An Insiders Review Of The Laptop Lifestyle Academy

laptop lifestyle academy review

Name: Laptop Lifestyle Academy


Owner: Yaro Starak

Price: $49

Overall Score: 95 out of 100


I’ve wanted to write a review of the Laptop Lifestyle Academy ever since I became a member because it truly is an impressive training program.

If you’ve read my article “How To Learn About Digital Marketing – 7 Experts To Watch And Learn From” then you already know that I have a lot of respect for the creator of the Laptop Lifestyle Academy, Yaro Starak.


For those of you who don’t know, this guy has been in the world of internet marketing since long before most of us had ever even heard about it.

He operates many websites but the most well known ones are and

He’s an expert in all things blogging. There isn’t anything he doesn’t know when it comes to building blogs and making money from them.

Now he puts most of his focus on coaching. His website Entrepreneurs-Journey is full of extremely valuable articles that any blogger out there would find helpful.

He also created a course called Blog Profits Blueprint which is a great starting point for anyone looking to start a blog of their own and it’s completely free.

All you have to do is sign up for his email list which is a must for anyone in this industry. Here’s the link…

Click here to sign up for Yaro’s Free Blog Profits Blueprint.

To say the least, he is a trustworthy source of awesome information in the world of blogging. I’ve personally learned a lot from him.


What To Expect In This Review

This will be a very detailed review of what you can expect to find inside the Laptop Lifestyle Academy members area.

I’ve recently bought a membership and I’ll be going through all of the training and documenting it all for the purpose of this review.

Here’s my purchase invoice for the course.



Now it’s important to remember that this is actually a membership course so you’ll be charged $49 per month unless you cancel your order.

There is also an affiliate program for this course meaning that you can make a commission if you refer someone to it.

I am not an affiliate for this so I have nothing to gain should you decide to join.

One thing you might notice throughout this review is that I’ll probably be making comparisons to Wealthy Affiliate quite frequently.

The reason for that is because Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for learning to make money from a blog and the Laptop Lifestyle Academy is probably the closest thing I’ve ever seen to Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to skip right to my review of Wealthy Affiliate click right here.


Members Area

Inside the members area is a very nice and simple layout that’s easy to navigate. There’s a menu at the top and then the same menu on the left side. Here’s a screenshot of the top menu.


I’ll go through all the menu options one by one so you know what each one entails starting with the top row, Activity, Blog, Calender and Help.

I know most of you will be interested in the Training section more than the rest so feel free to skip down to that section at any time. Also I’ll keep the other sections shorter so that I can me more detailed and in-depth for the training section.



The activity tab brings you to a feed of the most recent forum posts. There is a large community of members in the Laptop Lifestyle Academy and a lot of them are really active on here.

It’s great to see that the members are active because there are so many other online programs where the forums are completely dead.

This shows that there are a lot of members actively working on their online businesses which is great because you can chat with people and even get help from them.

I also noticed that Yaro is even active in the forums so you could even get help directly from him from time to time.

There is also a live chat feature which is really great and you can even use it on your mobile device. It’s called Slack Chat.

Under this same tab you can also select “My Activity” and it will show you all the forums that you’ve started yourself or replied to.

I have to say that this forum is impressive. It can be a very powerful tool when you need a helping hand and this one doesn’t disappoint.

With that being said I would still say that the Wealthy Affiliate community is superior in this category because not only do they have a forum, a live chat and a questions feature but they also give you the ability to blog about your experience for other members to see and comment on.



This blog feature doesn’t give you the ability to blog. Instead this is just the latest blog articles that Yaro has posted on his website Entrepreneurs-Journey.

As I said before, Yaro is full of great information and you would benefit a great deal just by reading his blog posts.



This is exactly what it says, a calendar. It will show upcoming events for members to take note of.

So far it’s just been an empty calendar since I’ve been here.



There are 4 main ways to get help here. Live chat, Email, Phone and FAQ. This is great because when building a blog from scratch you will need all the help you can get.


