Secret Success Machine Scam – Read This First

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Name: Secret Success Machine


Owner: Unknown

Price: $747, $2247, $3747, $6747, $12247 and $20247

Overall Rank: 3 out of 100



This program can be very misleading and actually quite detrimental, financially speaking.

The Secret Success Machine Scam is very well thought out and they do a great job of tricking you into thinking your actually buying a legitimate training program.

In reality you’re just paying so that you can become an affiliate and try to trick other people into paying. This is not a way to start a legitimate online business and you could potentially lose a lot of money on this program.

Attention: You don’t need to spend this kind of money in order to make money online. 

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In this review I’ll first talk about what it is that they claim to be and how they claim to help you make money online. After that I’ll tell you all about what they really are and how they really want you to make money.


What They Claim To Be

 First and foremost they claim to be able to make you rich. They promote a very high end, expensive lifestyle with mansions, fancy cars, expensive holidays and everything that goes along with the fantasy of being rich.

They are selling a series of business training and internet marketing training courses. These courses are sold at different tier levels so if you want to access all of the training you’ll need to buy in at the top tier which is of course the most expensive.

All of the training comes in either videos, documents or audio files. They claim to cover all of the topics you need to become a successful internet marketer, which would be expected with the extremely high prices of their training.

So the topics covered in the training are……

  • Online Marketing
  • SEO courses
  • Direct Mail courses
  • Social Media courses
  • Time Management courses
  • Email Marketing
  • Communication
  • Creating and Marketing your own products


All of these topics are very important to learn if you want to be a successful internet marketer but I still don’t see how they can be charging so much for this training.

There are plenty of other training programs that are extremely high quality and proven to be effective that only charge $19 and offer free trials. Learn more about these better options here.


What They Really Are

Now that we’ve gone over what Secret Success Machine claims to be we can finally talk about what they really are. This is important because you’ll now see why they are charging so much.

In reality, this program doesn’t really put a lot of emphasis on their training courses. They don’t even put much emphasis on teaching you the skills you need to run a successful online business.

Instead they’re just interested in getting you to join so that you can recruit others to join. This is simply a system where you buy in so that you can become an affiliate and make money from your downline.

This is actually set up very similar to an MLM. Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of an MLM in case you’re not familiar.



So now that we know this is a lot like an MLM program we can start to understand why they are selling the training in a tier system.

So if you decide to buy in, then instead of taking any of the training they claim to have, you just start to learn how to recruit others into the system. If you are able to recruit others then you can make some pretty high commissions given the crazy high buy in prices.

So if you buy in at the lowest tier($747) then you are only eligible to receive commissions on that tier. If you recruit someone and they decide to buy in at the lowest tier as well, then you’ll get commissions from that.

If your recruit decides to buy in at a higher tier level than the one you bought in at, then you will only get the commissions from the $747. Anything over and above that will go to the next person above you who is at the high enough tier.

So you can see how this really resembles an MLM and even a pyramid scheme. They however deny that this is an MLM. Whether it is or not, it’s close enough for me to consider it one.

Not all MLM programs are scams, there are plenty of legitimate ones out there. Whether they are legitimate or not doesn’t really concern me though because I personally don’t like them at all.

I just feel like MLM’s focus too much on recruiting and not enough on the products themselves. I feel like if you have a high quality product, you don’t need to put so much emphasis on recruiting, the product will sell itself.



So we’ve already determined that the prices are really high. I’ll just briefly tell you what you get for each level or tier you buy into.

Bronze – $500

Silver – $2000

Gold – $3500

Platinum – $6500

Diamond – $12,000

Elite/Royal – $20,000

On top of these prices there is an administration fee of $247 when you first buy in. This is what I assume the website keeps.

You also have the option of having them take care of your leads for you and this would require a percentage of your earnings.

I didn’t really see any upsells but in my opinion this program is really just one gian upsell.

These prices supposidly include support but I wasn’t able to find any real support except for the FAQ section. I’m guessing that the only real support would come from the person you signed up under. This would all depend on the person above you but it could be good or bad support. Maybe even non-existent.

Final Thoughts

So I’m sure you can tell by now that I really don’t like this program. I just feel like it really mislead people to the point where they originally think they’re signing up for a internet marketing training course but in reality it’s more like a pyramid scheme.

I’m not saying that you wouldn’t be able to make money from this program because I’m sure it actually is possible especially if you already have a large email marketing list.

But if you’re a beginner and you just want to get started with your own online business, this is not a good place.

It’s not a reliable or stable business by any means. There are a lot of programs like this one on the internet and I actually reviewed one called Empower Network that reminds me a lot of this one, really bad.

I hope that this Secret Success Machine Review will steer you in another direction.

If you want to actually get trained to become an internet marketer and start your own online business then you should look elsewhere.

I would recommend you have a look at Wealthy Affiliate’s training program. It has a free trial and the premium membership is very cheap.

They will teach you step-by-step how to start your online business and turn it into a stable and profitable revenue stream.

If you have experience with the Secret Success Machine Scam please share it using the box below. I’d love to hear from you and I always respond ASAP.

Thanks for stopping by.



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