Is OPF Kit A SCAM? My Revealing Review!

In this "Tell All" review I'll reveal everything there is to know about this program. Is OPF Kit A Scam? Keep reading to find out. 

OPF Kit Review

is opf kit a scam

Name: OPF Kit (Online Profiting Formulas)

Website: ​

Price: ​$3 Trial and $49-$67 Membership

Overall Score: 57 out of 100​

Summary: OPF says that it's their mission to help as many people make money online as they can while putting an end to the misleading products out there. This is a great mission but I found that there was a lot of room for improvement here especially when compared to my higher ranked programs. 

Is OPF Kit A Scam?

I won't keep you in suspense for the entire review and then reveal whether it's a scam or not at the very end.

I'll come right out and say that it is NOT a scam at all. This is a legitimate program that does actually teach some good stuff.

There's a lot of training here and it scored better than average when compared to other programs I've reviewed. ​

Even with that being said it still wasn't as good as some other programs I've reviewed and didn't even come close to my #1 ranked program for making money online. ​


​The OPF Kit is suppose to be a simple training program that helps beginners make money online. 

Instead of focusing on just one method of making money online they've glazed over a wide variety of different ways to earn.

They show us how to make money using paid survey websites and pay per action websites which they admit doesn't generate very much money.

Although these two methods don't generate very much money they claim it's still worth while because it all adds up in the end.

In addition to that they show us how to earn money using websites like Udimi, Fiverr, Freelancer and ​Traffic Ad Bar just to name a few. 

Instead of showing us how to build a large, steady income from one or two sources, they show us a whole bunch of ways that we can bring in multiple small streams of income. ​

The idea here is that when you add up all of these different sources of income, you'll have a nice amount of money coming in.

​After going through it all I don't think that the profit potential here is substantial enough to ever quit your job.

In addition to that, there is no way to automate any of these methods so it will always require you to be exchanging your time for money which is pretty much the opposite of my #1 ranked program.  

Inside The Chapters​

Inside each chapter there are multiple lessons so I'll go through each chapter for you and break down what each lesson entails. 

Starter Level Lessons​

The starter level lessons contain 3  different sections. Introduction, Sources Of Income and Tutorials

The introduction is simply a short article outlining what we should expect in the Starter Level Lessons.

There's no real value in this intro. It basically tells us that we'll be earning small amounts of money completing simple tasks for this lesson.  

​It doesn't come right out and tell us what we'll be doing but it hints around the concept of completing surveys and watching videos for low level income. 

It makes it clear that this won't be a high earning lesson but maybe just some extra money to treat yourself with when you're surfing the internet. ​

In this lesson the show us the websites that they recommend we use for our sources of income.

There are three websites that they link us to and they all provide different methods of making money online. 

With Star Clicks they claim that all you have to do is click links and you'll make money. They say it's really that easy so anybody can do it. 

​Point 2 Shop is what they call a "Get paid for tasks" network. They say it requires a little more work than Start Clicks but still not much. 

Simple things such as watching videos, taking surveys and downloading apps are a few of the tasks you can complete there to make money.

My Survey is simply a paid survey website. They recommend it because they say that it pays more than any other survey websites.

I've actually written a lot of reviews on different survey programs and I can't say that I'm really a fan of any of them. ​

So that's it for this lesson. ​

In this tutorials section they show us how to sign up for these three programs and use them to make money. 

The tutorials are fine aside from the many grammar mistakes but it's just a waste of time in my opinion because these programs all require a lot of time for very little money.

They even admit that you won't make enough money with any of these programs to pay your bills so I have a hard time understanding why they are even telling us to join them.

After seeing these first lessons I've lost a lot of faith in OPF Kit because they haven't provided any value whatsoever up to this point in the course. 

I'm really hoping they step up their game in the next lessons. ​

Intermediate Level Lessons​

The Intermediate Level Lessons​ are set up the same as the Starter Level. 

They're broken down into three sections, Introduction, Sources Of Income and Tutorials. ​

This is a page of text telling us that we'll be getting into some ways to create a much more substantial income. 

