Spectre System Review – The First Honest Review Of This

Name: Spectre System spectre 4

Website: www.spectresystem.net

Owner: Patrick Quinn

Price: Free

Overall Rank: 2 out of 100



 The Spectre System is suppose to help you make up to $15,000 per week on total autopilot. The creator of this(Patrick Quinn) claims that you don’t need any experience or knowledge to make money from his system.

I did a lot of research for this Spectre System review and I came up with some really interesting stuff. They basically guarantee that you’ll be able to make this kind of money and that’s usually a bad sign.

In my experience, programs that make huge financial claims and promises tend to be scams. Patrick even aknowledges this in the promo video but he assures us that his system is different.

In a nutt shell he tells us that he developed a software that can accurately predict the outcome of stock values and make trades automatically for us.

He says you just need to go to a binary options broker(one that he recommends) and deposit the minimum amount. Then you sinc the broker with your FREE Spectre System Software and watch the money roll in.

Right from the word “go” this seemed too good to be true.


The Promo Video

 The promo video annoyed me right off the bat. The first thing Patrick talks about is how he bought an Aston Martin and made his neighbour really jealous.

He talks about how great it is being rich for multiple reasons. Then he shows stock images of fancy cars, mansions and a man with women all around him. I actually find this offensive to say the least.

As he shows us these images he continues to talk about how great it is making his “smug” neighbour jealous. He says his neighbour made him feel like less of a man because he couldn’t afford a nice car.

Now his neighbour is asking to borrow money from him.

He then talks for about 7 minutes about how he makes quick and easy money and you can too. He shows a lot of bank statements with really high balances.

Then they move on to the testimonials. There are a couple videos of people saying that Spectre System worked for them and how grateful they are to have found it. I don’t believe any of this.

Both testimonial videos and bank balances are really easy to fake and that’s why all online scams use them. Also the images of expensive stuff are another typical tactic for scams. Legitimate programs never use these tactics because if they have a program that works, they’ll let you try it for free and you can just see for yourself.

After watching the promo video I’m 85% sure this is a scam. But I have a few ways to find out if it’s 100% a scam.

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Scam Tests

When I see a program that seems like a scam I run it through a few tests to find out for sure. The first thing I do is look into the testimonial videos.

Testimonial videos are a great way to gain people’s trust in a program. If you see that it worked for someone else then you think it should probably work for you too.

The problem is that they can easily be faked. A website called Fiverr.com is a place where you can hire people to do all sorts of things. One of the things you can do there is hire actors to make testimonial videos about anything you want.

I always go to fiverr to see if a programs testimonials are fake. In this case, they are. Check it out.


spectre 1

So pictured above is the guy claiming to have made a lot of money with Spectre System. Then below is the same guy on fiverr saying that he’ll do a testimonial video for you for $5.


spectre 2


Busted. So there you have it, they are using fake testimonials. This means that they don’t have even 1 person who has made money from this system. They can’t get real testimonials so this is obviously a scam.

My next test has to do with the “Expert Spectre Team”. They show a bunch of pictures of professionals with titles above them. They are claiming that this is the team of experts behind the program.

My concern with this is that these look a lot like stock images. I decided to troll a few stock photo websites and see if I could find any of these pictures.

It didn’t take me long to find them. Check it out below.

spectre 6

So above is “Ralph” who they claim is in charge of day trading at Spectre. I found him on a stock photo website and he was actually really easy to find. Turns out there are dozens of different photos of him you can use. Check it out below.

spectre 5


Okay so they failed the scam tests miserably. This is a really easy verdict for me.

My Verdict: Scam

I wouldn’t blame you if you left this page right now after figuring out this is a scam. Before you do that, please check out my top recommendation for making money online. To learn more about this particular scam and how they make money, keep reading.


How It Works

 This scam is not original at all. If you’ve been on my website before you’ve probably read about other binary options scams that are very similar to this one. Here’s how they work.

They tell us that they’ve created a software that can predict the outcome of the stock market. Then they tell us that they’re giving this software away for free.

The fact that they’re giving it away for free builds instant trust. After that people will often believe everything they say because they trust them now.

So people download this “software” for free. What they don’t tell you is that the software is nothing more than a program that makes automatic, random trades with your money.

Then they tell you that the software only works with a specific broker. So they send you to the specific broker where you can start to invest money and let the software make trades for you.

There’s always a minimum investment with brokers and it’s usually $250-$500.

Since the software doesn’t actually work, your money will most likely be lost within a handfull of trades and that’s the end.

But Spectre System is happy because they’ve made money from you. Even though you didn’t pay them for the “software”, they made money the second you deposited money with the broker.

That’s why they send you to a specific broker, because they are an affiliate of that broker and they make commissions for sending people there.

So that’s the scam.

Now What ?

 In my opinion, all binary options are a bad idea. There is a possibility you can make money from them but it’s pretty much just a gamble. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you they’ve got a formula that works.

If you do want to make money online you need to be really careful what direction you take. There are a lot of people online trying to make money by scamming people.

My recommendation would be to look into starting your own website or blog. Sure this may sound difficult or complicated but there are actually training programs that teach beginners how to do this.

The great thing about making money from a website is that you can choose any topic you want so that it’s something you have an interest in. Once you have a website and regular traffic the income becomes very passive.

This is a reliable and stable way to make money. If you want to read more about the ins and outs of starting/running your own website, read this article.

Thanks very much for stopping by today. I hope this Spectre System Review was helpful and I really hope you read this before you lost money on it.



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Spectre System Review – The First Honest Review Of This
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