Is My Commission Generator A Scam? A Super Detailed Review

I'm guessing you've already watched the sales video for this program and you're probably doing some extra research on it before you buy.

Is My Commission Generator a scam or is it as good as they say? You'll find out my answer to this very early on in this review.

My Commission Generator Review

Name: My Commission Generator


Price: $47 + Upsells

Score: 6 out of 100​


This program tries to disguise itself as an affiliate marketing training program for beginners. The truth is, that it's just a sneaky way for the owner to make commissions off of the buyers and nobody else makes money at all. If you really want to make money online legitimately then I'd like to direct you to some of my top ranked programs instead. 

Proof Of Purchase

I always like to show a screenshot of my purchase receipt so that you can see I have actually bought this product and tried it out.

I know there are a lot of review sites out there that don’t really buy products and just write a review based on what other reviews are saying.



Since it’s a Clickbetter product I’m confident that I’ll be able to get a refund without any issues.

I’ve bought plenty of other Clickbetter programs before and have never had problems getting my money back.


Is My Commission Generator A Scam?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the answer is a resounding YES. This program is chalked full of empty promises and upsells.

The sales videos outright lies to you multiple times and I have proof of that.

Throughout this review I’ll show you different examples of the lies and deceit that I discovered after purchasing this program.




The Sales Video

If you didn’t actually purchase this program then you won’t yet know that there is more than one sales video that comes with MCG.

The first one is the one that we’ve all seen on their homepage. It’s very long and repetitive.

It’s mostly written text with a voice over that sounds oddly robotic. They don’t actually show the face of the person talking or even introduce us to that person.

It’s a man talking mostly about all the benefits to being rich and making easy money.

Almost immediately he shows some testimonials which I easily determined to be faked with a little investigating on

Check it out.






So as you can see, these people are not regular people who have had success with MCG at all. They are simply actors who advertise their services on Fiverr.

They’ll say anything you want on camera for a small fee.

I’ve caught a lot scams using this same lazy technique. It’s pretty much a dead give away that they are liars and scammers

If they’re willing to lie about this in order to get your money then who knows what else they’ll lie about.

I also noticed some icons that looked very familiar to me.



I did some digging through some of my older reviews and I found that these same icons are used on 2 different programs.

One of them is called 12 Minute Payday and it’s a really low quality program that I gave a pretty low score to as well.

The other one is called Max Profits Now which I easily determined to be a scam.

So the fact that this MCG is related to these other scams just solidifies my low opinion of this program.

There’s almost no information at all in the sales video about how this program will make us money. The only thing they tell us is that you will be an affiliate which is pretty obvious given that the word “Commission” is in the name of this product.

I really wanted to see what the inside of this program was like because of the huge earning claims like this one…



I was not only curious about this program for the huge earning claims but I was also just itching to find out how it would be possible to make commissions without a website, since that is one of their big selling points.


After The Purchase

Once I entered my email address I was taken directly to the payment page. It was $47 US as advertised so I put in my credit card info and completed the order.

Then after completing the order I was brought to a new page with another video. The video started automatically much like the first one so I watched it.

It’s about a 12 minute video which I thought was pretty long but what really annoyed me was that it was simply another sales page.

This sales page was for an upsell called The Ninja Squad. 




According to the voice in the video, The Ninja Squad was only for people who wanted to make 10 times the money than the basic package will get you.

As though there are people out there who would rather not make more money. 😉

It doesn’t tell us how this will make us more money other than the fact that it will allow us to multiple the profits by 10 times.

Above the video there was a little blurb telling me that this was a limited offer.



They say that there are only 3 spots left.

This is a common tactic with scam programs and they use it because it’s been proven to work.

It’s called a scarcity technique. Basically they make you think that there are limited spots available so that you rush into buying it.

If there were in fact limited spots available this might actually be respectable but this is another lie. Just come back tomorrow or in a few days and it will still say “3 Spots Remain”.

The they show a few screenshots of bank statements.



Bank statement screenshots are another common scam tactic. They are super easy to fake which makes it very tempting for people to use them.

It doesn’t take a lot of skills to do this. After that he did a little more bragging about how much money he makes. Making ridiculous claims  such as $171 per hour.


This was just getting obnoxious at this point. I had a hard time even listening to the video and I just wanted to give up, but I pushed on.

Finally he showed a picture of someone who he claims is him.


You would think that if you were willing to show your face that you would do it right at the beginning and introduce yourself like a normal human being but for some reason he waits until the end of the second upsell video.

He also gave us a name to put to the face. He calls himself Andrew De Costa.

Take a look at that picture too, does it look real to you? To me it looks very fake, staged or something right out of a stock images website.

So I did a little digging with a simple Google search I was able to find this exact photo on a stock photo website.