I'm happy to hear that and I've now got my hopes up for some real money making. ​

So right away I've learned that the sources of income for this level are freelance websites. 

Freelance websites are places where you can get hired by people to do random tasks such as voice over, webcam acting, multimedia, testimonials, writing and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Sure you can make some money at this but I'll be interested to see if the tutorials actually give some high quality training that will help people stand out from the competition because these freelance websites are highly competitive.

They recommend signing up for three different freelance websites, Fiverr, Freelancer and

I've actually used both Freelancer and Fiverr before so I'm pretty familiar already.


​The tutorials for these three websites are all in text with some images to help visualize what needs to be done. 

They all start off by showing you how to create an account which is very basic and really does't require a tutorial at all.

Then after that they go into detail on how to set up your profile so that it looks appealing to potential buyers.

In addition to that they show you how to figure out what talents and capabilities you have so that you can generate money by being hired to use your talents.

One of the things they say is that you might have the perfect voice for doing voice overs and you don't even know it.

I thought the training here was pretty thin and lazy. Not to mention you can get all of this training(only better) directly from those websites for free. 

So once again I'm a little disappointed with these lessons. I was really hoping for something better but I guess there's always the Pro Level to look forward to.

​Pro Level Lessons

​The Pro Level lessons consist of 5 different sections. Introduction, Networks, Products, Sources Of Traffic and Tutorials

Introduction - An overview of the value of the pro level

In the introduction they tell us that we'll be learning affiliate marketing which excites me because that's exactly what I teach and so I'm curious to see what they training is like. ​

I've reviewed and promoted a lot of different programs that teach affiliate marketing and only a handful of them have been good enough for me to recommend to my readers so it should be interesting to see how this stacks up. ​

They briefly explain to us that affiliate marketing can be a huge source of income and that a lot of people are making tens of thousands of dollars per month from this.

They are right about that. ​

The Networks

In this section they're recommending three different networks that we should all sign up for. Clickbank, MoreNiche, Commission Junction and Ad Work Media. ​

Clickbank is a huge network where a ton of people go to promote other people's products or to sell their own products. 

It's a reliable network and they always pay on time but they are not too picky about who they let join so you do see a lot of scammy and low quality products for sale there.

More Niche is a UK based affiliate network that has mostly health and beauty products but they aren't limited to just that.

They're also known to be reliable and trustworthy.

Commission Junction ​is another huge network similar to Clickbank. It has all types of products. 

Ad Work Media is a click per action website so you're not trying to get people to buy things but rather to complete tasks.

I was actually surprised that they didn't recommend Amazon as one of their networks to join since it's the biggest and most well known affiliate marketing platform in the world. 

I've used Amazon Associates for a lot of my websites over the years and it's awesome. ​


In this section they let us know that we can choose any products we want to promote but they will be recommending certain products that they know sell really well.

For Clickbank the product that they recommend selling is OPF KIT. I have to laugh at this.

Just like the very first lesson in this course they're trying to get us to promote this very course.

I suppose it does probably sell relatively well but I have a hard time believing that it's a top seller on Clickbank. There would probably be 1000 other products that would sell better.

​For the MOre Niche Network they recommend promoting a product called Mint Cosmetics. 

For Commission Junction they recommend promoting The North Face.

For the Ad Works Media they recommend promoting the Ipad Pro email collection.

This is simply a form you send people to that tells them that if they enter in their email address they'll have a chance to win an Ipad. 

If someone enters in their email address then you get paid.

With all of these programs they give a quick tutorial on how to find these products and how to get your affiliate link but no training on how to promote that link as of yet. 

Sources Of Traffic​

Now for the sources of traffic. First I want to share my experience with the customer support team here at OPF Kit.

When I first tried to go into the "Sources Of Traffic" lesson it went straight to an error page. I tried opening on a new window and then I tried rebooting my computer but it didn't help.

So I sent an email to the customer support team because that is the only way to contact them.

