Is Product Testing USA Legit Or A Scam? My In-Depth Review

Product Testing USA is a website that sends people free stuff in exchange for feedback and reviews. They also pay people to be mystery shoppers. Is It Legit or is it a scam? Let's find out.

Product Testing USA

product testing usa

Name: Product Testing USA


Price: Free To Join

About Product Testing USA

So the idea with Product Testing USA is that you sign up for free, they send you free stuff, you test and review the product and then you get to keep it. 

That sounds great to me, where do I sign up? 

If only it were that simple. On the surface it's a great way to get free stuff for very minimal work but after being a member there for 2 months I learned about all the things they don't tell you when you sign up. 

Originally this was a UK only website but they have expanded into the USA and Asutralia and each country has it's own website.​

What They Don't Tell You

They leave out 2 key details on their homepage and I'm guessing that the reason they leave these details out is because nobody would sign up if they knew these things. 

1. They fail to tell you that the chances of you actually getting any free products is very slim. 

2. They will sell your information to other companies and your inbox will get spammed like crazy. 

In the two months I've been apart of this company I haven't received any free products. 

I've been searching the internet for stories of other people who have received products and I have only found a couple and they weren't even good products.

One girl said she received some hand lotion and the other person had received some makeup. 

It's a bit annoying because they advertise on the website that you can get things like iPads, iPhones, Game consoles, TV's and Home Stereos but I haven't heard of anyone actually receiving these things. 

I'm not saying that they're lying and that nobody receives these things, I'm just saying that it's probably very rare at best. 

They probably do send out one good item every now and then but don't hold your breath because it probably won't be you.  

How It Works

Once you sign up you'll have to fill out a lot of information about yourself. Things like you name, address, age, email address and phone number. 

Then you have to fill out a very long survey.

The purpose of this survey is to figure out what demographics you fit into and what your interests and talents are so that they know what kind of products to send you.

​After that, you just sign up for whatever products you want by clicking on that red sign up button. You can sign up for as many products as you want and then you just wait. 

Just keep waiting and hoping for them to send you something. That was my experience anyway. ​

In addition to testing products, you can also earn money by being a mystery shopper or mystery diner at restaurants. ​

They make money as a market research company. Other companies pay them to get feedback on products which is why they're able to let people sign up for free. ​

Can You Make Money From Product Testing USA?

​Yes you can, well sort of. 

​In addition to the product testing they also hire mystery shoppers and secret diners so this is also a money making opportunity. 

The reason I said, "sort of" is because much like the product testing, it's very rare to be selected to be a secret diner

Sure it is possible to be selected but even in the unlikely event you're selected you'll usually be given a $100 gift card to eat at that restaurant and no actual cash. 

So the payment for reviewing the restaurant is a free meal at a the restaurant. 

Which isn't bad at all, but it's not a way to actually make money. If you want to learn to make actual money from home have a look here

Once you've dined at the restaurant you'll be required to review it using these guidelines:

  • Written Review
  • Video Review (Brief summary of your written review)
  • Photos

The mystery shopper is pretty much the same thing as the secret diner except you'll be given a $200 gift card to shop in stores and then write a review on the store. 

I think this is actually the better of the two because it's double the money and you get to buy whatever you want as long as it's from one of the stores they suggest. 

Not only that but you get to keep whatever you buy. 

So yes these are two great things but that's only IF you get selected. 

I've still never been selected and I think I'll stop trying. 

Is Product Testing USA A Scam?

No it's definitely not a scam. They aren't taken any money from people and they aren't actually lying to people either. ​

Just because it's not a scam doesn't mean that it's great. I personally am very disappointed by it because of the spammy emails that I've been receiving and the lack of products I've received.

If you really want to get free stuff and don't mind the spam emails then go for it, maybe you'll get lucky and I hope you do.

Affiliate Program

They do have an affiliate program for those of you who have a website of your own. 

I tried to figure out how much commission you can make for referring people but it doesn't state it anywhere on the website.

I've sent an email to their Affiliate manager and I'm currently waiting for a response and I'll add it to this article as soon as I get a response.

Update: So I received a response from them about the affiliate commissions. He told me that they pay anywhere from $1-$2 per lead. He said that the commission rate will increase as the amount of leads you send them increases. 

Final Thoughts

I think by now you probably have a pretty good idea how I feel about Product Testing USA. ​

I don't hate it, it's not a scam and it is actually a legit company offering a service to people.

My problem with it is that the chances of actually being selected as a tester, mystery shopper or secret diner ​is too low. 

I guess it's just too good to be true. If anyone could just sign up and start getting expensive gadgets in the mail for free they would lose millions.

I was kind of hoping that the secret diner and mystery shopper jobs would be more fruitful too and maybe people would do this for a living but no such luck. ​

If making money from home is something you're interested in then don't waster your time with Product Testing USA.

Thanks for stopping by today and if you have any questions or comments please use the field below and I'll be sure to respond ASAP.




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