So the lies just keep on coming with this website.

Seems like an easy decision right? Well for me it was easy. I declined the offer to make 10 times the money because I had already determined that this was a crap program at this point.

Oh right I almost forgot, they were charging $147 US for this upsell.




Once I hit the “No Thanks” button I was taken to a new page. This time it was a down sell.




Few, good thing I didn’t waste my money and buy it at the original price of $147. Saved $50 just by saying no thanks.

Maybe I’ll buy it now that it’s such a good price. Haha just kidding. Let’s see what happens this time when I decline the price.

What do ya know, another down sell. They knocked another $50 off.




So it went from $147 all the way down to $49 just for declining the original offer. This is a sleazy sales technique in my opinion.

In fact, I hate upsells no matter what the offer is. I would always rather they just sell me everything all at once for one price rather than try to sneak me into it a a low price then hold back value unless I pay more.

But that wasn’t all. There was one last upsell. This time it was for a different product.

This one was for a monthly membership program called Traffic Club.

They said I could have my own mentor and have access to even more traffic that will make me even more money.



I declined.

At this point I knew that there was no point in getting any of these upsells because I had already lost my trust and faith in MCG.

After all of that, I finally got access to the members area where I could start raking in piles of cash on a daily basis. (sarcasm)


The Members Area

So after showing you all sorts of reason why this program is a scam I’ve finally accessed the members area so I can show you exactly what’s inside.

I’m excited for this part because there might still be a few of you out there who are super optimistic and still think that this program could possibly work.

Here’s the layout of the lessons.




These lessons are all in the form of video. The introduction video is 2.5 minutes long and it’s Andrew’s voice with a bunch of text images.

Basically it tells me how great of a decision I have made by purchasing this product.

It also tells me that there are some steps in the lessons that are optional and that I might not want to take these steps if I don’t have a very big budget.

This tells me that he is going to be referring me to other products that I should buy. I’m guessing that he’ll tell me that if I want to maximize my profits then I should buy these products but it’s totally up to me.


Step 1 – Basics (2 Videos)

Gmail Account – This is a 5 minute video telling me that I should sign up for a Gmail account.

The guy in this voice is not Andrew De Costa though. He introduces himself as Steve Jackson but that’s all he tells me about himself.

For 5 minutes he talks about why it’s important for a business to have a separate email address that is affiliated with that business.

I have to agree with him on this matter but I’m just not sure why he needs 5 minutes to explain this.

Affiliate Marketing – He first explains that if I already know what affiliate marketing is then I can feel free to skip this video.

What that means to me is that he will not be telling me anything interesting or new. Pretty much just reading the Wikipedia definition of affiliate marketing.

But I listen anyway.

He uses a Wal-Mart analogy to explain to people how affiliate marketing works and to my surprise, his analogy is actually pretty good and he gets his point across in a very cool way.


Step 2 – Set Up Domains (4 videos)

Name Your Page – This is a 6 minute video that shows you 5 different landing pages that you can choose from.

He still hasn’t told us what we’ll be selling but he has ready made landing pages that we can choose from.


If you don’t like any of the 5 options that he gives you then you have the choice to unlock 10 more landing pages that are much better than the original 5.

This is another upsell and quite frankly the 5 that you can choose from are extremely basic especially when compared to the 10 that you could pay for.

So he makes us think that we will have our very own website. I really don’t believe this because there is no step to set up hosting or a domain.

He keeps saying that you’ll never have to pay a dime for hosting if you use his landing pages.

This makes me believe that we don’t actually have our own website and that we’ll be using his websites.

So I clicked on the unlock button to see how much it costs to unlock it I was taken to a new sales page for the Ninja Squad upgrade.  This time no down sell. Just a $147 payment which I declined.

Then he finally gives me a step to complete. He asks me to choose one of the landing pages and click the edit button.

I did that and here’s what it looked like.



The he asked me to name my landing page so I just used my own name, Robert Lawrence and then I clicked save.

That’s the end of this step, onto the next.


Commission Account – This is an 8 minute video that starts off by talking about the 2 different affiliate programs they use.

They use Clickbetter and Clicksure and he recommends that we sign up for both but to start we should just sign up for Clickbetter. There’s a big link underneath the video where we can click and sign up.

He then walks us through the steps of signing up for a Clickbetter account.

Next he walks us through the backend of Clickbetter and shows us a few things. Shows us how to access the affiliate marketing section.

Then he directs us back to where we selected our landing page and shows us how to enter in our own affiliate link into the landing page.

Pretty easy stuff.


Get GVO Account – He says that this is the most important part of the system.

This is actually an auto responder that will collect the email addresses that we get on our landing page.


