Is The Hyper FB Traffic Course A Scam?

Is the Hyper FB Traffic course a scamThis is a good question because after checking out their website and watching the promo video I was really curious to see if this training course would live up to it’s claims or just disapoint.

hyper fb traffic course scam


Name: Hyper FB Traffic


Owner: David Blaze and Simon Adams

Price: $39

Overall Rank: 37 out of 100


What Is It?(supposidly)

Instead of getting straight into what this program really is, I’ll explain to you what they’re “claiming” to be.

They claim to be a course that will teach you how to make a lot of money using Facebook. From checking out their video and website alone, you won’t actually be able to tell exactly what this course is all about.

Before you buy the product they just talk a lot about how quickly you can get rich from this product. They throw out some pretty high earnings claims like $144,823.37 in just one month.

hyper fb 2

I’ve never really been a big fan of websites showing me bank account statements mainly because they’re so easy to fake using photoshop. This automatically causes me to lose trust in them, not only that but it’s a little sleazy in my opinion to brag and show off huge earnings, even if it is legit.

They go on to talk a lot about the fact that you don’t need any experience to succeed at this. They say that once you’ve purchased the course, all you need is a Facebook account which you most likely have already.

Another slightly sleazy tactic they use is a phot of a Range Rover and then the cheque they used to buy it. So they’re saying they bought the Range Rover outright.

hyper fb 3


Again, just because they use these types of “show off” tactics doesn’t mean that it’s a scam. I just personally don’t like when people do this. It rubs me the wrong way.

Not only that, but all of the best programs for making money online that I’ve reviewed refrain from doing this type of thing.

Usually the good programs out there will offer a free trial so that people can see for themselves if it’s good or not. I find that this is a great way to gain people’s trust because they don’t have anything to lose if it’s free.

So this program has me nervous right off the bat because they’re using sleazy show off sales techniques and they don’t offer a free trial. These are just a couple things I look out for.



 Since they don’t give us any information about what exactly we’ll be doing to make money from Facebook, I had to buy this product in order to give it a proper review.

Once I bought it I could finally find out what it’s really all about. One positive thing that I can say is that this is a Clickbank product which means that I shouldn’t have any problem getting a refund.

Clickbank is known to be reliable at giving refunds. This is a nice peace of mind that you can have any time you buy something through Clickbank. Don’t let that fool you though because although Clickbank is good with refunds, they are also known to have some shady products.

So after I bought this program, I learned that it’s a 10 Step Course. Each step is going to focus on something different and the first thing they want you to do is go get a Clickbank account.

I was surprised when they were telling me to get a clickbank account because I had no idea yet that this program was teaching affiliate marketing.

They said nothing about affiliate marketing in the promo video or sales page. I actually was happy to hear this because I have a lot of experience with affiliate marketing and I’ve made a lot of money this way.

As I read further on, my happiness turned to disapointment. I was disapointed because I discovered that all this course was teaching people to do is promote Hyper FB Traffic to other people.

I hate when a “make money online opportunity” only focuses on showing us how to promote the very program that we just bought. It’s just a recycled idea and that means that you’ll be competing with all the other members out there who are trying to sell the exact same thing that you are.


Step 1 – Get Your Clickbank Account

clickbank 1

Clickbank is the biggest online affiliate program for digital products. They carry a lot of digital products and there are basically 2 ways to use Clickbank.

The first way you can use it is as an affiliate marketer promoting different digital products. Once you have an account with clickbank you can get a personalized affiliate link for any of the products they carry and then you can plaster that affiliate link anywhere you want online with the hopes that people click it an buy the product.

If anyone buys the product after clicking your link, you’ll get a commission paid out to you through clickbank.

The second way you can use Clickbank is as a product creator. If you create a digital product, you can then get your product on Clickbank so that other affiliate marketers can try to sell it for you and then you’d split the commission with them if they’re successful.

Step 2 – Posting To Facebook

Now that you’ve got your Clickbank account and affiliate link you’re ready to start posting it. This step shows you how to post your affiliate link on Facebook and what to write as a status along with your link.

They also show you how to use shortener programs to hide the fact that your links are affiliate links. Some people believe that a link is more likely to be clicked if people are aware that it’s an affiliate link.

