sounds good now but keep reading to find out why it’s not nearly as good as it sounds.


Binary Options

 Binary Options themselves aren’t scams, they’re just a very risky way to try to earn money.

They’re basically short term trades. You can trade quite a few different things with them like currencies, stocks, bonds and assets.

You first have to sign up with a broker and make a deposit which is usually a minimum of $250. Once you’ve made your deposit you can then start to make trades.

You select what it is that you want to trade and then you have 2 choices. You can choose whether the value of your pick will go up or down in a given period of time. That given period of time can be as little as 60 seconds which is why this is such a popular way to trade. It’s very much like going to the casino and putting money on red or black.

If you guess correctly you get your money back plus an aditional 75%. If you guess wrong you lose all of your money. Since you only get 75% of your money back for a correct guess but you lose everything for a wrong guess, you would have to guess right far more often in order for this to be a profitable venture.

It’s not difficult to see that this is a very bad way to make a living. In fact I would be surprised if anyone makes a full living from this.


The Lies

 So let’s get into all the lies I’ve caught them telling. I’ll start with the video testimonials. These are not real testimonials and I can prove it.

Below is a screenshot of one of the guys doing a testimonial.

aussie fake


Now below is a screenshot of the same guy on Fiverr saying that he’ll do a video testimonial for $5.

canuck 5


So as if that’s not enough, there plenty more. I actually wrote a review on a product called The Canuck Method recently.

The Canuck Method and The Aussie Method are the exact same scam. Literally the only thing they changed is the name. They even used the exact same promo video.

The guy who they are saying created this software, Jake Pertu. Well check out his picture.

aussie method 2


Seems relatively legit on the surface, but he’s the exact same guy that they used for The Canuck Method. Have a look.

canuck 7

All they did was change the name. I thought he looked suspicious when I reviewed The Canuck Method before but I wasn’t able to find him on any stock photo websites to prove it. So I’ve looked a little harder and I found this picture on some stock photo websites. Have a look.

aussie method 6


So there you have it, this is a complete and utter lie. Actually it’s a long series of lies strung together. It actually makes me sick that someone is out there setting up websites with the sole purpose of scamming people.


How Does The Scam Work?

 The scam is probably very effective which is sad. It works because they are telling people that this software is free. When people hear that it’s free they assume it must be legit because they aren’t paying anything. They also think there isn’t any risk if you don’t pay.

That’s where people get in trouble. So after you sign up for this program they’ll tell you that you now have to sign up with a broker to make the trades.

They don’t tell you to just find any broker, they tell you that the software will only work with a specific broker. This is a lie, they just want you to go to a specific broker because they either own it as well or they get a commission for sending you there.

Once you sign up with the broker you’ll find out that there’s a minimum deposit of $250. As soon as you make that deposit “The Aussie Method” gets a commission from you.

So even though they aren’t charging you for the “software” they still make money from you. Also, the software is really just a crappy app that makes random trades and in reality you’d have a better chance at guessing the trades yourself.


Final Thoughts

 It’s pretty obvious by now that I would never recommend this program to anyone. Personally I wouldn’t recommend any binary options program because I just thing they’re too risky.

Sure there are some people who do well with them but those people are very experienced and they have probably had their fair share of losses.

Most of us can’t afford losses at all. For the rest of us who want to make money online but can’t afford losses or risky endeavours, there are options.

There’s a great training program that shows you how to make money from affiliate marketing right from the comfort of your own home. This is a very low risk high reward business because you can get started for nothing.

Check out this awesome training program right here and start learning how you can change your financial future. You don’t need any special skills or experience, just a will to succeed.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed my review. Hopefully you saw this review and figured out that the aussie method is a scam before you spent any money on it.



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