Serious Bloggers Only By Jon Morrow – Good But Disorganized

Serious Bloggers Only by Jon Morrow has been around for a while so you probably already know that it's not a scam.

It's a legitimate training program for building a profitable blog and I've just purchased it so that I can give an accurate and in depth review of it.

Name: Serious Bloggers Only


Owner: Jon Morrow

Price: $49 US​/Month

Score: 84 out of 100

Overall Rank: 5th ​

What Is It?

Serious Bloggers Only is a training course created by a well known blogger by the name of Jon Morrow.

Jon is known as a successful blogger and he has a good reputation so my expectations are high for this program.

This training course comes in the form of PDF files and it’s designed to help struggling bloggers find success but it’s also geared towards total newbies who want to start a blog.

It’s a legitimate program and definitely not a scam.


My First Impression

After I paid the $49US(also a monthly reoccurring fee) to become a member I was taken to the welcome page where it explains what will happen next.

It explains that my login details will be sent to my email and that I can login right away to get started. So that’s what I did.

Inside the members are looks pretty straight forward. It’s a simple looking page with 26 different courses that they’re calling SBO Insider Reports.

Below is a screenshot of the first three insider reports just to give you an idea of what it looks like.

sbo 4


I scanned over the 26 insider reports and it doesn’t seem like they are in any specific order. Just scattered about on the page and it’s up to the individual to decide where to start.

This is not the end of the world but I would rather a program that teaches things in the most effective order.

Then I went back to the email they sent me with my login details and saw that they had a Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 process that they were asking me to go through before I do anything else.

So I guess they do in fact teach these things in order it’s just not that clear and it’s easy to miss.

I have to say that my first impression is not too good so far. I feel overwhelmed because I’ve been directed to so many different PDF files and I have no clue what I should be doing next.


What I Liked



After getting a better feel for the setup of the members area I have to say that I was impressed with the shear amount of information here.

Jon has really covered a lot of information here. The content itself is clear and easy to follow whether you’re a beginner or an experienced blogger.


Aside from the training courses they also have a forum where you can communicate with other members.

The forum is surprisingly active which is great because that means you shouldn’t have trouble getting help quickly.

sbo 7


I don’t mind forums in membership communities but I much prefer live chat or a public blog/questions area just like what they use at Wealthy Affiliate.

The reason I prefer live chat or a public blog/question area is because you get answers much quicker and with Wealthy Affiliate it’s usually instantaneous to get answers.

I did a few test questions on the SBO forum and one of them took me a whole day to get and answer and the other took me 2 days.

When I finally got answers it wasn’t actually from another member it was from the forum monitor so I’m wondering how long it would have taken an actual member to respond.

FYI: The reason I keep bringing up Wealthy Affiliate is because I think that Serious Bloggers Only is probably the most similar program I’ve seen to Wealthy Affiliate so it seems natural to compare the two of them.

Great Courses

I was really impressed with all the courses.

Although the majority of the courses are in PDF form there are some videos as well as some ebooks and check lists to mix things up a bit.

I found them really easy to follow and not boring at all which is always a plus.

Easy To Get A Refund

Since I’m already part of a great online community of internet marketers I am not interested in remaining as a member of SBO.

I joined SBO for the purpose of writing this review and although I liked it, I didn’t like it enough to remain a member.

sbo 1

Fortunately they are very easy to get a refund from. It was quick and painless so that’s a good sign.


What’s Inside?

There are 26 courses but each course also contains 4 or 5 smaller lessons so there is a ton of information covered.

sbo 2

Here’s a list of the courses…..

  • Simple Surveys
  • Finding and creating impressive images
  • Build your online home
  • How to build your funnel no matter where your starting
  • The product pricing formula
  • Make mouth watering offers
  • The foolproof formula for attention grabbing headlines
  • How to create an irresistible opt-in page
  • Viral infographics
  • Credibility kickstarter
  • Social Espionage
  • The motivation manifesto
  • The blogging breakthrough
  • Getting paid
  • The egobait handbook
  • Traffic on demand
  • Become a writing machine
  • The ultimate blog design makeover
  • SEO 101
  • The List post handbook
  • Finding the perfect domain name
  • Your first $1000 per month
  • Creating credibility
  • Income on autopilot
  • Blog traffic 101
  • The six figure road map


I’m glad I decided to purchase this course because there really is some valuable information here.

I’ll be saving a lot of this stuff so that I can refer back to it at a later date. I know a lot of bloggers will really benefit from SBO.


What I Didn’t Like

There was a whole lot of things that I really liked about this course. The course as well as Jon Morrow have a great reputation in this industry and I can see why.

That being said, there are some things about this course that I’m not all that impressed with.


Confusing Setup

Like I said before in my first impression I found the layout of the courses confusing.

I’m just so used to courses having a clear order of what to do. Like Course 1, Course 2, Course 3 and so on.

That would be simple because you would just start at Course 1 and work through it. Not with Serious Bloggers only.

Instead they just layout the courses and let you go at it any way you want. Maybe this is okay for more experienced bloggers because they know what they want to improve upon and can just go straight to that.

But I think beginners would find it overwhelming.


The Forum Isn’t Great

I know I said that the forum was surprisingly active and I stand by that statement because compared to some programs I’ve reviewed this one was more active.

With that being said, I still didn’t get a response from another member like I was hoping. Sure I got a response from the forum monitor.


No Free Trial

I know free trials are not a given by any means but I really think it’s a good way for courses to gain people’s trust.

Usually when someone is confident that their course is legitimate and effective they have no problem giving out a free trial because they know people will purchase it once they try it out.

So it’s not a big deal that SBO doesn’t have a free trial but it would be a nice touch.


Can You Make Money With Serious Bloggers Only?

I do think it’s possible to make money using this training program.

No matter what program you learn with you’ll have to be willing to put in time and effort in order to succeed at it.

Blogging is like any other business out there in the sense that you can’t go at it half heartedly. You must give it everything you have and most importantly never give up.

So if you think you have what it takes to succeed at this then Serious Bloggers Only will provide you with all the necessary tools to become successful.

I do think that to really use this course to it’s full potential it would be better if you had some experience with blogging.

I know that this course is geared at both beginners and veterans but I just don’t 100% agree with that. I would say that beginners would be better off starting out with Wealthy Affiliate.


Final Thoughts

I know it might have sounded like I didn’t love this course but that’s only because I’m comparing it to some really awesome programs.

I was really impressed with the content and training here and I gave it a great score.

I’ve reviewed a lot of programs and this one will rank amongst the top 5 which is no small feat.

Here’s my star ratings…..

Star Ratings
  • Content
  • User Friendly
  • Honesty




I would have no problem recommending this course to anyone looking to improve their blog and become more profitable online. ALso would be OK if you just want to blog as a hobby rather than a business.

You will learn a ton and you’ll get your money’s worth for sure. If I didn’t mention it before, this is a membership program and so the $49 is reoccurring for each month.

For beginners I would say that you’d be better off with Wealthy Affiliate just because the support and community is so much better.

Not only that but the training is in a clear order and is far less overwhelming.

Thanks very much for reading my review today. I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful.

If you have any questions or comments at all please use the box below and I’ll be sure to respond asap.



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