I’ve Tried That Review – Treasure Or Terror?

Name: I've Tried That 

Website: www.ivetriedthat.com

Owner: Steve Razinski​

Price: Free​

ive tried that review

Summary: I've Tried That is a website that helps people find legitimate opportunities for making money online while avoiding the scams. I found this website to be honest and very helpful for anyone who wants a real online business and isn't looking for a get rich quick scheme. 


This website contains a lot of reviews of different products that claim to help people make money online. It does a great job of warning people about scams and directing them to legitimate opportunities. 


Steve is an honest guy and although he's trying to make a living with this website he's smart enough to know that he can only make a sustainable living if he's actually helping people. Therefore he won't steer you wrong. 

I am always searching the internet for new opportunities to make money online and throughout my search I’ve stumbled onto Steve Razinski’s website(Ivetriedthat.com) quite a few times.

I wanted to write an Ive Tried That review for a while now because there really are some mixed reviews about the website so I thought I’d pitch in my two cents.



ive tried 99


What Is Ive Tried That?

This website is run by a guy named Steve Razinski. ive tried 67

He’s been operating this website since 2007 and his vast knowledge and experience in the internet marketing world is very apparent after reading through some of his articles.


The purpose of his website is to review products that claim to help people make money online. Very similar to this website in fact.

There are a few programs that he will recommend for people looking to earn some extra income but the program he promotes the most is Wealthy Affiliate.

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He reviews a lot of different types of programs but the majority of the reviews on his website are binary options programs.

Not too long ago I read that he was going to stop reviewing binary options programs and focus on different products but whether that has happened or not I’m not too sure.

I do know that he does expose a lot of online scams. There have been numerous times where I’ve been considering a certain product and ended up on his website while researching that product and decided not to buy it thanks to his warning.

The internet is full of online scams and they can be very convincing which is exactly how they’re able trick people out of their money.

I have to admit that Steve does a great job of warning people about online scams. If you’re ever thinking about joining a certain online money making program you can always head over to his website to see if he has a warning about it.


Negative Reviews

After looking around the internet you might find a few websites saying negative things about Steve and ivetriedthat.com but I personally think that he is an honest guy looking to help people.

I don’t doubt that he makes a decent amount of money from his website but as long as he’s making money by helping people then there’s nothing wrong with that.

Site Jabber

If you have a look at SiteJabber.com you’ll find plenty of reviews of I’ve Tried That. There are some good and some bad ones.

I read through a lot of them and I have to say that most of the negative reviews are pretty off base. Quite a few of them are saying that Steve is bashing other products so that he can promote his own product instead.

I know for a fact that this is incorrect. Steve promotes a number of different products on his website but none of which are his own products.

As I said before, one of the main things he promotes is Wealthy Affiliate  and I can tell you with 100% certainty that he did not create Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only can I tell you that he didn’t create WA but I can also tell you that WA is a very high quality program/community that teaches people to make money online.

Just knowing what I do about Wealthy Affiliate tells me that Steve must be an honest guy because he’s recemmending a really great product.

Ethical Space

There’s a Dutch blog called Ethical Space that talks a lot about Binary Options and they wrote a very negative article about I’ve Tried that.

I read through it and it really is a nasty review of Steve and his website.

I have to say that I don’t believe a word of what I read on Ethical Space because I also found numerous positive reviews of binary options software that I know to be scams.

So it looks to me like the owner of Ethical Space is trash talking I’ve Tried That simply because they’re butthurt because they are promoting the exact same programs that I’ve Tried That is exposing as scams.


Final Thoughts

Althought I don’t know Steve, I am very confident that he is an honest guy and he seems to have integrity. I do believe that anything he promotes on his website is legitimate and probably even effective.

As someone who has used Steve’s #1 Recommendation and had a lot of success with it I have to believe that he knows what he’s talking about.

Sure there are people out there who are saying some negative stuff about him but you have to remember that the internet is always going to scrape up some naysayers no matter what the topic is.

You should always proceed with caution when looking for a way to make money online. Before you spend any money on something make sure you do your research.

But as for the stuff that Steve is recommending, you can trust it.

Final Rating
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Helpfulness




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