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Name: replace your job 5Replace Your Job


Price: $97 plus upsells

Owner: Kelly Scott

Overall Rank: 5 out of 100




I’ve been wanting to do a Replace Your Job Review for a while now because of how shocked I was by it’s poor quality. As you can see by the ranking I gave it I’m not at all impressed with it, in fact I’m annoyed by it.

I signed up for this program in order to give a thourough and accurate review and I just felt sick thinking that some people have given their hard earned money to them.

The owner Kelly Scott is well known in the industry for all the wrong reasons. There are quite a few scammy products out there that she’s associated with and this one is no different.

I’m not even really sure if Kelly Scott is a real person or just a name the scammers use to front their scam sites.

On the sales page for this program they really don’t give you any information as to what it is they are selling. All they do is tell you how much money you can make if you join their program.

They show pictures of flashy cars and stacks of money to lure you in. Even after signing up I was still quite confused as to how I would make money from this. This is ussually a bad sign. Any legitimate program would be very clear about what they’re teaching or selling.


What You Get

Once you join you get taken to a completely different website which I find to be really weird. They bring you to a website called Online Software Solutions.

replace your job 2


Once I got in I started to learn about what it is they are teaching people. Turns out it’s basically ad spamming. Replace Your Job is actually what is known as a “duplicate site”.

What that means is that the same company or owners have set up the exact same type of website before but just with a different name. Once people start to catch on to the fact that it’s a scam they just change the name and keep using the same content.

It’s a lazy way to scam as many people as possible.

replace your job duplicate 2

duplicate replace1


See how these are the same headings but with a different name. It really is shameless that people are out there on the internet scamming like this.

Duplicate sites like these don’t rank in the search engines at all. They don’t gain traffic that way but they have different ways of gaining traffic.

The owners usually have other websites and they are very commonly “news” sites or fake news sites. These “news” sites are set up to rank in the search engines and they use these sites to advertise their various scam sites.

It’s a whole business set up on lies and it actually makes me sick.

So the program itself is just link posting. They teach you to put links all over the internet and if someone clicks on your link you get paid.

This sounds really easy and that’s probably why it appeals to so many people. The truth is that it just doesn’t work. The links they are getting you to post are all leading people to scams and so most people won’t even click them.

Not only that but scammy links are almost always removed within a day of being posted so you’re just not able to gain any momentum.




Pros & Cons


I’m not even going to waste your time with the pros and cons section because I’m sure you can already tell that there aren’t many pros to this program.

The only somewhat positive thing that I can say about this program is that it is telling you that making money online is possible which is true, just not with Replace Your Job.

There are also a lot of upsells to this program. They get you to sign up to the main program and then once you’ve paid they make you think that you will make money way faster if you pay a little more for this extra add-on which costs $100.

replace your job1

They also try as hard as they can to get you to call them. I guess they must have a lot of confidence in their smooth talking sales team because they really do push for you to give them a call.


replace you job 3


Pictured above is another one of their upsells. This part really confused me even more becasue they are referring to my websites which is news to me because I had no idea that being a member of Replace Your Job would enable me to have multiple websites. This is the first I’ve heard of this.

Not only that but they say that this push button system will submit my websites to over 100 search engines. That’s odd because in my entire life I’ve only ever used about 5 different search engines. This just seems like they’re throwing out random numbers to try to woo me into spending more money.


Training & Tools

The training and tools are lacking as you can probably imagine. The website, Online Software Solutions is where the “training” is. They do have some decent information there and it isn’t all bad. Some of the techniques they talk about are ok and even accurate.

replace your job 4



Even so, it’s all very convoluted and just set up in a very confusing way. As an experienced internet marketer I could get a small amount of information out of this but I had to really focus on it.

I think for a beginner this would be very confusing and extremely overwhelming. I would never reccomend this program to anyone and I would warn you to stay far far away from this one.

You should actually stay far away from any program that has the name Kelly Scott in it.





This is 100% without a doubt a total scam product. This always upsets me because it really gives people the wrong idea about making money online. So many people have been scammed or had bad experiences while trying to make money online.

One of the reasons I started this website was to try to help people find legitimate ways to make money online and to help people avoid scams.

Often at the end of my reviews I make a comparison chart comparing the reviewed program with my #1 ranked product. There is no point in doing that for this review because they don’t compare at all.

I always point people towards legitimate money making programs so that they can get on with their internet money making journey. The first place I send people is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training program as well as a community of people who are making a living from internet marketing and affiliate marketing. It’s a great program for beginners and you can read my review of it here.


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