My Email Mentor Scam Test – Reviewed

Name: My Email Mentormy email mentor 2


Owner: Bobby. B

Price: Free to join, $47/month autoresponder

Overall Rank: 63 out of 100



Thanks for checking out My Email Mentor Scam Test where I’ll thouroughly review it in order to determine if it’s a scam or legit or maybe somewhere in between.

So when you first go to the website you’ll be prompted with a promo video with the owner of the website Bobby. B and he starts by telling you that you really need to listen to every word to take advantage of this great opportunity.

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So I did just that, I listened intently. The video is not too bad. I does talk a lot about how much money he’s made and how he can buy expensive things and travel and spend time with his family.

That being said, he didn’t do it in a trashy bragging type of way, more like a motivating way so it was acceptable in my opinion.


Bobby. B
Bobby. B


He’s trying to tell us that we can make money from his system without doing hardly any work or having any skills at all. This sounds very appealing obviously but it also sounds little too good to be true.


How Does It Work?

So this is all about email marketing. He tells us that he’s made millions of dollars from doing email marketing and that companies pay him to get clicks on their ads. So he’s been sending out ads to his email list for years making money from the clicks he gets.

His problem is that the autoresponders have limits to how many addresses you can have and send out to. This is why he’s seeking out people like you and I to partner with him.

So when people sign up for his system it’s completekly free to join but to actually go through with it you’ll need to pay for an autoresponder. The autoresponder he uses is Email ResponsePro and you cannot use Aweber because for some reason they have refused to work with him(which is a bad sign).

So once your all set up he then gives you a list of email addresses to send out to. You download the list he gives you and then you use the ads provided and you send out emails to them.

Simple as that. So you get  paid per click. If someone you sent the email to clicks on the ad you sent then you get paid. You will earn $0.20 per click. This seems low but since you’re sending these emails to thousands of people there is a pretty good chance you’ll get a lot of clicks.


How Much Can I Make?

It’s pretty hard to know how much you can really make because this is a fairly new program. I’m not too sure whether this is totally sustainable or if it’s enough to make a full living from but I have my doubts.

The cool thing is that as soon as you sign up he gives you $100 right off the bat. This is enough to get a lot of people to sign up but there is one catch. You can’t get any of your money until you’ve reached the $400 threshold.

This is actually a really smart way for Bobby to do things. Although he is giving you $100, by the time you’ve earned the next $300 he’s made his money back and then some. This also gives people a good incentive to work hard at it until they reach the threshold.

At that point people can decide if the money they made was worth the time they put in. There is also the chance that some people sign up and work the system for a while but decide it’s not worth it before they even hit the threshold and then Bobby doesn’t have to pay you at all.

There is also a referral program you can use to earn even more money. They will provide you with an affiliate link and if anyone signs up using your link you will earn $10/month for every referral you have. If you have the ability to reach a large amount of people this could be a good way earn a little extra.





  • you get $100 right away
  • very little work required
  • no experience needed
  • referral program



  • you can only use Proresponse email responder and not Aweber
  • paypal refuses to work with them which is a bad sign
  • there is a 30 waiting period to get your money
  • $400 is a high threshold
  • the video testimonials are quite obviously fake
  • there are a lot of fraudulent clicks so your actual earnings will change a lot
  • after looking into Bobby. B I read that he has been involved in shady products before


Final Thoughts

After lots of deliberation I can’t call this program a scam. As of right now I’m saying it’s a legitimate program and you actually can earn money from it with very little effort or experience.

However I just don’t fully trust it yet. It’s pretty early in the life of this program and there are a lot of red flags. At first I thought this program was too good to be true but then I saw all the downfalls and red flags so now I’m just straight up skeptical.

I’m not currently participating in it anymore because I would rather put my focus on reviewing other programs and helping people avoid scams. I do however have some friends and acquaintances who are still using it and I’ll be sure to check in with them to see how it goes.

I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it to you even though it technically did pass My Email Mentor Scam Test. For me this one truly lies somewhere in the middle.

If you’re interested in making a living online or even just a part time income then I assure you there are some very good and reliable programs out there.

I would direct you to give Wealthy Affiliate a try because they will provid you with the best online training that you can get anywhere. I’ve tried so many different “Make Money Online” programs and none of them really compare to Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for readin my article today and I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave me feedback or questions in the box below and I’ll respond asap.



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