Payspree Review – Is It A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money?

This Payspree review will tell you everything you need to know like....Is it a scam? Is it legit? How does it work? Can I make money from it?



Name: Payspree


Owner: Gary McCaffrey

Price: Free + $29 For Premium

Is Payspree A Scam?

Is Payspree a scam? The short answer to that question is No. It's not a scam. 

It's a legit company that provides a decent service to both affiliate marketers and vendors of digital products. 

Although the service itself isn't a scam there are a lot of products for sale through Payspree that are questionable. 

They have no rules about what types of products can be sold so it attracts a lot of low quality vendors and even some scams. 

So although Payspree in itself isn't a scam, you might come across some scam products being sold on Payspree. 

What Is Payspree?

Payspree is a website that facilitates the sale of digital products.

Vendors of digital products can list their products on Payspree and then affiliate marketers can try to sell those products for a commission. 

Payspree keeps track of all the sales, clicks and commissions and they dole out the revenue accordingly to the vendors and affiliate marketers. 

How Does Payspree Work?

There are basically two types of people who use Payspree and it works differently depending on which of the two categories you fall into. 



Affiliate Marketers

If you don't fall into one of those two categories you won't really have any use for Payspree. 

A lot of people have asked me if Payspree is good for beginners and the answer to that is no it's not. 

You couldn't really come here as a beginner expecting to make money from this because they don't offer any real affiliate marketing training. 

If you're interested in affiliate marketing training you should try this instead

As a vendor you can add a product to the marketplace and then let affiliate marketers try to sell your product. 

If they sell your product they'll get a cut of the sale. The percentage of what they get all depends and I'll get into the details of that later in the review. 

As an affiliate marketer it's pretty straight forward as well. 

Once you sign up for a free membership you just have to the "Marketplace" by clicking the link at the top of the page. 

Once you're in the marketplace you'll see a long list of products to promote just like the screenshot below. 

So you can browse through the massive amounts of products to promote or you can search for specific products by name if there's one you already know about. 

Once you find a product you want to promote you just have to  click on the "Create Link" and you'll be brought to a new page where you can create your own unique link for that product. 

As you enter in your username you'll see the link below will automatically be generated and then you simply copy that link when it's done. 

After that the rest is up to you. Whether you want to share that link on a blog, a Facebook page, Twitter or email that's completely your call. 

Payspree will track all the clicks your links get and they'll pay you the appropriate amount if you make a sale. 

How Much Does Payspree Cost?

You can join Payspree for free actually. As a vendor you can even list one product in the marketplace for free. 

So if you only have one product to promote it's great because it won't cost you anything. 

If you want to add more than one product to the marketplace you'll have to upgrade your account which is $29 and it's a one time fee that allows you to list unlimited products in the marketplace. 

This $29 fee is also good for your lifetime which is nice. 

In addition to the $29 membership fee there are also costs that you have to pay to Payspree if one of your products sells. 

Here's a screenshot of their explanation of those costs. 

So it's pretty straight forward and I would say that it's totally reasonably priced as well.

What's nice is that they're flat rate prices so if you can manage to sell some higher priced products you'll be making a really good profit margin. 

How Much Can Affiliates Make?

This is a tough question to answer because it all depends on how many eyeballs you can get your links in front of. 

Getting the links in front of eyeballs is still only part of it too, what's even more important is to get the links in front of relevant eyeballs. 

So let's just go with the assumption that you have a good way of getting your links clicked. 

There are four different commission rates that you can earn with Payspree. 





Each product you see in the marketplace has a set commission rate and it will show you what that is right below the product name. 

Yes some of them pay 100% commission. This surprised me when I saw this because I've never seen an affiliate program pay that much before. 

At first I thought this must be a hoax because how could the vendor make any money if the affiliate gets all the money. 

Once I looked into it I realized that it's not a hoax, just a weird way of doing things. 

For the products that are saying they give 100% commission you have to first buy that product in order to have the rights to sell it. 

So the vendor makes money from that sale when an affiliate buys it but then if the affiliate manages to make more sales they would receive the whole amount. 

Kind of a weird system but I guess it works. 

How Do I Get Paid?

So whether you're an affiliate marketer or a vendor you get paid the same way. 

There are three different ways to get paid, Paypal, AlertPay and MoneyBookers. 

As soon as I saw that Paypal is an option I was happy. I'm not sure why you would choose to get paid through any other company if Paypal is an option. 

It's easy, safe and reliable. 

What I really like about Payspree is the fact that you can get your money any time you want. 

There is no threshold to receive your funds and as soon as you make a sale you can get your money right away. 

This is not so common. Most companies will only pay monthly or weekly or make you wait until you have at least $100 or something like that. 

What Kind Of Products Do They Have?

According to Payspree they have a wide variety of products but after perusing the marketplace I noticed that the majority of them are in the "Make Money Online" niche. 

Basically the only rule for what products they sell is that it has to be a digital product, no physical products. 

So things like E-books and courses are most common. 

The products are actually what really turns me off of Payspree. 

I looked into a lot of the ones I initially saw and the vast majority of them are scams that take advantage of people. 

I've reviewed a lot of programs over the years and so I'm pretty good at spotting online scams. 

Personally I would never promote a program unless I knew it was legitimate and really worked. 

My goal here is to help people not scam them. 

Final Thoughts

In the end I can't say that I hate Payspree but I definitely hate a lot of the scammy products that people are selling there. 

I think that Payspree could have a much better reputation if they screened the products that people are selling and made sure that only legitimate products are allowed. 

I would never promote a program unless I was 100% sure that it worked. 

That's probably why I don't promote very many products on this website. The only one I promote is Wealthy Affiliate and that's because I used it myself and so I know how great it is. 

In fact it's the only reason I ever started having success making money online. 

So thanks very much for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed this review. 

If you have any questions or comments please use the field below and I'll be sure to respond ASAP. 



Payspree Review
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Payspree Review – Is It A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money?
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