Responsive Media Work From Home Scam: Don’t Do It!

Responsive Media is the name of a company that claims to have a lot of work from home jobs available. BUT it's a SCAM and I'll show you why.

Responsive Media

Responsive Media is a company that I kept noticing while searching online for work from home opportunities. 

I saw all sorts of different ads that were all basically saying the same thing or at least something very similar. 

They all had the title, "Home Workers Wanted" or "Work From Home" or something very close to that sentiment. 

This immediately sparked my interest since I review online opportunities so I clicked on one of them to see what it was all about. 

The first one I clicked was on a job website called and it said positions were filling fast so apply ASAP. Here's a screenshot.

Since you're here I'm guessing you probably saw a similar ad somewhere and you're trying to do some research to figure out if it's legitimate or not. 

First of all, good job. The fact that you're doing some research before jumping into this, shows that you're a smart person. 

I say that because Responsive Media isn't a legitimate company. It's just click bait that will try to get your email address and scam you. 

Once they get your email address they'll send you a sales pitch for a get rich quick scheme that will do nothing for you except take your money and waste your time. 

Read on to see exactly what Responsive Media is all about and how I know it's a scam. 

What Is Responsive Media?

To help you get an idea what kind of crappy program this is I've clicked on the ad so you don't have to. 

Here's what happened when I clicked on the ad. 

First it brought me to this page...

I thought it was weird that it went straight to an email squeeze page without giving any details, but in order to research this all the way through I had to enter my email address.

So I did. Once I put in my email address three things happened.

  1. I received an email from them
  2. They took me to a sign up page for a paid survey company
  3. A new tab opened promoting a different "Opportunity"

It was a little bit overwhelming having three different things happen all at once. 

It was even weirder that all three things were completely different opportunities. Definitely a red flag. 

It was like they were just throwing sales pitches at me hoping that I would end up going for one of them. 

For the sake if this review I followed all three of them, even though by this point I was certain that this was a total scam. 

The Email I Received

The email I received from them said nothing about Responsive Media. Instead it was from a company called Next Career For Me or NCFM. 

Here's a screenshot of the email. 

Pretty vague but I had to click the link to see where it would take me. So of course I did. 

This is when I realized that this was not only a scam but it was one of the worst scams that I've ever reviewed. And I've reviewed a lot of them. 

The link brought me to a new website called Massive Online Paydays and it had a video that started right away. 

Of course I watched the video because I was really curious by now. 

Basically the video was all hype. It was asking the viewers how you would like to own a website that made millions of dollars passively. 

It made huge earnings claims that were so outrageous that I almost laughed out loud. 

Then there was a timer at the bottom of the video that was counting down from 10 minutes with the caption, "Start Making Money In". 

At some point in the video the man speaking said that he would be willing to bet $500 on your success. 

Then of course it said that you'll need to act quickly or else the spots will run out. 

This is a very common marketing tactic known as the scarcity technique and it works by rushing people into buying something in fear that they'll miss out. 

Then they showed images of mansions, luxury cars and vacations. 

More low brow sales tactics that I despise. 

Then of course they used testimonial videos. 

I never buy into testimonial videos unless the people giving them are well known figures because they're just too easy to fake otherwise. 

There are thousands of people on websites like who will give a testimonial on just about any product for as little as $5. 

I really don't want to waste your time talking about Massive Online Paydays because you simply came here to learn about Responsive Media and now I'm getting side tracked. 

Massive Online Paydays is a completely different company from Responsive Media and Responsive Media is simply sending people to this scam because they'll make a commission if you end up buying it. 

Just know that Massive Online Paydays is a scam and stay far away from it. 

Now let's look into the second thing Responsive Media has sent me to. The sign up page for the paid survey company. 

The Paid Survey Company

So when I entered my email address in on that initial sign up page it immediately brought me to a sign up page for a paid survey website. 

The paid survey website didn't give a name but it did have a Canadian flag which is probably because they can tell by my IP address that I'm in Canada. 

If you're in another country it will probably have your flag. 

Just to keep this review thorough, I signed up for it. 

After signing up and confirming my email address I was brought to a paid survey website called Daily Rewards. 

I didn't take the time to try out Daily Rewards myself because I saw that there are a lot of trustworthy blogs that have already reviewed them so I just read those. 

After researching it I discovered that it's pretty much a standard Paid Survey website like many of the others I've reviewed

Basically you can take surveys, watch videos or complete small tasks in exchange for money. 

