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There’s a lot of senior citizens in North America and the numbers are growing rapidly. Senior Citizen jobs can be difficult to find, especially if you have a disability.

With that being said, it’s becoming the norm for people to go back to work after retirement, whether it’s out of boredom or financial necessity.

After working an entire career so many people still struggle to pay their bills because of the hard times we’ve faced ever since the economy crashed.

It’s really hard to know exactly how much money will be enough for retirement and that’s why a lot of retirees are seeking employment after retirement.

It can be a really difficult task finding a job that’s suitable. So many people don’t think about it from their perspective, they’ve worked hard their entire lives so that they could have a comfortable retirement and now they have to go back to work.

I know if it were me, I’d be really picky about what type of work I’d be willing to do at an older age. Obviously I’d want to avoid any labour jobs or anything that required me to work out in the elements.

But what about people who don’t have a lot of skills? That only leaves low paying or unpleasant jobs. This doesn’t sound very nice, deffinitely not how I want my retirement to go.

Personally I think the ideal way for a retiree to make extra money would be to work from the comfort of their own home. That way they can avoid lengthy commutes and save money on transportation or parking. They don’t have to work set hours or meet challenging deadlines.

If they suffer from any pain or disabilities they could have all of their needs met in their own home. It’s just the easiest way to transition back into the workforce.


Jobs From Home

 So you might be wondering what kind of jobs you can do from home. In some of my other blog posts I’ve written about different opportunities that can be done from home. In fact, I even made a list of 100 Ways To Make Money At Home.

You’ve probably already guessed that the majority of “work from home” jobs are done on the internet. This is very true. The internet really has endless opportunities for all kinds of people with all kinds of different skills and knowledge.

If you want to try to find an online job that suits you, you first need to know how to avoid scams because the internet is full of scammers trying to take advantage of people. They actually target seniors a lot of the time too.


Avoiding Online Scams

Online scams are a booming business. There are so many people out there looking to rip you off that it actually prevents a lot of people from even attempting to make a living online.

If you’re worried about getting scammed, that’s actually a good thing because it means that you’re cautious and you really should be in this case.

Here’s a few signs of scams to look out for………..

Telling You It’s Easy – If anyone or any program is trying to convince you that they have an easy way to make money online, they are lying to you.

In that sense, making money online is no different than making money offline, it always requires hard work and dedication. If it were easy then everybody would do it. So when someone is trying to convince you there’s an easy way, walk away. Don’t fall for it.

Showing Off – Showing off is one of the most common things that online scams do. They’ll often show you pictures or videos of expensive cars, mansions, yahts and limos just to prove to you that they’ve made a lot of money. Either that or to make you fantasize about having some of those things yourself.

They could also show you screenshots of their bank accounts showing millions of dollars. Don’t fall for any of this because this can all be easily faked. Not only can this be faked but any legitimate program or opportunity wouldn’t use these low brow methods to try to sway you.

Countdowns – If you’re reading about an online opportunity and there’s a timer counting down, telling you that you only have a certain amount of time to get on board. Don’t do it.

This is another common tactic that online scams use as a way to rush you into making a decision. Don’t fall for it. You can always refresh the page to see what happens. 99% of the time the counter will start over, proving that it’s a lie.

Testimonials – So a lot of programs will use testimonial videos help gain your trust. Seeing a video of someone talking about how they had a good experience with a company is a very effective way to build trust.

The problem is that these are also very easy to fake. You can pay actors $5 on a website called to make a testimonial video about anything you want.

I don’t want to say that any program that uses testimonial videos is a scam because that’s not true. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t let a testimonial video give you confidence in a  program because you never know if they’re real or fake.

Fake Free Trial – A lot of programs will offer a free trial and this is usually a good indication that they are honest and legitimate. The problem is that some programs use this offer to scam you.

What they do is tell you that they have a free trial and convince you to sign up. When you sign up they ask for your credit card information but tell you they won’t charge it.

Then in small print, they say that if you don’t cancel after a certain amount of time they’ll automatically charge your credit card. This is just them hoping that you forget to cancel it. Not a real free trial.


Real Opportunities

So now that we’ve covered a little bit about avoiding scams I want to talk to you about legitimate ways of making money online.

You may have already read my article on 100 Ways To Make Money At Home and if so, you have a pretty good idea what kind of opportunities are out there.

I first want to tell you what kind of signs to look out for that might indicate a program is real and legitimate….

Free Trial – Any program that’s willing to give you a free trial is most likely legitimate. As I said above, look out for the fake free trials. A real free trial will not ask for any credit card information at all.

The real free trials are a very good sign. This shows that whatever program or product they have, they’re very confident in it. So much so that they feel that after you try it out you’ll see that it works and it’s worth paying for.

Good Support – If you’re a beginner or even relatively new to making money online you’ll probably need a lot of help and support. Make sure that you look into what kind of support you’ll be getting, should you decide to purchase something.

The very best programs out there will even give you access to the owners/creators but that’s pretty rare.

Community – If the program has some sort of community where the members can chat or communicate with each other that’s a very good sign.

I only know of 1 program that has a large and active members community  where you can chat live and it allows you to not only get help from the staff but from other members as well.

Where To Start

If you’re serious about learning how to make money online then you’ll want to learn all the basics before you dive into something.

There is a training program that a lot of people(including seniors) are having success with and it’s called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to join and they’ll give you a lot of free lessons so you can start to learn about the industry risk free.

This can be an intimidating process but it can be very rewarding if you get the right training. The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you don’t need any experience or computer skills to succeed with it. It will teach you step-by-step how to get started.

If you want to learn more about it and how to get started just click right here.

Thanks very much for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed my article.

If you have any questions about senior citizen jobs or any online jobs, please don’t hesitate to leave a message in the box below or email me at



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