My Founderfly Review – Is It Any Good?

Name: FounderFlyfounder-fly-by-ryan-lee-review


Price: $19.95 per month ($1 Trial)

Owner: Ryan Lee

Who it’s For: Aspiring Internet Marketers

Overall Rank: 59 out of 100


Today I’m giving you a FounderFly review that will help you decide if this program is right for you. After researching this program and then signing up for it, I have a very good sense of what it’s all about.

This program claims to help people make money from internet marketing. That’s quite a broad statement so I’ll break it down in more detail for you throughout this review.

They offer training to help turn you into a successful internet marketer whether you’re experienced or not and the training is 100% video based.

Asside from the video training they also have a community of members and even some coaches. The idea with the  community is that it’s meant to be an additional form of support.


What’s Included

As I stated before, they are teaching internet marketing and it’s taught 100% through video lessons. There are over 40 modules and each module has at least one video.

Some of them have more than 1 video but some just have 1 and the length of the videos varies anywhere from 2 minutes to 1 hour. This is interesting because some of these topics are very complex and they are trying to cover some difficult topics in a video that’s only 5 minutes long. There’s just no way to do that in that amount of time.

Here’s a snap shot of some of their modules.

modules 1

modules 2


These are all great topics and they are all topics that any internet marketer should learn if they want to make money. That being said, the internet is full of programs claiming to be the best at teaching these topics.





I like the fact that they give you a trial period. Sure they make you pay $1 for it but that is a pretty minimal cost and it gives you a chance to see if you like it. This tells me right there that this program isn’t a scam.

They’re confident enough in their product that they will let you check it out before you buy it.

founderflyI’ve looked into a lot of different make money online products and programs and one thing that almost all the scams have in common is that they don’t give you a trial period.

The scams just give you crazy sales pitch after sales pitch until you’re convinced to part with your money. Once you’ve paid they are done with you.

This is not the case with FounderFly.

Another thing I like about it is the community and the community forum. This is a great thing that I think any make money online program should have. It gives you that extra bit of support if you ever get stuck or lost you can always head over to the forum and seek help there.

I also really like that there aren’t any up-sells. I’m not totally against up-sells if they are reasonable but so many programs out there are getting way out of hand with them and it can get a little scammy. This however is a breath of fresh air.



Well oddly enough some of the things I didn’t like are the same things I did like. Okay that doesn’t sound like it makes sense so let me explain.

There is one little sneaky aspect to the trial period. They get you to sign up for the trial which is good, but then in the small print when you pay for the trial it says that it will automatically start charging you the $19/month unless you opt-out within 3 days.

founderfly trial $1

So this is actually a common tactic for a lot of online companies. Not exactly illegal or wrong, just a little sneaky. Especially in this case since the trial is only for 3 days.

Three days go by pretty quickly and I’m sure a lot of people just forget to opt-out in time and the end up paying for a full month unintentionally.

I’m sure that they make a lot of money on accidental monthly payments.

Another con is that the videos are in a weird order or no particular order which I think is very important.

When building an online business you need to start at a specific point and systematically work your way through steps. Much like building a house.

If you don’t do things in the correct order it will just be overwhelming. This is a huge flaw in my opinion.

Also I thought the videos were a bit flawed. Sure they are teaching some good techniques but they just aren’t detailed enough for a beginner. I think most beginners would find it very confusing and most people would benefit much more from a step by step teaching style.


Who’s It For?

FounderFly is meant to be for anyone looking to make money from internet marketing or more specifically affiliate marketing. If you have an interest in something specific like a niche topic and you want to start an online business around that topic, this product might seem attractive to you.

Since the videos are slightly confusing and in an odd order I think this program would be better suited for someone who has a little more experience with affiliate marketing.

Maybe someone who is familiar with it but needs to brush up on their skills and knowledge.


Final Opinion

Overall I don’t mind this program. If it was the first one you spent money on you would come out of it ahead. I don’t however think that anyone could come into this program without any experience and make a living in internet marketing from just this program.

I think if you started out here, you would eventually need some more in-depth training from somewhere that can teach you all of the ins and outs of internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

It really can be a daunting task to start a website and turn it into a profitable affiliate sales website with no experience. I know most people probably think that it’s not possible unless you have a lot of experience in the industry.

This however is not true. When I first stumbled onto Wealthy Affiliate I knew nothing about internet marketing. I had no clue how to build a website. But with their step-by-step training I had my own website set up within a day.

I was turning a profit within a month and I felt like a guru after 2 months. Wealthy Affiliate really is a much better training program for anyone interested in this field. Here’s a chart showing the differences between these two programs.


Please feel free to leave me comments of feedback in the box below. I love hearing from you all. Cheers.

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