So this information is really simple and so far it’s not worth the money.

Step 3 – Posting Videos

So in this step they give you a bunch of videos that you can post. You can post these videos on Facebook, Youtube or anywhere you want.

Each video comes with different titles, descriptions and tags you can use for them. They say that you can choose from a few different options here as to try to make your videos different from the other members.

I think this is kinda lame because all you’ll be doing is posting the same videos as other members which really isn’t effective.

Step 4 – Posting To Twitter

This is another really simple video. It just walks you through how to open a twitter account and then it gives you pre-written tweets that you can post with your link added on.

That’s pretty much all you learn in this step.

Step 5 – Building Traffic

Another really short and simple video that shows you how to get traffic to your Facebook page and of course to your affiliate links.

They’re showing us a techniques that uses to generate traffic. I’ve heard of other programs talking about Fiverr as a way to generate traffic.

The theory behind it is that at least half of the people on Fiverr are looking for a way to make money online. This means that if you can get some of those people to your page, they are likely to be interested in this system.

Step 6 – Solo Ads

In this step they recommend using solo ads. Solo ads are when you pay someone else to send a message to their list of email addresses.

So you just have to come up with a message that talks about the opportunity and uncludes your affiliate link. The idea is to send it to a list of people who are actually interested in making money online.

This is a legitimate way to get the message out there and it could really be effective. They also give you pre-written messages that you can use and all you have to to is input your personal affiliate link.

Step 7 – Submitting Articles

In this step they talk about getting traffic by posting articles. They provide you with articles that you just have to copy and add to your page. Pretty easy and straight forward.

Step 8 – Distribute An Audio File

They provide you with a 70 minute audio file that you can distribute anywhere you like. Of course they recommend places you should distribute it like facebook, emails, forums, solo ads and podcasts.

This podcast is basically a big sales pitch for Hyper FB Traffic so it does a lot of the work for you. You just have to ad your affiliate link to it.

Step 9 – Banner Ads

They have a big selection of banner ads that you can use as you please. They recommend some good places to place these and they even say you can download them to your computer to keep.

This is a very simple step.

Step 10 – Email Swipe Files

This step talks about the effectiveness of sending emails as a way to get sales. They provide you with pre-written emails that you just have to copy and add in your affiliate link.

They don’t really teach you anything here, they just give you a template and tell you to use it.


Final Thoughts

 The idea of this program turns me off immediately because all your learning is how to promote a program that you just bought. I hate that.

The commission isn’t bad as you’ll get 50% of any sale you make so that’s not too bad if you really want to promote this program.

One of the major downfalls of this entire system is the fact that they are giving you pre-written or pre-made content to send out. The problem with that is Google hates it and they won’t rank you unless you’re using original content.

For that reason you’ll never get free traffic with this program. I always recommend using original content that you’ve written because you’ll have a far better chance at getting ranked and then getting free traffic.

Nobody will believe what you’re saying to be true if they’ve already seen the exact same ad or sales pitch coming from somebody else or even multiple other people. That’s why this technique isn’t effective.

The whole step on Twitter is just lame to me. It’s not hard posting a tweet and I’m pretty sure most people can figure it out themselves. The major problem here is that if you don’t already have a twitter following then this step is useless to you because they don’t give you any advice on how to build a following.

From my experience Fiverr is a very poor source of traffic. Most of the traffic you get from friverr are bots that cannot actually buy anything so it’s useless.

You’d be wasting your money if you bought traffic from fiverr.

So in conclusion I’ll say that Hyper FB Traffic is not a complete scam. There are some ok methods in here and you might learn a few things but I really doubt you’ll make a living from this. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if most of the people who’ve bought this haven’t even made 1 sale.

Affiliate marketing is actually a great way for beginners to make money online but you really need to make sure you take the right training.

There’s a few really good training programs that I’d recommend trying out. You’ll probably be best to start with one that offers a free trial like Wealthy Affiliate because then you’ll know if it’s right for you before you spend any money on it.

Thanks very much for stoping by today and I hope you found this review helpful. Please feel free to leave me a comment or question in the box below.



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