Daily Rewards is not a scam but it has the same pitfalls that all other paid survey websites have......

Very little pay.

Paid survey websites are famously low paying. You have to put a lot of time in and lot of effort in order to make any decent money at all. 

I never recommend these things to people unless you're just really bored and you enjoy doing mindless work for little return. 

The reason Responsive Media has linked me to this survey site is because they have an affiliate program and whoever the owner of Responsive Media is would receive a commission on any money I earn there. 

So although this paid survey website isn't a scam, it's not really what I was expecting when I clicked the link that called this a "Job". 

Paid surveys are not a real job. They are a hobby at best so it's really misleading for Responsive Media to be saying that. 

The Third Opportunity

Then there's the third opportunity I was sent after signing up for Responsive Media. 

This was the popup that showed up after I entered in my email address and it's basically another squeeze page trying to get my email address. Here's a screenshot.

So again this is another hyped up offer that is trying to tell me that I can make lots of money easily. 

Just based on the hype and the wording of this alone I can tell it's a scam but I'm going to put my email address in there anyways just so that I can show you exactly what it is. 

I put a fake phone number in by the way. 

So before I submitted this I read the terms of service and it was very clear that they would use my email address to send me recurring offers and they would share it with their subsidiaries. 

This basically means that not only will they spam you but they'll also sell your information to other companies that will then spam you some more. 

After submitting it I was brought to a new "Opportunity" called "Countdown To Profits". 

The website for Countdown Profits is just a basic page with a sales video and a buy now button underneath. 

Of course the "Get Instant Access" button is showing that this program is on for a massive discount which is the oldest trick in the book. 

Then below that there are a few fake Facebook comments from fake people saying how great Countdown Profits is. 

The video itself is full of more empty promises and huge earnings claims. 

They claim that if you watch the video and take the exact instructions that you'll get $90 at the end of the video just for watching. 

Then the guy talking finally introduces himself. He says his name is Richard Paul and he uses this photo. 

I can tell you with 100% certainty that this guy is using a fake name and that he is a known scammer. 

The reason I know this is because I've seen him before promoting a different scam online. 

The other scam he has promoted in the past is called Profit Stackers and it's a binary option app that claim it could predict the outcome of stocks. 

Obviously there is no such thing as a software that can predict the stocks. That's just complete nonsense. 

Not a big surprise that Profit Stackers is no longer in business. I'm guessing that the huge number of BBB complaints got them shut down for good. 

So I won't waste your time going into the details of Countdown Profits since it's pretty apparent that it's a scam. 

If you really want to learn more about how they scam people just do a Google search on it and you'll see plenty of reviews exposing it. 

Responsive Media Work From Home Scam

So all that runaround all from one little link that was advertising a work from home job. 

This is completely insane if you ask me but unfortunately that's the state of the internet nowadays. 

There are just too many people taking advantage of innocent people who just want to make some honest money online. 

That's not even all of it either. I found dozens of different links on different websites all saying that they had work from home opportunities, all claiming to be Responsive Media. 

I clicked on a whole bunch more and they are all basically the exact same runaround. 

I really wanted to figure out who is behind this Responsive Media company and try to contact them to ask them to stop misleading people but I had a really hard time finding any information. 

After some research the only information I could find was on the website and they're saying that the company is owned by a guy named Lee Wang. 

I'm still not sure if this is a real person or just a front and there's no way to contact this Lee Wang. 

Sounds pretty suspicious to me. 

Final Thoughts

Well that's pretty much everything I know about the Responsive Media work from home scam. 

I know it's not good news and I'm sorry that I couldn't get a hold of the owner and ask him some questions personally. 

With that being said I think there's more than enough information here to determine that this is a scam and that it's not a real job at all. 

I've been reviewing make money opportunities online now for 3 years and this was one of the most confusing runaround that I think I've ever seen. 

It makes me sick that there are people out there looking to take money from hard working people by lying and deceiving. It's just sad. 

You just have to be careful when signing up for anything online these days, especially when they're asking for a credit card before you know exactly what they're offering you. 

In fact, you should never give out your credit card details unless you've actually tried the program being offered. 

Any reputable program will give you a free trial so that should be your determining factor just to be safe. 

Thanks very much for stopping by and I hope you found this article helpful. 

If you have any questions or comments please use the field below and I'll be sure to respond to you ASAP. 



Responsive Media Work From Home Scam: Don’t Do It!
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Responsive Media Work From Home Scam: Don’t Do It!


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