Rent A Friend Review – It’s Not A Scam It’s For Real

This Rent A Friend Review is going to show you if this program is a good way to make extra money and show you if renting a friend is legit or just a scam. 

Rent A Friend Review

Name: Rent A Friend


Price: $10/hr and Negotiable

Owner:  Scott Rosenbaum

​Verdict: Not A Scam

What Is Rent A Friend?

Rent A Friend is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a place where you can pay to have a friend spend time with you.

It's actually a duel purpose website because you can also sign up to have someone else rent you as a friend.

Rent A Friend caught my attention mainly because it provides an opportunity to make money as a rentee. 

Since I'm always reviewing money making opportunities, I thought I'd look into this program and see just how profitable it can be. ​

So in this Rent A Friend review I'll be discussing both sides of this website:

  1. ​The Money Making Side
  2. The Renting a Friend Side

​Before I get too far into this review I want to make it clear that Rent A Friend is not a scam. It's a legitimate website that is providing a service to people. 

This is not an escort site or a dating site, it's strictly for companionship purposes. ​

How Does It Work?

​It's pretty simple and easy to use. 

Once you sign up, just fill out your profile with a photo of yourself and as much detail about yourself as possible.

If you have any special talents it's a good idea to put those in your profile like languages spoken.

This will help you connect with the right kind of people and if you're planning on signing up as a rentee this will help you get hired more often. ​

Once your profile is all set up you can start finding friends. Just use the search bar on the homepage and type in the name of the city where you're looking for friends. ​

After that it's super easy. All the available friends in your area will show up in the search results and you just click on their name to contact them through the website. 

After that it's up to you to make plans with that person. 

Who Is It For?

​This can be for anyone, quite literally because they have just recently expanded the service worldwide which means that you can use it no matter where you are in the world. 

More specifically, it's for anyone who is looking for some company. 

You could rent a friend to show you around a new city, help you mow your lawn, go for a walk, take a bike ride and pretty much anything else you would do with a friend. 

Here's a long list of different ideas that the website suggests. ​

Just think about someone who moves to a new city and doesn't know anybody yet, this could be a great way to meet people. 

They are open to anyone signing up no matter what your age, gender or ethnicity is.  ​

On the other side of the coin Rent A Friend could be a decent money earning opportunity. 

If you've got an open mind, like people and have some spare time on your hands this might be a good way to make a few bucks.

The cool thing is that you could end up making a genuine friend out of it. 

How Much Does It Cost?

To join Rent A Friend and create a profile you'll need to pay for a monthly membership. 

The cost is $24.95 per month or $69.95 for a whole year. 

As for how much it costs to rent a friend that's totally up to you. 

​The website recommends $10 an hour as a starting point but it's completely negotiable between the renter and the rentee. 

Some people use this a a way to find help for small jobs like yard care or painting and in that case you would want to ask for more than $10 an hour.

How Much Can You Make?

​The earning potential here is completely unknown but that's kind of what makes it exciting because you never know what you might stumble upon. 

If you have any special skills you can say that in your profile and set your own price.

Let's say you're an electrician and you make it clear in your profile that you're willing to do electrical work​, you might get some good side jobs out of this. 

But for the most part it's just people wanting someone to join them for a walk or an activity and the​ going rate is $10/hr.

$10/hr doesn't seem like much but if all you're doing is going for a walk or something like that it's pretty good money because you probably need the exercise anyway so the money is just extra.

With that being said it's not a way to make a full time living.  

It's just a way to earn some extra cash and maybe meet some nice people.

Is It Safe?

The website makes every effort to keep this as safe as possible. 

When you communicate with other members you do it through a form on the website so the people you chat with don't know your address or any of your information.

It's up to you whether you give out personal information or not.

You can also decide for yourself if you want to meet both men and women or just men or just women.

It's similar to a lot of websites where the goal is to connect people. Sure there's always a chance that you meet a weirdo, a crazy person or even a person wishing to do you harm.

That's why it's a good idea to always meet in a public place. Not a good idea to give anyone your address or invite them to your house until you get to know and trust them completely. ​

Final Thoughts

​So you should have a pretty good idea what Rent A Friend is all about by now. 

Personally I think it's a great idea. I don't see anything wrong with helping people connect with one another for good wholesome activities.

You never know what some people have gone through or their reasons for needing companionship but I think it's great that there is an organization that helps accommodate this. ​

As a money making venture I don't really see this as a good option.

Like I said before, it's fine for making a few extra bucks on the side but not a great way to make a steady income.

If you're interested in making some extra money I've researched a lot of different online programs and I can give you my top recommendation for that. 

There are a lot of good options but you have to be willing to work hard because there are truly no easy ways to make money and if anyone ever tells you that they're lying to you.

Thanks for stopping by today. If you have any questions or comments please use the box below and I'll be sure to respond ASAP.




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