The help here is prompt and friendly so you don’t have to worry about being alone here. In addition to these methods I would also recommend going on the forum for help.

There are a lot of helpful and friendly people there who will most likely be able to help you.



The forums are extremely active with many new posts all day everyday.

This is a great place to introduce yourself, chat with others and get/give help.

One of the main reasons to stay on here as a member after you’ve completed the training would be so that you can have access to the forum.

Sure it’s a lot of money to spend on a forum but you would then also be able to access the training at any point and there is always new stuff being added as well.



The training is broken up into 31 tutorials which are a mix of text, audio and video files. The 31 tutorials are broken up into these 4 categories.

  • Technology
  • Foundation
  • Growth
  • Profits

They are in an order that makes sense if you’re a beginner but if you’re further ahead you’ll have to figure out what stage your business is at and decide where you want to begin.

Even if you aren’t a beginner it still wouldn’t hurt to start from the beginning.

You won’t have access to all of the tutorials right away. Some of the tutorials require you to reach a higher status within the academy in order to unlock them.

This locked content is referred to as “Leaders of Legends” and you basically have to be active in the forums and community in order to get that status.



Fortunately it doesn’t cost money to get this status and once you get it you’re in permanently. It’s just a way to getting people to be more active which I think is a good thing.



The first tutorial in the technology category is the Blog Tech 101 Guide. This is a comprehensive guide that is meant to help you get up and running.


It’s a 128 page PDF so you can imagine how much information there is here. It’s absolutely huge.

After the introduction and the legal section the learning begins. It’s broken down into 10 chapters of written content and each chapter goes into great detail.

Here’s the topics of each chapter…..

  1. Find A Webhost For Your WordPress Blog
  2. Setting Up Your WordPress Blog
  3. Choosing The Right Theme For Your WordPress Blog
  4. Supercharge Your Blog With WordPress Plugins
  5. Outsource Your Work And Grow Your Blog
  6. Getting Started With Email Marketing
  7. Setting Up Shop On Your WordPress Blog
  8. Using Landing Pages To Increase Sales
  9. Boost Your Conversion Rating With A/B Testing And Analytics
  10. Apps And Tools To Improve Your Blogging Experience

I went through this PDF and I have to say that it’s an absolute wealth of information. There really is a ton to learn and I can’t stress enough just how HIGH QUALITY this training is.

Every little detail is covered here and you will surely be starting on the right foot with this course.

The value here is huge and for only $49/month I think this is a steal of a deal.

The crazy thing is that I’m saying that before I’ve even gone through a fraction of the training. On that note, let’s move onto the next tutorial.


WP Training

This next tutorial is massive much like the last one. It covers all sorts of cool things pertaining to the use of WordPress and I have to say that I wish I had this when I started out.


There is a whopping 107 videos here. It’s absolutely incredible how much is covered here and I know I’m repeating myself here but I sure wish I had this when I started out.

These are all over the shoulder videos showing you examples of how to do things.

Some of them are done by Yaro himself and some are done by other people who aren’t named.

Here’s the topics covered…..

  • Dashboard
  • Editor
  • Images
  • Pages
  • Media
  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Profile
  • Widgets
  • Menus
  • SEO
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Products
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Analytics Reports
  • Gravity Forms
  • Page Builder

These videos vary in length but what they all have in common is that they’re easy to follow.

Most of the videos are very actionable so you can follow along with them and complete the tasks. By the end of all the videos you’ll be pretty much all set up.


Outsourcing Online Guide

This tutorial will show you how to go about hiring out a lot of your online business. I actually wouldn’t recommend trying to hire anything out until you have a decent grasp of how this business works but once you do it can be an amazing way to scale up your business.


This guide is a 77 page PDF so yet another huge resource that would cost the price of a membership here alone if you were to buy something equivalent anywhere else.

It’s not broken up into chapters like the last PDF but it is broken up into sections and I’ll list the sections below.

