Mommy Jobs Online Review – Don’t Be Fooled By This –

I'll tell you if Mommy Jobs Online is legitimate and worth your time. The other reviews say it's not a scam but they aren't telling you everything.

Mommy Jobs Online Review

mommy jobs online review

Name: Mommy Jobs Online


​Owner: Unknown

​Price: $210

Is Mommy Jobs Online A Scam?

​I'm not going to beat around the bush on this one because if you're here you most likely already know what Mommy Jobs Online is and you just want to find out if it's a scam or not. 

The short answer is No, it's not a scam. It's a legitimate company that is trying to provide a service to people looking for "work from home" opportunities.

That doesn't mean that it's a good program or that I like it at all. In fact I really dislike this program and I don't recommend it to anyone.

Here's why........

​Yes they do find some jobs and yes you have a chance at landing one of them but they just aren't good jobs. 

Most of the jobs they show you pay so little that it's pretty much a complete waste of time.

The jobs they focus on are Transcription, Medical coding, Customer Service, Clerical - Administrative and Professional. 

Now these job titles are legitimate and there are some great jobs out there in those fields where you can make some decent money.

But any jobs I was given on MJO were way below the salary that they list on their website.

The lowest salary that they list is $10/Hr and some of them say as much as $90.Hr. That is a total crock and I would love it if someone could prove me wrong and tell me that you actually made $90/Hr from a job you found on Mommy Jobs Online.​

There's just no way.

How Much Money Can You Actually Make?

My personal experience with MJO wasn't great to say the least. I took a job doing data entry and employer recruiting.

It was a lot of data entry, copy and pasting and sending emails. I spent about 4 hours one afternoon giving it a real honest effort.

I really wanted to see if this was legit.

After about 4 hours my brain was mush and I couldn't handle it anymore. It was so repetitive and boring that I almost went crazy.

To make it all even worse, I only made $5 for all that work. I couldn't believe it. Never again.

​I also perused some online forums to see what other people had to say about it and most people are of the same opinion as me. 

Although surprisingly there are some positive reviews on it which seems odd to me. I always question whether they're legitimate or not.

Here's a few reviews on Glassdoor. ​

So as you can see there are a lot of people disappointed with MJOL but I always take online reviews with a grain of salt which was why I decided to try it out myself. 

Once I tried it I realized that I had the exact same experience as a lot of the others did. ​

Then I decided to check them out on the BBB to see what it said.

There wasn't a whole lot of information about them there but there were 2 customer reviews and 7 complaints.

One of the reviews was positive and the other was negative. Here's a screenshot of an interesting exchange between a representative at MJOL and an angry customer. ​

I feel like the representative for MJOL has some good points but it's the tone that I find interesting.

Usually businesses try to take the high road in these types of exchanges but this person actually insults the person. 

As for the 7 complaints, most of them have to do with a lack of good jobs on the website. A couple of them were mad because they couldn't get a refund. 

Are There Better Employment Agents Out There?

​There are quite a few decent employment agents that will help you find work from home that I would suggest over MJOL. 

You should first try out or

Those two websites are full of freelance jobs that people need done. It's nice because you can set your own hours and wage since you're the boss.

The more jobs you do the more cr​edibility you'll gain and thus the more money you can ask for your work. 

So you might have to start out with low paying jobs but it doesn't take long to build a resume for yourself which will land you better paying jobs.

This works especially well if you have a specific skill set too.

Things like graphic design, writing, animation, proof reading and photography are all skills that will get you paid on freelance websites.

As for the pay, it's not too bad and it all depends on how fast you can work.

It's usually a contract so if someone contracts you to write an article for $20, you would be making really good money if you could write that article in 30 minutes or less. ​

That's good money especially if you can get hired by lots of different people.

With that being said it's still very hard work and you constantly have to be attracting new clients.

There are other ways to make money online that are much more passive. ​

How To Make Passive Money Online

​The best way to make passive money online is with your own website. 

If you own your own website you can learn how to get traffic to that website and once you have traffic there are tons of different ways to monetize that traffic.

This might all sound too complicated or advanced but the reality is that anybody can do it now with all the user friendly website building platforms.

There are a lot of training courses as well that will walk you through step by step how to build a website and make money from it. ​

This is by far the best way to make money from home because once you have a steady stream of traffic you'll also have a steady stream of income that you can rely on every month.

So many people are quitting their jobs and working full time from home because it's such a good lifestyle and the sky is the limit in terms of money.

Some of the big dogs out there in the internet marketing world are making over 7 figures with their websites.

If this is something that interests you I can give you lots more information on it right here. ​

Final Thoughts

​So as I said before, Mommy Jobs Online is not a scam. It's just not as good as they make it seem. 

The majority of people who sign up for it and pay the fee will be disappointed and I really don't recommend it to anyone.

If you have any questions or comments about this review you can use the field below and I'll be sure to respond ASAP.

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