Lotto Dominator Review – This Guy Is Odd But Is It Legit?

Read this review of Lotto Dominator to find out exactly what you get when you buy it and if it Richard Lustic is legit or a scam artist.

Lotto Dominator

Lotto Dominator

Name: Lottery Dominator


Owner: Richard Lustig

Price: $97 US

Lotto Dominator Review

In this Lotto Dominator review I'll cover everything you need to know about this product so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you should purchase it or not. 

If you're here I'll assume that you enjoy buying lottery tickets and playing the lottery. 

Or maybe you don't like the lottery but you like making money and you're trying to figure out if Lotto Dominator is a good way to make some money. 

Either way, this review should clear things up for you but if you really just want to good way to make money online you'd be better off reading this first

What Is Lotto Dominator?

Lotto dominator is an e​​​​-book that claims to teach people how to increase their odds of winning lottery jackpots. 

The e-book is written by a man by the name of Richard Lustig and you may have even heard of this guy before because he's won the lottery 7 times and he became slightly famous as a result. 

I've learned a lot about this guy so in the next paragraph I'll tell you all about him but for now I'll focus on his product. 

Lotto Dominator has some interesting information in it but a big part of it is actually buying a lot of lottery tickets which gets quite expensive.

This is something he doesn't really tell you until after you've bought the course.  

Once you've paid and downloaded the e-book you'll have access to all his secrets for winning. 

The vast majority of the course is based on a formula that he came up with that basically picks the lottery numbers for you after you input some numbers from some past winning numbers.

It's kind of hard to argue with this method because after all he did win 7 times which is more than anybody else has won but I don't blame you if you still have some doubts at this point.​

A big point that he keeps driving home is that lottery isn't random which means that there is a formula to it. 

Who Is Richard Lustig?

If there's one thing about Richard Lustig you can be sure of it's that he is obsessed with the lottery. 

There's no doubt in my mind that he has spent countless hours studying it and trying to crack the code so to speak. 

You can easily get some information about him online because he has become a bit of a minor celebrity of sorts. 

He's been on national news channels, countless news papers, talk shows and he was even featured in Ripley's believe it or not. 

Here's some of his more famous photos. 

So yeah, he's for real. The pictures speak for themselves. He's certainly telling the truth about winning the lottery 7 times there's no denying that. 

But the question is......Does he really have a formula that works or did he just buy a shit load of tickets to increase his odds?

To really make an informed decision on that question you have to look at the facts. 

He won his first lottery back in 1993 and before that he was just a regular guy who nobody had ever heard of. 

That first win was a modest $10,000 that he won from a scratch ticket. 

Then 4 years went by where he didn't win anything. 

His second win came in 1997 where he won $13,000. 

Then in June of 2000 he won a trip and then he won another trip in October of 2001. 

It was the year 2002 when he won his biggest jackpot. He won $842,152. 

It was this huge win that made him famous because it put him in the spotlight but then he mentioned that he had one the lottery 4 times before that. 

Once people caught wind of that he was an instant celebrity and he was getting all sorts of publicity which he seemed to really enjoy. 

At this point he became obsessed with hitting the $1 Million mark as he was so close. 

It took him some time but he finally got another win in 2010 when he won around 100K. 

I've read a few articles that say he spent almost all of his big jackpot earnings on more lottery tickets trying to hit the million mark. 

If you ask me, this guys no expert but instead just a man obsessed with playing the lottery. 

His obsessing is so bad that I'd even call it an addiction. 

Based on his record I still don't believe that his formula really works but rather he won out of sheer luck and determination. 

Why Doesn't He Keep Winning?

This is a question that a lot of people ask. If he really has the formula then he should still be winning somewhat regularly but he isn't. 

Even when he was winning it was very sporatic with very long dry spells which creates a lot of doubt in my mind. 

Instead of playing the lottery he now focuses all his attention on selling his book. 

Obviously the book sales are making him much more money than he ever made with the lottery. 

In fact, he also has a lottery "guide book" on Amazon that is a Best Seller so I can imagine he's doing well. 

So now that his secrets are out you would think that the lottery business would be in trouble but there aren't any signs of that whatsoever. 

He's sold a lot of books and probably a lot of the Lotto Dominator too. 

Still to this day he travels around coaching people how to win the lottery. He even does one on one phone call lessons. 

I've done quite a bit of reading about the lottery industry itself and there actually are some known strategies that can improve your odds. 

These are the things that Lotto Dominator teaches people. 

So yes the strategies are somewhat helpful but you can get all of that same information for free with a simple Google search. 

Final Thoughts

So is Lotto Dominator a scam? No it's not a scam as it does have some helpful advice that can help your chances of winning. 

But even with the strategies your chance of winning is still extremely low and you'd have to spend a fortune of lottery tickets to make a go of it. 

It could really hurt your financial situation to attempt to do what Richard did. 

My advice would be to avoid this e-book and keep your lottery habit to a minimum. I've reviewed other lotto programs and they aren't great either. 

If you're trying to make extra money there are far better ways of going about it. 

I started building affiliate marketing websites a few years ago and now I make a full time living from home and I love it. 

It's good money and the best part is that it's stable and reliable. 

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed my Lotto Dominator review. 

Have a great day,


Lotto Dominator
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