  • Part 1: Outsourcing Online
  •  What Is The Right Time To Begin?
  • Cash Flow: How To Pay For Your First Contractor
  • From One Man Show To Team Of 8 (And Growing)
  • Part 2: How To Find, Recruit and Retain A-Players For Your Team
  • Finding The Elusive A-Player
  • Interviewing and Testing Applicants
  • Hiring A Contractor
  • Case Study – Roshan Perera
  • Your Outsourcing Checklist
  • Part 3: How To Manage Customer Service As A One Person Enterprise


As you can see he covers every single aspect of outsourcing your online business. I’ve read a lot of blog posts on outsourcing and you really can’t compare this to any of them.

The blog posts I’ve read have covered a few things such as where to find help and so on but this goes the extra mile.

This is another reason why I’ll probably remain a member of the Laptop Lifestyle Academy long after I finish this review. It’s just such a great resource and I’m not even close to being through it all.



This part of the training is crucial to any internet marketer. Here he covers all the basics that every internet must learn in order to find success.

There are 11 tutorials here with a mix of text, audio and video. Here’s what you get.






Not all of these tutorials are available to the basic member. You’ll need to gain the status of “Legend” or “Leader” to access the last three of them. See how it says, “Legends” in the bottom right corner? That’s what it means.

You’ll notice that the first one might look familiar. It’s the same Blog Profits Blueprint PDF that you get for free when you sign up for Yaro’s email list at

That’s not to say it’s not awesome. It is a great resource on it’s own and I’m sure a lot of people have launched their online business with this alone.

All of these tutorials are really valuable much like anything Yaro Starak produces. It will take you a long time to get through this section but you will truly benefit from not skipping any detail and going through it slowly.



By the time you reach this section you should have a website set up. Now all you need to do is create some content and attract readers.

That can be extremely challenging and it’s actually the phase that most bloggers quit in because it can be a very slow process getting organic visitors.

There are 7 tutorials and they’re a mix of text, audio and video files.





The first of these tutorials is actually my favorite. It’s actually a bit of a collaboration between Yaro Starak and Brian Clark who is the creator of

The reason it’s my favorite is because I always struggled with this aspect of internet marketing in my first couple of years.

The information here is really high quality and I think that following this tutorial will give you a real edge in the blogging world.

As for the rest of this section you’ll find nothing but great information and some cool Podcast tutorials towards the end.

I’ve never done any Podcast work but Yaro seems to be a big advocate for it. He seems to put a lot of emphasis on it and I can’t argue with him.



The last of the training section is all about profits. There are 10 tutorials here all covering varying parts of how to optimize your blog for maximum profits.

Here’s what’s inside….






This is the section that I think will excite most people. You’ve got your website set up. You’ve got plenty of content, now you’re ready to start bringing in the money.

My personal favorite here is Yaro’s 10 Methods to Make Money Blogging. This is a 57 minute video where Yaro gives us some great tactics for monetizing our blogs.

He shows us what has worked for him and what hasn’t. No fluff and pure value.

As you can see some of these tutorials are only available for “Leaders” but as I’ve discovered, it doesn’t take much time to get Leader status.



This is a two part section with the second part only being available to Leaders.

The first part is a whole bunch of interviews that Yaro had with people who have gone from complete beginners to very successful in the blogging industry.


These success stories all have 1 thing in common. They’ve all gone though Yaro’s Blog Mastermind program.

it’s very inspiring to see how well this has worked for these people. It gives hope to people who aren’t sure if this will work for them. These are real people with real stories so it’s pretty neat.

The next section of interviews consists of some of the most successful bloggers on the planet.


These interviews are only available for “Leaders” in the community. All of these people are at the top of their game and not only are they full of valuable information but it also buys Yaro a lot of credibility if you had any doubt.


Live Coaching

Yaro puts on live coaching sessions regularly and you can watch all of them here as a member of Laptop Lifestyle Academy.

If you can’t make it to the live sessions it’s okay because you can watch any of the pre-recorded sessions.