Here is yet another thing that costs money. Not only that but obviously they are making a commission off this sale. It’s only $1 for the first 7 days but then it’s $9.97 per month after that.



I use an autoresponder and I’ve tried a few of them over the years but I’ve never heard of GVO. I personally use Aweber but there are a handful of other well known ones that are all great.

This GVO is not one of the well known ones and I personally wouldn’t use it or trust it.

Then he goes into this long winded sales pitch about how amazing it is that this only costs $9.97 when you will be able to make a fortune from it. Total BS.


Register For Webinar – This is a 1:40 video telling us about a webinar that he recommends we sign up for.

There’s a link below the video where we can sign up for it for free.


He says that this webinar is specially tailored for My Commission Generator members and it’s only free for the first 100 members who sign up and then after that it’s $1997.


Given the lies that I’ve already caught MCG in I can only assume that this is another lie. It’s just another example of the scarcity tactic where they try to rush you into signing up because it’s only free for the first 100 people.

I would bet that not one single person has ever paid $1997 for this webinar.

Supposedly this webinar shows you how to tap into unlimited free traffic, so I signed up.


Step 3 – Installations (3 videos)

Grab Your Link – This is a 12 minute video and it starts by showing us how to manipulate a link and add in our affiliate ID. Then he shows us how to put it into our landing page.

Then he shows us how to figure out how much commission each product in Clickbetter pays.

That’s pretty much all there is to this video. I’m not sure how he took 12 minutes to show us this.

Install Form Code – This is an 8:30 minute video all about connecting your GVO autoresponder to your landing page.

He signs into his GVO account and we watch over the shoulder as he does this. He also mentions that there are a lot of other good products inside GVO in case we’re interested.

This is a very suttle way of selling us on more crap. There are all sorts of crappy looking products there and I’m sure he would get a commission if we signed up for any of them.

Then he instructs us to create a campaign and he shows us how.

Now that we have a campaign started we can copy the form code and add it to our landing page. This is all very simple and he shows us exactly how to do it.

See It In Action – This is a 5 minute video where he shows us how to test to see if it’s working.

All you do is go to your own landing page and enter in your new gmail address and click enter. it will then take you to a new offer trying to sell something.

Now if a real person did the same thing and then bought the program then you’ll get paid. Supposedly.

Then he talks about how it’s also awesome that you have captured a new email address for your email list. Then you can send your list new offers in the future.

But really I didn’t capture anything because it’s my own email address. But he just captured my new email address. Sneaky.


Step 4 – Traffic (5 videos)

Traffic Explained – I was excited for this part of the course because I’ve been very curious as to how we would be getting traffic to our landing pages.

This is a 6 minute video and it’s just him telling us the difference between just any old traffic and targeted traffic. Pretty basic stuff but it might be interesting if you’re brand new to internet marketing.

Solo Ads Explained – This is a 5 minute video where he teaches us a little bit about solo ads.

Solo ads are when you pay someone with a big subscriber list to send out an email with a link to your landing page or website.

The he tells us that we’re going to get a list of 50 of the best solo ad vendors that have lists built up of people who are interested in making money online.

Basically it’s spamming people inbox with an offer. Then it will send them to your landing page which will just try to sell them on My Commission Generator.


Above is a screenshot of the numbers that they are claiming you’ll be able to make when you send visitors to your landing page using solo ads.


Red Hot Clicks – This is a 5:30 minute video that talks about a traffic source called red hot clicks. Basically it’s network traffic that you pay for that sends targeted traffic to your landing page.


he explains to us that red Hot Clicks is some of the best traffic you can get and that you will get a special discount by using his link. Of course this is another affiliate link that he will be earning a commission from if you or I decide to buy traffic from Red Hot Traffic.

Then he promotes the Traffic Club upgrade again because he says it will get you an even better discount.

Of course then he shows us how to buy the traffic and insert your link so that the traffic gets sent to your landing page.

At the end of this lesson he mentions that they are a partner of a loan expert company so if you can’t afford to spend the money on traffic then you can just borrow it from this company he recommends.

This is a terrible idea. Please to not do this it’s only going to put you into more debt and you won’t make it back from this system. Not to mention you’d just be giving him another commission.

That’s about it for this lesson.


Solo Ad Vendors – This is a 3 minute video  that simply gives you a download button so you can download a list of different solo ad vendors.

He claims that these are all great vendors but I’m sure he only picked these ones based on how much commission they give him when he sends them leads.


Solo Ad Groups – This is a 2:30 minute video where he brings us to a Facebook group via a link below the video. The Facebook group is for people to review solo ad vendors and for vendors to promote themselves.

Very short and useless lesson.


Step 5 – Making Money (4 videos)

AR Series – This is a 9 minute video showing us how to set up an autoresponder follow-up series.

