Is MoneyCroc A Scam? Are There Actually Real Winners?

I've used MoneyCroc a lot and I've dug deep into this website to find out how legit it is. In this review I'll let you know if you should quit or keep at it.



Name: MoneyCroc


Owner: Unknown


​I'm sure you already have a pretty good idea what Moneycroc is and you're only here to find out if it's a scam or if there's actually a chance you could win money. Right?

Yes you can win money and no it's not a scam. 

There are reports of people who have won money from the "lottery" by clicking and getting matching images but the odds are not good to say the least. 

You can click 50 times per day to try to get a match and I personally tried it everyday for 2 weeks to try to find out if it's legit. 

After two weeks of clicking away I finally gave up because not only was it a waste of time but it was very frustrating too. 

I don't know exactly what the odds are of winning but I'd guess that it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 1/100,000 because I've also read a lot of other reviews where people said they never won anything. 

Most likely they decide to throw in a winner every now and then just to make it seem legit and then they probably ask those winners to write about it online so that people think they have a chance at winning. 

So you do have a chance at winning. A very very slim chance which is enough to say that it's not a scam. 

Even if you do win once, you definitely won't win twice so this program is by no means a way to pay the bills from home like they claim. 

If you're looking for a real way to make money from home you should check out my #1 ranked program for that. 

How Does MoneyCroc Make Money?

Despite the fact that MoneyCroc is a waste of time and a complete croc of s!#t they probably make a decent amount of money. (whoever they are)

I checked out their traffic using Ahrefs to see what kind of volume they get and it's actualy pretty decent. 

So they get about 10,465 visits per month from the term "free money" and they rank in the #4 spot for that term. 

That's a pretty good amount of traffic and a good keyword to rank for considering how bogus this website is in general. 

So how are they making money?

They're making money from ads and affiliate sales. 

You'll notice that every time you click the "Try Again" button the ads below it change to a different ad.

All those companies are paying for the eyeballs that MoneyCroc provides them.

This is a pretty smart way to profit.  

I'm not saying that the owner of MoneyCroc is making millions or anything but she or he is doing alright. 

I'm not sure how long it will last though because people are going to research it and figure out that it's  most likely not going to be profitable. 

How Does It Work?

​There's a few different ways to play Moneycroc. 

The​ first and most common is the image matching game that I already mentioned. 

It's simple, easy, free and best of all you don't even have to register to play, just start clicking. 

You have the option of playing for $5, $10 or $50 and they claim that the odds of winning are better as the potential prize money gets lower. 

I don't really believe this and I'm pretty sure the odds are equally as terrible for the lower dollar amounts too. 

If you do happen to get a match and win some money you can collect your money using Paypal. 

The currency you're playing for is in American dollars but they say that you can play from any country in the world. 

Another thing you can do to earn money with Moneycroc is completing offers online. 

You just have to click the "Work From Home" link at the bottom of the homepage and it will take you to a sign up form. 

Be aware that this is not actually through Moneycroc. They will link you to a website called Open PTC or Offer Daddy where you can complete simple tasks for money. 

The problem is that pay per offer websites are pretty much a waste of time as well. You spend hours completing menial tasks for very little money. Usually far below minimum wage. 

In addition it being very low paying you should also be aware that the link you click to get to Open PTC is an affiliate link so MoneyCroc will get a cut of the money you make for completing tasks.

This is just simple Affiiliate marketing which I don't have a problem with and I make a lot of my money online with affiliate marketing but it's weird how Moneycroc plays it off as though Open PTC is​ one and the same with Moneycroc. 

Lotto Number Generator

There's also a lotto number generator where you can plug the details about a certain lottery and they will generate some numbers for you. 

I'm not a big lottery guy so this thing is foreign to me but I'm guessing that there are people out there who believe that using a lottery number generator will increase your odds of winning. 

I would beg to differ but each to their own I guess. 

Put A Moneycroc Ad On Your Website

They encourage users to place a moneycroc ad on their websites and they even offer a whole bunch of different html codes to use. ​

Below is an example of one option. ​

I would personally never put one of these ads on my website mainly because I don't recommend anything to my readers that I don't feel brings them any value. 

Also Moneycroc doesn't offer any compensation for click throughs which makes me wonder why anyone would consider putting this on their website. ​

Is MoneyCroc Safe?

Overall Moneycroc is safe so you shouldn't worry about viruses or malware. I checked it out on and they gave it a good safety rating. ​

In addition to that I also found some positive reviews from people saying that they won money and it's a great site. 

These positive reviews do give me confidence that Moneycroc is actually paying out real people but you still have to take it with a grain of salt. 

As I said before, the people who actually win money will be highly encouraged to write about it online as a way to get more people trying it. 

This doesn't give me any confidence that the odds are good however. 

Who Owns MoneyCroc?

​The owner has actually gone to great lengths to keep his or her identity a secret. 

All the information I could gather about the website is in this screenshot below but you'll notice that the owner uses a service to hide their identity. 

This is a screenshot from the Moneycroc page on

So not only does the owner not want to be identified but it's also pretty much impossible to contact any representatives of the website. 

If you click the "Contact" link at the bottom of the page you'll be brought to a new page with a form to submit a prize number. 

I found that to be really weird. 

The fact that you can't contact anyone at all is a big red flag to me. I really dislike this website and wish I could call it a scam but since they really aren't ripping people off I can't use the word scam to describe it. 

Final Thoughts

​So in conclusion I will just say that you probably shouldn't waste your time with Moneycroc. 

Sure there is a slim chance that you could be a lucky winner of a few extra bucks but more than likely you'll just waste a lot of time like I did.

If you've got a lot of time on your hands and the thrill of maybe winning turns your crank than I guess you could spend some time clicking and testing your luck.

But I don't recommend it.

If you want to make actual money online there are some legitimate ways of doing it but this surely isn't one of them.

I would first recommend you check out my #1 ranked program and see if that's right for you.

Just be aware that anybody who is making real money online is doing it through hard work and dedication.

If anyone tells you that you can make easy money online they're for sure lying to you and you should turn and run the other way.

There's no such thing as easy money on or offline so don't even bother looking for it.

Thanks very much for stopping by and if you have any questions or comments please use the box below and I'll be sure to respond to you ASAP.



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