The only negative thing about watching the pre-recorded sessions is that you won’t be able to interact with Yaro and ask him questions.

Being able to ask him questions in the live coaching is really cool. Not a lot of training programs give you direct access to the owner.

This is yet another thing that sets Laptop Lifestyle Academy and Wealthy Affiliate apart from other programs.


Hot Seats

I think you’ll love this part of the program. I’ve never seen anything like this before and it’s truly amazing.

A Hot Seat is where you get to have a 1-on-1 interview with Yaro where he goes through your website and business plan with a fine tooth comb.

He’ll tell you what you’re doing well and what you need to work on.

He’ll not only go over your website/blog but he’ll also figure out where your mind is at in terms of your entrepreneurship.

You might need some personal business coaching before you can really find success and the opportunity to get it from someone as successful as Yaro is worth a lot.

In order to qualify for this you’ll need to nominate yourself in the forum thread at the bottom of the page titled “Hot Seat”.

If you don’t qualify right away you can always watch someone elses hot seat from the sideline. Of course the people watching won’t be able to contribute or ask questions.



The toolkit is just a section where Yaro shows us what programs and software he uses for his websites. He also puts links to all of these programs.

Be aware that a lot of these are his affiliate links so if you buy any of them he’ll get a commission. There’s nothing wrong with that at all I just thought you should know.

It’s nice to see what he recommends because it can be challenging deciding which products are decent.



This is pretty self explanatory as it’s not much different from any other FAQ.

You can search topics or you can post your own questions. They will be answered by other members, Yaro or Yaro’s team.



This is a pretty interesting concept that I’ve never seen before.

He’s set up a forum where you can try to arrange to meet with other people in the same business as you so you can brainstorm and talk about your business.

You can meet up on Skype, phone or even in person if you want.

He recommends finding a group of 4-6 people where you can meet up with around once a month and chat about your business.

Pretty neat and could be helpful and maybe even fun.


Live Chat – Slack Chat

Slack Chat is the live chat program that you get as a member of Laptop Lifestyle Academy.

It’s pretty cool. It’s a simple app that you can download to your computer or your phone and you can chat live with other members and sometimes even Yaro.


This is only the second training platform that I’ve ever seen with a live chat. I was happy to see that this service is very active with other members.

You can go on and ask questions, get advice or just meet other people in the industry.


Final Thoughts

Well that’s the end of this review. I’ve covered every single portion of this course and I hope you found it to be useful.

Before I wrap this up I want to give you my final ratings for this program as well as my final thoughts. Here’s my ratings.

Laptop Lifestyle Academy Ratings
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Profit Potential





I know by this point in the review it’s really obvious that I love this training program. I’ve reviewed a lot of different training programs and so it’s pretty incredible that this one rated so high.

As I’m writing this review, Laptop Lifestyle Academy is currently my second highest rated program for making money online and that says a lot about it.

If you want to join this program you’ll need to hurry because it’s not open permanently. He’ll close it for a while and then it might not open up again for another 6 months.

If you’re on the fence or maybe you want to get some great free resources from Yaro directly you really need to subscribe to his email list.

Once you subscribe to his email list you’ll have access to an enormous amount of free information as well as a copy of his Blog Profits Blueprint. Click here to subscribe.

The only program I have that rates higher is Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve put together a comparison table below to show you some of the differences between the two programs.


Now just because I rate Wealthy Affiliate higher than Laptop Lifestyle Academy doesn’t mean that I don’t recommend LLA.

I think that both of these programs are great ways to start a blog and make money from that blog, they are just different and my ratings are probably just my own opinion.

Everyone is different and some people might prefer LLA.

It’s hard to describe what I like better about WA but I think a lot of it is just the way it walks you through the tasks in and orderly way from start to finish.

I also like that WA uses video as well as text for all of the training. Often I find it’s better to learn by watching the video because it leaves less room for error.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about either of these programs. I’d love to help you out or answer your questions so just use the box below and I’ll respond ASAP.





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