Finally 6 days later they responded. They fixed the problem but the fact that it took 6 days is really bad.

For someone trying to build an online business that is just detrimental, especially to someone who is new to this and is constantly trying to figure out if quitting is a good idea.

For someone trying to build an online business that is just detrimental, especially to someone who is new to this and is constantly trying to figure out if quitting is a good idea.

So back to the sources of traffic lesson.

They're listing 9 different traffic sources that they recommend. Here they are.

  1. ​Advertising Traffic Exchange - Traffic Ad Bar
  2. Solo Ads - Udimi
  3. Social Media Advertisements - Facebook Ads
  4. Video Traffic - YouTube
  5. Social Media - Pinterest
  6. Blogging - Blogger
  7. Answers Sites - Quora
  8. Email Marketing - Job Form + Get Response
  9. Search Engines - Google Adwords

Then they write a brief description of each of these sources and explain that they following tutorials will show us exactly how to leverage these sources to get a lot of traffic. 

I personally like most of these sources of traffic but it's just not as easy as using these sources and then getting traffic.

All of these sources require a lot of training and practice in order to actually benefit from them otherwise it can get really expensive.

Let's see if the tutorials are up to snuff. ​


  1. Traffic AdBar Tutorial​

They give a brief explanation of what this is. 

Basically it's a platform where affiliates can go to post ads that will link to an offer but the clicks aren't free so you have to earn the clicks you get on your ad.

To earn clicks you have to actually click on other people's ads. Each time you click on another persons ad you'll earn points. Then you can use your points for clicks.

The catch is that when you click on someone else's ad you have to stay on the page for at least 10 seconds.

This was if you have a really convincing offer the person who clicked your ad might end up buying your offer.

In theory this could work but I've tried programs like this before and it's a big waste of time.

Another thing to remember is that Traffic Ad Bar actually has a referral program and I can only assume that OPF Kit is part of that referral program so when you click their link and join they will earn.

I get slightly annoyed when courses are putting affiliate links right inside the training. It makes me feel like the training isn't legit and they're just trying to be sneaky about making money off of you.

​So then of course they teach you to earn clicks and then send those clicks right back to the OPF Kit offer. 

​The training is pretty much unnecessary because Traffic Ad Bar is very easy to use and they have their own training that will tell you the exact same stuff. 

2. Udimi Tutorial

​Udimi is a website where you can buy and sell solo ads. 

Solo ads are when you pay someone to send out an email to their email subscriber list or the other way around, you can make money if you have your own large email list.

My concern with solo ads is that the subscribers are low quality.

If someone has a huge subscriber list then why wouldn't they just send their own offers to those subscribers rather than let other people send junk ads to them?

I can only imagine that the subscribers get annoyed with all the junk email they receive from that person and that they usually ignore those emails.

Not to mention the unsubscribe numbers must be enormous with all that junk coming in.

From my experience they are low quality clicks that don't generate a lot of sales.

This tutorial is not too bad actually even though I'm not a fan of solo ads. 

If you're dead set on learning how to use solo ads this training will get you there.

3. Facebook Ads

I'm actually a huge fan of Facebook ads. They're becoming more popular these days because they have the ability to be so targeted.

Since Facebook knows so much about it's users they have the ability to send the right ads to the right audience which makes for a good conversion rate.

The training here is not too bad.

They use a lot of text an images to help visualized it but I'd much prefer if they used some video to show over the shoulder training instead.

​With that being said, I thought the training was decent. If you're planning on using Facebook ads then this won't steer you wrong, it could just be a little better. 

4. Video Traffic - YouTube​

This tutorial basically tells you to steal other people's viral videos and then upload them on your own YouTube account. 

So they tell you to get a software that allows you to download any YouTube video and then find viral videos.

Then just download the viral videos, upload them to your account and then fill in the title, tags and description.

They tell you to add your affiliate link in the beginning of the description.

I can't say that I like this method. It's just not cool and I really can't see it working all that well. YouTube is very smart when it comes to ranking videos and they will not rank copied content.