A follow-up series is just the series of emails that automatically get sent to anyone who subscribes to you email list.

They give you 15 emails that they are calling “Creatives” that you can just copy and paste into your GVO account and the work is done.

I’ve seen other programs do this before. They love doing this because it lets them control what you send your list which really just makes you an extension of their own list which is very clever of them but not good for you.

All in all the training is well done and easy to follow but the actual series is not going to help you and only help him.


Mailing – This is a 10 minute video that starts off by showing us how to send a broadcast email to your subscribers.

That just means that you can send an email to all of your subscribers that says whatever you want and do it whenever you want.

That’s pretty simple but then he moves on to show us how to copy a ready-made email that sends people a specific offer of his choice.

Then he sends you to to mask your links and track your links as well. is free for the first 30 days but then you have to pay after that. So he’ll potentially make more commissions from people on this.

Decent training but in reality this is another way for him to make more money from us in a misleading way.


Swapping – This is a 2 minute video that directs us to a Facebook group that people go to when they’re looking for swapping.

Swapping is when you have mailing list and you connect with another person and you each send out each others offers to your mailing list.

This can be effective because most likely you’ve already sent out your best opportunities to your list and so swapping will give you the opportunity to send that out to a fresh audience.

The downside to swapping is that you have to spam your own list with someone else’s offer and it could potentially be crap. This would probably cause you to get a lot of unsubscribers.


Selling A Solo – This is a 3 minute video where he shows us how to set up an account on Clickdrop.


Clickdrop is just a platform where you can buy or sell solo ads. He says that it’s a good place to sell them but of course you’d have to have a fairly large list before this would be an option.

It’s free to join.


Step 6 – VIP Bonus (2 videos)

How to avoid scams – This is a 4 minute video covering a 4 different common scams that we should look out for.

The first one he mentions is Binary Options. I have to agree with him that Binary options are not a good way to make money online.

I’ve done a lot of reviews on programs that promise easy money that end up being binary option scams that just make commissions from sending people to brokers where the minimum payment is $250.

The other scams he warns us about are paid surveys, jobs with Amazon and money making websites.

The irony here is just about too much to handle. First of all there are plenty of paid survey websites that aren’t scams. Most of them are just not profitable so it’s not worth your time.

As for the Amazon thing, I’ve never seen a scam that claims you can work for Amazon but you can be an Amazon affiliate and that certainly isn’t a scam.

Then theres the Make Money From A Website one. Sure there are people out there scamming people from this(including My Commission Generator) but there are also some legitimate programs to learn this too.

Anyways, pretty much a waste of time watching this video. I think he’s trying to sounds super honest because he knows he’s not.


Peer Network – This is a 2 minute video that tells us about Warrior Forum which is a forum that talks about internet marketing.

That’s it.


Help Module

Here there’s a FAQ section, a contact email address and a GVO support section. Pretty basic stuff and I guess they need these things to appear legitimate.


The Last 2 Tabs

The last 2 tabs are just more upsells. They have a link to buy the Ninja Squad upsell as well as a link to buy the Traffic Club Upgrade.

Don’t buy either of those as I said before you’d just be wasting your money. Below are my final star ratings for My Commission Generator.

Is My Commission Generator A Scam? A Super Detailed Review
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Profit Potential





Final Thoughts

As you know already, I don’t like this program at all and I have no problem calling it a scam.

Basically it’s a way of getting people to pay this so-called “Andrew De Costa” to give you generic capture pages where your goal is to capture someones email address.

Then once you have that persons email address you will send them ready made emails promoting the same crappy product that you bought into.

Sure you might be able to make a few commissions but you’ll surely be paying out way more than you’ll be making since you have to a) buy the course b) buy traffic and c) buy an autoresponder and all of which this Andrew guy gets commission for.

It’s all just a big sneaky program that he has created to make himself money in the most dishonest way possible.

I don’t have anything against affiliate marketing in fact it’s exactly how I make my living. the big difference is that I make my living by helping people out.

For example, I have a website that reviews Heated winter gloves.  That website is there so that people can read about different types of heated gloves and decide which ones are best for their needs.

So I test out the gloves and write reviews on them. If someone comes to that website and clicks one of my links then ends up buying a pair of gloves, I get a commission.

It’s not sneaky or misleading. I am honest with my reviews and I really try to help people.

If affiliate marketing is something you’re interested in there are a lot of good online courses that teach people how to do it.

I’ve reviewed a lot of different affiliate marketing training programs and the best one in my opinion is Wealthy Affiliate.

It has the best training and an awesome community of like minded people. On top of that it has a free trial where you can take 10 lessons without paying anything.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review today and I appreciate you coming by.

If you have any questions or comments please use the box below and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP.



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