Max Profits Now Review – Who Really Profits From This?

My Max Profits Now review was written to help people decide if signing up for this program is a good idea or not. I have no affiliation with Max Profits Now so I have nothing to gain if you choose to buy this program.

max profits now


Name: Max Profits Now


Owner: Max Aria

Price: $97

Overall Rank: 12 out of 100



I’m not sure how far you got with your research of this program but I’m assuming you decided to do some digging on this program before you even put your email address into their website.

If that’s the case, good for you because you should always be cautious who you give your email address to. Especially websites that promise you the world and try to get your information before they even tell you the details of the offer.

If you did put your email address in, don’t worry about it, as long as you didn’t give them your credit card information you’ll be fine. You’ll just want to unsubscribe from their emails ASAP.

Lastly, if you did give them your credit card information and purchase this program, try your best to get a refund right away. Not only that, but don’t buy into any of the other programs they’re recommending. You won’t make any money from them.

Once payment has been made, they then start pushing another program on you. Basically they just want to make more money off of you. They tried sending me to My Online Business Empire (MOBE).

Basically MOBE is an MLM that very closely ressembles a pyramid scheme. Members of MOBE are taught how to recruit other people to this system and in turn, profit from their downline much like pyramid schemes.

So as you can see, I’m not impressed by Max Profits Now in the least. In fact I’m warning you to stay away from it unless you want to waste time and money, hense the 12 out of 100 ranking I gave it.

I don’t only review scams or crap products, If you check out my other reviews you’ll see that there are quite a few legitimate money making programs. The difference is that the real programs won’t lie to you and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into from the start.



 The first thing that really annoyed me about this program is that they won’t give us any information about the process until we’ve given them our information.

This is always a bad sign. It makes it seem like they have nothing to hide. Sure, you only have to put in your name, email address and phone number to get more info but that’s what they want. They figure, if you don’t buy it, then at least they can email you or phone you with more offers.

Once payment has been made, you can finally see what you’ve purchased. It’s basically a course that says it will help you make money online.

He calls it, “The Online Foundation 15” and it’s simply 15 steps that people are told to follow in order to make thousands of dollars per month.

Max claims that he used this exact system to get where he is today. He also promises that if you don’t make any money from this, he’ll personally give you $500.

This is a pretty big promise and it sounded far too good to be true. I did a little more digging and figured out that it’s pretty much an empty promise.

In the fine print it says that in order to get the $500 you’d have to have proof that you took every step of this program and that you didn’t even earn 1 penny. Not only that but you’d have to prove that you worked for at least 30 minutes on each step.

Seriously, who would be able to ever prove that?

I also tried to find evidence online of people climing that they were actually paid the $500 and couldn’t find any. So it seems like this is just another trick to get people to feel safe and purchase this program.

red flags

So I’ve already mentioned a couple of the red flags like the empty promise of $500 and the lack of information available before buying in, but there are more.

The Fake TV “Featured On” Logos – This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. They put a picture of a few well known and well trusted logos(in this case TV Networks) and they make it appear as though they’ve been indorsed by these brands.

tv logo

This is a real lame attempt at looking legitimate. Anyone can access these logos and put them on their website but don’t let them fool you, there is no way this is real.

You can tell it’s fake because you can’t click on it. If these Networks actually indorsed this program, the logos would be clickable and most likely when you click on them, they’d bring you to their website. Big red flag.


Your Location Shown – As you can see in the screenshot I used at the top of this article there is a blurred out portion. I blurred this out for privacy reasons because it shows my location.

They’ve used a plugin that will track the location of whomever is currently on the website and it says ” For Immediate release in _________ on todays date.

This is another trick that a lot of scams use. It makes people think that this is a hot new program and that there is a limited amount of space in the readers location.

This is just a way of making people rush to purchase.


Fake Security Logos – They use fake security verification logos to make it seem like they are a safe company to do business with.

verified by

Just like with the fake TV endorsements this is easily faked. Anyone can find those images on Google images and place them on their website.

You can use the same click test as with the TV logos. If you can’t click them, they’re fake.

Familiar Look – This website has a very familiar look to it. I did some digging and saw that this website looked a lot like another one I’ve reviewed called Ultimate Home Profits.

max profits now

ultimate home profits review

As it turns out, Ultimate Home Profits is also a scam program. You can see the resemblence and it’s no coincidence, this is actually very common practice for scammers.

What they do is first create a scam. They use this scam until business dries up when the word gets out that it’s a scam. Then they start a different website with basically the same scam but under a different name.

These are called duplicate sites and the internet is full of them. It’s just a lazy way to take advantage of people online and it’s really quite pathetic.


Final Thoughts

 I did not write this Max Profits Now Review with the intention of bashing a program. My goal is to help people find legitimate work from home programs and avoid the scams.

When I come across a scam like this one I can’t help but expose it for what it is. I hate the thought of people out there making a living by lying and giving people false hopes and dreams.

I do make some commissions from this website but only enough to keep the website up and running and at that, I’ll only recommend good, honest programs that work because my reputation is the most important factor for the success of this website.

If making money online is a goal of yours, I recommend you continue to read through more of my reviews to get a sense of what kind of person I am. Once you’ve learned more about me you then might be interested having a look at my top recommendation for making money online.



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