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Owner: Will Walker

Price: Free To Join

Overall Rank: 17 out of 100




 This Profits Today honest review is going to be very disappointing if you’ve already taken Will Walker’s advice and deposited money into a broker account. If you haven’t done that yet, well keep reading because this will be an eye opener.

As you may have already noticed, I gave Profits Today a measly 17 out of 100. This is obviously a terrible score but you might still want to stick around and find out why because a lot of the scammy lies they tell you in their promotional video are the same lies you’ll hear in other binary options scams.

My Verdict: Scam

My Recommendation: My #1 Ranked Product


What Is It?

Well asside from being a scam, this is a binary options program. Binary options are short term stocks that can be traded in very small amounts of time for fast results.

The appeal of this type of trading is both the potential for quick money and the simplicity.

Before you can trade binary options you must first sign up with a broker. Once you’ve done that you must then deposit money in order to make trades. Usually there is a minimum amount you have to deposit in order to make your first trade. In the case of Profits Today, the minimum is $250.

When making a trade you must first select a stock, commodity, asset or share. Once you select one you then have to make a prediction. You must predict whether the value of your selection will go up or down in a given amount of time.

The given amount of time is also your decision. It can be as little as 60 seconds. So you can see how fast you could make or lose money.

If you predict correctly, you get your money back plus an additional 75%. If you don’t predict correctly you lose all of your money.

That is essentially binary options in a nutt shell.


So How Is This A Scam?

The reason I’m calling Profits Today a scam is because it tells a lot of lies in it’s promo video in order to mislead you.  There are multiple lies so lets begin exposing them.

Lie #1 – They tell you that they don’t make any money from this.

This is an outright lie because they are making commissions from anyone who decides to deposit money with a broker. The way I can tell that they are lying about this is because of the fact that they are sending you to specific brokers.

If the software they developed was legit, it wouldn’t matter what broker you used, it would work regardless.

Lie #2 – They are making false earning claims.

They are saying that you will make thousands of dollars per day with their software. This is a lie because if there really was a software that could predict the outcome of the stock market, it would be big news all over the world and it would quickly become illegal.

Lie #3 – The Testimonials are fake.

They have a few testimonial videos on the promo page and I did a little digging and found out that they are fake. I went to and found the same people with ads saying that they will do testimonial videos for $5. Have a look.

profits today girl

Above is a screenshot of one of the testimonial videos on the Profits Today website and below is the same girls ad on

profits today girl 2

This is a pretty glaring mistake on their part. I guess they were just hoping that nobody would take the time to look into this. I’m really glad I did.

What About The Reviews?

I also read a lot of different reviews on this program before checking it out myself. There are plenty of reviews on it and they’re all good reviews. Don’t let these reviews fool you.

The internet is full of websites that review products just for the sake of making commissions. If you look at any of those fake reviews you’ll notice that they all link to the program they’re reviewing and they say nothing but positive things just so they can make money.

This is a clear sign that they are dishonest. You see, my website is based on trust. I have pictures of myself and my wife, I talk about my personal life and you can contact me any time. This is because I have nothing to hide.

I know that when I review a product I only speak the truth and I never recommend a product unless I’m 100% sure it’s legitimate and it works. If I lose the trust of my readers, my website would lose all of it’s credibility.

So when you read a review on a product whether digital or physical, make sure you know who the writer is. Check to see if they have pictures of themselves on the website and try to learn about the writer if possible.

The real honest reviewers will give you easy access to any of this information and the scammers won’t at all. the scammers hide behind the keyboard and never show pictures of themselves. If they do have a picture, look at it with care and be sure it’s not a stock photo.


Final Thoughts

I think it’s pretty clear to anyone reading this that this program is total BS. I’m sorry if you’ve lost money from it already but moving forward you will have a better idea what to look out for.

The scary thing about binary options is that they are very exciting and there is a possibility that you can make a profit from them. It’s not the binary options or the brokers that are scammers. The real scammers are the people or websites giving you false claims about binary options just so that they can collect a commission from you.

So if you want to get involved in binary options you should educate yourself first. Don’t put your trust in some sleazy website telling you that you’ll get rich within a week.

You’re better off going to a bank of a financial advisor and getting some advice in person from a professional. They will still collect a fee from you but at least you have a chance at making some money.

The fact is that they are not a good way to make a living for the average person. If you’re already wealthy and you want to fool around with your money to see if you can make more, then binary options might be an ok idea.

But if you don’t have a lot of money and you want to make a living either from the internet or just from home, then you should look elsewhere.

You’re going to need to find something low risk where you can be in control of your money and your future. You also need to understand that there are no get rich quick schemes out there. If anyone tells you otherwise they’re lying to you.

My recommendation would be to learn about internet marketing. internet marketing is the most reliable and sustainable way to make money online. Anyone who makes a full-time living online(like me) will tell you that they are an internet marketer.

To find out how to become an internet marketer or learn more about it you can read my blog post about it by clicking the link below.

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Thanks for stopping by today and I hope this post was helpful. Please feel free to leave me questions or comments in the box below. I always respond ASAP.



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Profits Today Honest Review – No Thanks
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