Should I Pay For Traffic ? – Traffic Blackbook 2.0 Review

traffic blackbook 3Name: Traffic Blackbook 2.0


Owner: Chad Hamzeh

Price: $197

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100




Brief Intro

Paid advertising can be a very powerful way to drive traffic to your website quickly. There are varying opinions on whether or not people should use PPC and you might be asking yourself, “should I pay for traffic”?

This is a great question and one that you should take very seriously because a poorly executed PPC campaign can cost you a lot of money and most internet marketers are trying to launch their websites on a shoestring budget.

Traffic Blackbook 2.0 is the updated version of Traffic Blackbook 1 and it has some great updates and more importantly it has really improved the quality of the lessons from the original.

It’s a complete training program for people interested in getting into paid traffic(PPC). When you pay the $197 you get a bunch of videos and PDF’s that teach you everything you need to know about paid traffic.


What To Expect

traffic blackbook 2The training starts off at a very basic level so if you’re completely new to paid traffic than you will learn a lot right from the start. If you have some experience with it than you might find the early stages of training to be a little boring.

Personally I learned a lot right from the start. It has very good attention to detail and goes to great length to make sure nothing is left out. It even warns you that you need a little bit of a budget. After all it is PAID traffic.

There aren’t any up sells or sqeezy sales tricks which I found refreshing after all the crappy scams I’ve reviewed. He tells you eactly what the courses entail so there won’t be any surprises once you get inside.

I know that when I tried to get into paid traffic a few years ago for the first time I had no clue what I was doing so I make a lot of mistakes.

Really at that time I had no business getting involved in paid traffic and I wish I would have stumbled onto this course back then. The only reason I got into it was because I was getting impatient working my way up Google’s rankings and I decided to splurge. It wasn’t a good ROI for my website.

After taking the Blackbook Traffic 2.0 course I feel like an expert in the field and I’ve had multiple successful campaigns. I feel like the $197 is a very fair price as I spent much more than that on my first few failed attempts before I took this course.


The Lessons

I was very impressed with the lessons in this course, I found them to be much improved from the original version. I found that the information is very well organised and very easy to absorb and retain.

The videos are webinar style and they keep you watching and listening as they aren’t boring or monotone.

blackbook traffic


Another great thing about the training is that he gives you an over the shoulder view so you can see exactly how to set these things up. All you have to do is follow along with him and copy the steps he takes because he does a practice campaign right along with you.

I love this style of learning because if you have a bad memory then you can pause the video and complete one step at a time right along with him.


The Negatives

If you’ve read any of my other reviews you know that I’ve sifted through a lot of crap products and a lot of scams so you’ve probably noticed my tone is much more positive with this one. That’s because I actually really like this product. I think it has a lot of value and it can be very helpful for a lot of people looking to boost their traffic.

With that being said there were a few things I didn’t love. The support isn’t great and almost non existent. The only thing you can really get support with is billing issues.

To remedy this they’ve created a special support program but the problem is that it costs money. This program is called Six Months Later and its a membership program. So you have to pay $50/month to be a part of it and they obviously are saying that with this extra support you can have a successfull campaign within 6 months.

I don’t really like this idea and it’s a lot of money too. I just wish it was included in the original price.


Final Thoughts

All in all I really like this product. Sure it’s not perfect but it has a lot of value and it was helpful for me and I think it could be for many others as well.

As I already said I thought the videos were very high quality and very well organised. I do believe that he touched on every single aspect of paid traffic without leaving anything out.

It’s still not my #1 Ranked product but there’s a reason for that. My #1 Ranked product(Wealthy Affiliate) is a complete course for setting up an online business. They even do lessons on paid traffic as well.

That being said they focus on all other aspects of internet marketing so it’s a much larger and more complex training program and not to mention a great community with great support. They also teach you how to get free traffic.

Paid traffic is absolutley powerful but I personally think every internet marketer should be well versed on how to get free traffic before they even consider paid traffic.

Once you’ve learned how to build a website and an online business you can then have a better understanding of the business as a whole. Once you have a better understanding of how to get free traffic and all the ins and outs of internet marketing then you could consider getting into the paid traffic.

Final Verdict: Recommended

So now that you have a better understanding of this program you should be able to make an informed decision on whether or not paid traffic is a good option for you.

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