5. Social Media - Pinterest​

In this tutorial they teach us to set up a Pinterest account and start creating boards.

This is all a pretty simple process and there really is no need for training but they do go into some steps on adding affiliate links later in the tutorial. 

So they basically want you to add an affiliate link to every picture you upload to your account. That way if someone clicks your photo they'll be brought straight to a sales page.

Pinterest actually doesn't allow affiliate links to be placed on photos so to get around this they tell us to use a link shortener.

I can't say that I like this method either. It is only a matter of time before Pinterest stops allowing affiliate links with shortened links and this method will become obsolete.

6. Blogger Tutorial

This is a pretty lame attempt at teaching blogging.

Blogging is a really great way to make money online and it's actually what I recommend people do when they're first starting out.

The problem is that the training they're giving here is total BS. is a website that allows you to start a free blog. The problem is that you don't own the domain so you really don't own anything which decreases your chance at getting traffic a great deal. 

​Starting a blog on is actually a waste of your time. 

You would be much better off learning how to set up your own website and starting a blog on a domain that you own completely. 

This works much better because you can brand it how you want and then grow it over time with complete control over your blog.

Over time as you add content, your traffic will grow naturally because the search engines will trust your website. Once you have traffic then you can insert affiliate links throughout your website and make money that way.

This might sound complicated and expensive but it's actually not if you know where to start. 

Personally I started on an awesome platform that let's you get set up with a website and domain for free with the best training in the industry to boot. ​

So don't waste your time with

7. Quora

This tutorial shows you how to get your affiliate links in Quora.

Quora is an answers website where people go to ask questions and then other members can give answers, pretty simple.

So this tutorial tells us to sign up for an account and start searching for questions that relate to whatever it is we're selling.

So if you're selling a tooth whitening formula you just search for tooth whitening.

Then when you find questions that relate to your topic you can write in answers. In the answer you should add your affiliate link and voila, you're done.

This method might be effective but from my experience most of these answers websites have to review all the answers before they make it on the site and they will most likely deny an answer with an affiliate link because it's deemed to be spam.

 ​8. GetResponse & Jot Form Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to set up an autoresponder and start collecting email addresses on your blog.

In theory this is a great idea because email marketing is a very effective way to make sales.

The problem here is that the training is very thin.

To really master email marketing you'll need to study it for a long time and learn through trial and error.

You can't just set up an account and expect people to sign up to your list. It's just not going to work.

9. Google Adwords Tutorial

This is another poor excuse for training.

Google adwords is indeed an amazing way to drive targeted traffic to a link but it's just not that simple.

Unless you've had a lot of experience with it you'll end up spending a fortune on it and you won't make any money at all.

Not to mention it's very easy to get banned from Google Adwords and the ban can even be for a lifetime.

I would not recommend trying it out until you have a lot of experience with it.

Realistically you should take a proper course on Google Adwords before you even consider trying it out.

The best training I've come across for Google Adwords is this one. ​

Final Thoughts​

​After going through this entire course I can't help but feel disappointed. I made an effort to look past all of the terrible grammar and spelling errors so that I could focus on the training. 

It looked really quite good based on the sales page and the overview of what they would be teaching.

Some of the theories they have are quite accurate but the problem here is that they're trying to teach an easy way to make quick money rather than doing it right. 

Doing something the right way is almost always the most difficult way which is why some many programs are trying to convince people that you can cut corners.

It sounds appealing on the surface but it just won't work. Here are my final ratings.

Is OPF Kit A SCAM? My Revealing Review!
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Profit Potential




​I like the fact that they're telling people to start a blog because I truly feel like that's the very best way for a beginner to start making money online. 

The hardest part about learning to start a blog can be finding the right training program to learn from.

Hopefully you haven't wasted time​ and effort trying to complete all of the steps they teach in OPF Kit because unfortunately you won't get much traction. 

If you do want to start a blog you would really be better off with this training instead. ​

Thanks very much for stopping by today. If you have any questions or comments please use the field below and I'll be sure to respond ASAP.



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