Is Too Damn Easy A Joke? – My Review

too damnName: Too Damn Easy


Price: $2000, $6000, $18000

Owner: Q

Score: 6 out of 100



What The Heck Is This?

It was actually shocking to watch the promotional video for this program. The video starts out with a very close up shot of a stack of $100 bills. He slowly zooms out so that you can see that it is in fact a stack of bills.

He then continues to talk about money and how great it is to have a lot of money and how great it is to buy expensive things.

He even goes into great detail about how he walks into car dealerships and buys cars outright in cash. Then he decides to count the money for us so that we can see that it is actually $60,000. And what do you know…it is.

This video is about 12 minutes long and that is literally all it is. I find it hard to believe that this is effective but the program has been around for a while so I guess it must work for some people.

too damn eeI can’t say that someone showing me a pile of money in a video would convince me to trust them.

And the weirdest part of the video is that this Q guy doesn’t even show his own face, he just shows the money. That is not a good way to build trust at all.

The initial promo video doesn’t tell you at all what you will be doing to make this money. He just keeps repeating that this money will be mailed to your house all in cash. Hard to believe.

This does not appear to be a legitimate way to make a sustainable living.


How Does It Work?

 Well you can’t find out how this works until you sign up for the email list which I reluctantly did for the purpose of this review. I was then emailed a link to a 25 page file that describes how this program works.

The more I read about it the more I started to think this was just a simple pyramid scheme or very close to it.

too damn easy 2


So that picture might not make any sense to you because it’s pretty weird. Here’s how it really works……

Once you sign up for the program you pay your choice of either $2000, $6000 or $18000. Let’s just say, hypothetically you joined for the $2000.

  • Your $2000 goes to another member above you.
  • Your goal is to sign other people up for this
  • You are given postcards and flyers to mail out to try to convinve people to join
  • Once you sign a new member up, that $2000 goes to your sponsor
  • Now you are placed at the top of your own red tube
  • Next new member you sign up $2000 goes to you
  • The next 2 people you sign up, both payments of $2000 go to your sponsor
  • From this point on, all payments go to you except every 5th payment goes to Toodamneasy

For this to actually make you money there must be always new members signing up and you must be able to get at least 4 people to sign up with your referral ID.

So although it is up to you to send out the flyers and post cards, Q claims that he has a list of leads to whom you send them to and supposidly these leads are ready to pay.

It all sounds very easy and in thoery it could work. I’m not saying that this program doesn’t work or that it’s a scam because it appears to be real despite the rediculous idea of it all.

One problem I see is that it must be very difficult to convince people to part with $2000 on good faith let alone 4 or 5 people. It just doesn’t seem sustainable.

Speaking of sustainability or unsustainability, once you pay the $2000 you have 6 months in the program. After that you must pay again to get back in.


Get Me Out Of Here And Show Me A GOOD Opportunity Now!!


What Does It Really Cost?

There is a little more to the cost than just the $2k, $6k and $18k. Here’s what I found out about the price.


This amount is for the cash gift but there is more. On top of this you still have to pay $100 for a team leader bonus and $300 for the membership fee. So it’s not just $2000, it’s $2400.


On top of the $6000 you pay $200 for the team leader bonus and $400 for the membership fee, $6600 total.


On top of the $18,000 you pay $300 for the team leader bonus and $500 for the membership fee, $18,800 total.

Now as crazy as that is, there is more. There is another level you can join at but it’s available by invitation only and I’m really not sure how they decide who to invite. That level is for $100,000.

On top of the $100,000 you pay $400 for the team leader bonus and $1000 for the membership fee $101,400 total.

So if that isn’t enough to scare you off, than maybe the legality of it all will drive you away.


Is This Even Legal?

A lot of people actually think that this system is legal and they don’t call it a pyramid scheme, they call it “Cash Gifting”. Even so, it walks the line of a pyramid scheme and I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal and it’s only a matter of time before they get shut down and everyone involved loses their money.

A pyramid scheme is(according to the FTC) anything where investors are promised large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods to the public.

That’s enough for me to call it a pyramid scheme.

So here are my final ratings.

Star Rating
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Safety




There are legitimate ways to make money online, don’t get involved with pyramid schemes or cash gifting.


Final Thoughts

I do not recommend Too Damn Easy or any other cash gifting program out there. I hate the thought of people paying such a huge amount of their hard earned money and getting nothing in return.

So many people are so driven and they want to succeed so bad whether it’s to get out of debt or to support a family and so they get desperate and fall into schemes like this one.

It makes me sad to know that there are people out there preying on good people trying to make a living.

I want people to know that there are legitimate ways to make money online and I’ve reviewed some very good programs that can provide you with a full time, sustainable living.

The one thing all the legitimate programs have in common is that they require work.

There are no easy ways to make money online or offline. I always rank the products I review so have a look at my other reviews and take a look at my #1 Ranked Product.

It’s a training program that teaches you how to set up your own online business. If your serious about working online and willing to learn and put in time and effort then this program might be great for you.

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