Jobrize Review – Real Or Rotten?

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Jobrize is a very simple system and that’s probably what makes it so appealing to people looking for an easy way to make money. In this Jobrize review I’ll give you all the information you need to decide whether or not this program is for you.

Put simply, they pay you to send people to their website. So when you sign up, you’ll be given an affiliate link. You can then share that affiliate link wherever you want like classified ads, social networks etc. If people click on your link, you get paid(supposidly).


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Simple as that. I’ve seen this program promoted a lot on social media sites. I’ve seen tweets that say things like, “Make easy money online, Click here”. I’ve followed a few of those links out of curiosity and that’s how I discovered jobrize.

I really wanted to learn more about this system to see if it’s legit, so I researched it like crazy and here’s what I’ve learned.


The Details

There really isn’t much substance with Jobrize. It truly is just about link posting. Link posting was a really easy way to make money online back in the day before Google changed their algorythm. All you had to do was post links all over the net and hope people would click them.

Nowadays Google doesn’t put very much value on links and so it’s become an obsolete practice. Yet here they(Jobrize) are promoting this system anyway. But why?

My only response to this is because it’s a scam. After the research I’ve determined that jobrize isn’t a legitimate program and you won’t profit from it.

So asside from getting people to click your links, your other goal is to get other people to sign up for the program as well.

The payment plan works like this……..Every time someone clicks your link, you get $5. Also they have a 3 tier referral program. Here’s an image of how the referral program works.


jobrize 4


So from the looks of it it can be profitable. That’s how they get you. It actually looks like an easy way to make money despite that fact that it looks extremely close to being a pyramid scheme.

That was actually my first clue that this might be a scam. Anytime something is an MLM but looks kinda like a pyramid, I’m suspicious. My instincts were right on the money with this one, it’s a scam. But Why?


How Is It A Scam If It’s Free

So since this is a free program you won’t actually lose money from it. You will however waste a lot of your time trying to place links all over the internet all for nothing.

Yes that’s right, I said nothing. I say this because nobody actually get’s paid from this. The internet is full of people complaining that they have never actually received any payment.

So by the time you realise that they are wasting your time and not going to pay you, you’ve probably already referred multiple people to them, thus helping their cause.

So you might be wondering what they get out of this. If it’s free, why are they doing this?

Well they take your email address when you sign up as well as everybody else who signs up and they sell the email addresses to marketing companies. So you’ll then get bombarded with more scam emails or junk mail.

This is sadly becoming a popular way for scammers to get money. They don’t really need a product to sell you on. All they need to do is look legit and promise you a lot of money.

Once you’ve signed up, they don’t care about you anymore because they’ve got what they wanted from you.


Can It Get Any Worse?

Unfortunately yes it does get worse. After a little more digging I found a duplicate site. Duplicate sites are commonplace with internet scam artists.

Essentially it just meand that the scammers change the name and url of a scam but use the same scam over and over.

After a while people start to figure out that something is a scam so they start to spread it around the internet and try to warn other people about it. It’s only a matter of time before the name is spoiled and people stop going to that particular site.

Since scammers are lazy by nature, they just set up another url and get a new name but continue using the same scam. It’s shameful and depressing but that’s how they opperate.

duplicate jobrize

Here’s a screenshot of the other website that is using the same scam under a different name. Watch out for that one too.


Are There Legit Ways To Make Money Online?

Yes there are legitimate ways to make money online. I’ve dedicated my time to this website so that I could warn people about scams out there and direct them to the legit programs.

I’ve reviewed a lot of programs and there are some that really do work. The main thing to remember when looking for a way to make money online is that it is never easy.

If a program or website is telling you that you will be able to make easy money, you should just turn and run. there is no such thing as easy money. If you aren’t willing to work for your money, then you should just get used to being broke.

The best way to make real, consistent and sustainable money online is with your own website. The beauty of owning your own website is that once you have it up and running, it will work for you when you sleep.

Sure it’s a lot of work to get up and running but it pays off in the long run. Also with your own website you can choose to do, write, say or sell anything you want. It’s all about you and your skills or knowledge.

If you don’t have any experience with building websites and monotizing them then you’ll have to learn how to do that. There is a really good training program that’s been my #1 Ranked Program for a long time. It’s a complete training course and community that helps you make money from a website.

If your serious about making money online then you should try the training program free right now.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my review. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the box below and I’ll respond asap.


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