Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam? You Will Be Stunned By This!

You probably want to get some answers about this program before you spend any money on it and that's wise of you. I can give you the answers you need. 

Is Online Wealth Markets a scam? Well, in a word, YES. It's a total scam and this review will tell you exactly why. ​

Name: Online Wealth Markets


Owner: Unknown

Price: $97 US

Score: 2 out of 100​

This program is nothing but a scam preying on people who want to make money online. If you really do want to start a blog that makes money try my recommendation instead

What Is Online Wealth Markets?

Do you really want to know what Online Wealth Markets is? I can answer that question for you but I’m also going to tell you what it is PRETENDING to be.

Online Wealth Markets is pretending to be a foolproof system that tells you how to set up a free blog that makes huge commissions from free traffic that they somehow send you.

What it is in reality is a crumby one page website that sends you to a crumby video that promises you easy money if you buy their system.

That’s what it is in a nutshell but I’ll give you a few more details because it really is a brutal scam that you should stay away from.


I Bought This System

I decided to buy this system just so that I could research it and figure out what they are actually offering.

I was pretty sure it was a scam based on the video but since they had such outrageous claims I really wanted to see what it was all about.

It’s sold through Clickbetter which is known to have scam products but they also have some okay stuff too so it’s not a deal breaker when I see that something is sold through them.

Clickbetter is also really quite good about giving refunds so I wasn’t worried about losing money since this program has a 60 money back guarantee.

owm 1


The Website

The website for Online Wealth Markets is just one page and it’s a sales page.

All it really tells us is that we can make a lot of money very easily if we sign up for their program but they never give us any details about the program.

It talks a lot about how great it would be to work less while making more money.

There’s also a short video. The video is the voice of a female talking about making money online.

She talks about a few different ways to make money but it’s very generic. She says things like, “Email marketing is a great way to make money online”.

After making a statement like this I was expecting her to give me a few more details about how we can use email marketing to make money. Or that she is going to teach us to do it. But no. That’s all she gives us.

So the website does not explain at all how we can make money online. It just tries to get us excited enough about the lifestyle that making money online would give us.

It’s pretty obvious that the whole purpose of this website is just to get people to click one of the links and sign up for whatever it is they’re selling.

So I clicked the link. After clicking the link I was taken to a new page called Commission Millionaires.


Commission Millionaires

The Commission Millionaires page is even more basic than the Online Wealth Markets page.

It’s a blank page with one video and one sign up link.

owm 9


The video is just clips showing text and a mans voice reading the text.

He’s telling us about a system that makes him over $7000 per day. He tells us that we can copy everything he’s doing so that we can make that kind of money.

He doesn’t give us a lot of details about how we’re going to make the money but he does say that we’ll be making money from our own website.

He says that his system will guarantee we can make $200 per day.

The he tells us that there is a limited amount of people who can get involved.

owm 2


This is a tactic to rush people into clicking the buy now button. It’s called the scarcity effect and it actually does work.

Using the scarcity effect is fine if you’re telling the truth but this guy isn’t. This video has been up for a long time so there’s no way that they’re only letting a limited amount of people in. So there’s a lie.

So by the end of the video I only knew a few things about this “system”.

  • They were going to sell me a system that would help me make money from my own website.
  • The website would get traffic sent to it from they’re system somehow
  • The website would be free if I bought their system.

That’s all they told me. So I bought the system.

owm 3


After buying it I was directed to another website called Site Blog. Site blog is a program that helps you build a website or blog.

There wasn’t any instructions from Commission Millionaires or from Online Wealth Markets about how to build the website but the site blog platform is pretty intuitive.

Once I chose the theme for the website they wanted me to pay which surprised me because I already spent $97 at Commission Millionaires.

owm 6


This is where I started to figure out what this scam was all about. isn’t a scam. They’re a legitimate website building platform that charges people for the service. No big deal.

But it seemed as though Commission Millionaires just made a whole bunch of huge promises about training, mentoring and profits then they sent me to a website building platform and that was the end of it.

So I basically paid them to direct me to a website building platform.

owm 4


Site Blog is not affiliated with Commission Millionaires in a any way at all.

They’ve just taken a screen shot of this banner at Site Blog and used it as though it’s their own.

Although site blog will let you build a website for free, you’re required to pay if you want your own domain.


Final Thoughts

It’s not hard to figure out how I feel about this program. I shouldn’t even call it a program because it’s just a video and a link that charges $97.

This scam is one of the worst ones I’ve seen. There is not one single word of truth to any of the video or the website.

No training, no support, no chance to make money and no system at all.

Here’s my star ratings.

Star Rating
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Chance of profit





It’s scams like these that I want to expose. I want to prevent as many people as I can from getting conned out of their hard earned money.

Hopefully I’ve helped a few of you.

As for the concept of making money from a blog, that is possible to do even for beginners but you need a lot of help.

You can’t just go to wordpress and start building a website and expect people to visit it right away.

You need a proper training program with a lot of help and support. From my experience I’d say that the best place to learn all of that is at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is not only a training course for making money with a website but it’s also a community of other people doing the same thing.

I really love the community there and I think you’d be surprised how easy it is to get help when you need it.

Click here to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate. 

Thanks for stopping by my website to day. If you have any questions or comments please don’t be afraid to contact me using the box below this article. I always respond asap.



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