Is Infinite Leverage System A Scam ? Pretty Much

Name: Infinite Leverage Systeminfinite leverage 1


Owners: Chad Stalvey, Doug Wellens, Mack Zidan, and Greg Chambers

Price: Free 7 day trial, $27/month + huge upsells

Overall Rank: 9 out of 100


There are a lot of legitimate companies that operate under the MLM system. Many people think that if a company is an MLM than it must be a pyramid scheme, this however is just not true. There are plenty of MLM’s that aren’t scams. So is infinite leverage system a scam ? Let’s find out.

What Does MLM Mean?




What Is A Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a system where the people who start it out are at the top and everyone who joins after is below. So the people at the top will profit the most and the people at the very bottom won’t profit at all. This means that once you join, you desperately need to recruit others to join so that you have people below you(your downline) and then you can make some money.

The easiest way to know if something is a pyramid scheme is to look at what they are putting more emphasis on, product creation or recruiting.

True pyramid schemes put almost all of their emphasis on recruiting and teaching you how to recruit and they usually don’t care too much about the products. Usually this results in a very low quality product because the product doesn’t matter if you’re able to recruit people.

True MLM companies should have a very high quality product that is easy to sell and that should naturally form a mutually beneficial relationship between the company, the customers and the affiliates.

True pyramid schemes are illegal and are eventually shut down and everyone loses money, especially people at the bottom.


How Does Infinite Leverage System Work???

So they are selling a “Product” and that product is called Click Brilliance. Click Brilliance is a membership service that you will need to pay monthly for and basically tracks your performance and traffic. The tools it provides you with will tell you where your clicks are coming from and how many you get.

infinite leverage 2

These tools are real legitimate tools that do work, however it’s pretty funny because you can actually get similar or better tools online completely free. This was the first indication that this is a pyramid scheme.

Here’s The Tools You Get….

  • GEO tracking
  • Link Tracking
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Pop-up Timers
  • Website monitoring
  • Website rotating
  • Split Testing

So here’s the funny thing about all these tools….

If you really want GEO targeted traffic you can just get it for free from Facebook or google. So this isn’t a very special thing now is it?

So we all want link tracking. It’s great to know where our clicks are coming from, but wait a second, this is also free to get from Google Analytics. So there’s another thing ILS is charging for that can be obtained free elsewhere.

The mobile tracking is a system that sends mobile and tablet traffic to a website that’s designed for this type of traffic. That’s all well and good but wordpress has plenty of themes with enabled mobile capability. So another thing we don’t need to pay for.

So they are also adding in pop-up timers to the package. So basically it’s a timer that is trying to scare the potential customer into thinking that when the timer countdown is finished the deal will be done and they will have missed their opportunity. Although I don’t like this tactic, it has been proven to be effective. The only thing is that you can get a plugin that does that for free from wordpress.

Website monitoring is a system in which they will make sure that the website your traffic is going to is always live and working properly. So if it goes down for whatever reason they will pause the traffic. I don’t see how they can pause traffic. This makes no sense at all.

The website rotator will send traffic automatically to different websites based on how you set it to do so. I can’t really see how this could be helpful in this circumstance. Doesn’t seem worth spending money on that’s for sure.

Split testing will tell you which websites are converting the best so that you can send more of the traffic to the one that converts the best. This isn’t a bad thing to have but again, Google Analytics will do this for free.


What Are The Costs And Potential Earnings?

So once you pay for the monthly membership you then have a few choices. You will soon realize that the Click Brilliance product isn’t very valuable and you’ll want to earn more money.

They will be all over you with upsells and new ways you can earn more money. They will try to sell you what they call “traffic packages”.

All of the available traffic packages payout at different commission tiers and so if you spend more, you can make more. At least in theory.

So if you choose one of the traffic packages at the lower tier than you will only be able to earn commission at that same tier level. So if you want to earn the huge commissions than you need to pay big money for the highest tiers. Also if you purchase the highest tier than you’ll be able to earn commissions for all the tiers below you as well. So they really make it sound appealing to spend more money.


infinite leverage 3

Here’s the cost and commissions for all the available tiers.

Package                                  Price                          Commissions

Basic                                       $220                            $100

Bronze                                    $440                            $200

Silver                                      $660                            $300

Gold                                        $1097                          $500

Platinum                                $2197                          $1000

Titanium                                $4297                          $2000


This is a pretty standard setup for pyramid schemes. In fact I reviewed another pyramid scheme that had almost the exact same setup. If you want to read that one too it’s called Empower Network                 

So as you can see this is a pretty questionable system. Once you sign up and pay one of these large amounts then you have to work really hard in order to scam other people into falling for it as well.

I personally would not feel very good about myself if I was trying to sell a crap product to someone in order to pay for my own poor decision. That’s just a little unethical in my opinion. But hey, we all make mistakes and we’re all just trying to make a living.

So once you sign someone up that’s when this gets all Pyramiddy. So when someone signs up under you, you then get a commission from that. After that you would also earn a commission from the second, fourth and sixth person that signs up under the people who have signed up under you.

Get It? It’s like a pyramid.


Training And Support

The training and support for this system are lacking a lot. There is some training under the, “bootcamp” section of the members page but it really isn’t good. I had a hard time figuring it out and I’m pretty experienced with this stuff.

I can only assume that it would be very confusing for someone who is totally new to internet marketing. When you have a question, well you’d better hope it’s your lucky day because there isn’t much support either.

The only support you can get is from the person you signed up under. This can go either really well or really badly. If the person you signed up under is very active and helpful then they might be able to provide you with good support. But if  that person isn’t active or even around to contact then you’re basically on your own.

I thought that anyone would be more than willing to help seeing how they can directly benefit if you are able to recruit people but there are just a lot of lazy people on there and not many of them are willing to help.

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Final Thoughts

So the only thing that I actually liked about this program is the fact that it gives you a 7 day free trial. This is a positive because you can check it out risk free and then run far far away from it before they take your money.

It’s really just a scam trying to lure people in with a lot of hype and empty promises. The promo video should actually be the first clue that this is a terrible program. It’s just a guy showing off his gold watch and expensive cars and houses.

There is literally no legitimate “Make Money Online” product in the world that uses these showy  promo video techniques. A real opportunity would just not behave that way. So is infinite leverage system a scam? Heck yes it is.

Don’t let this discourage you though because there are good opportunities out there. I’ve reviewed many different products and I can really tell the difference between the good and the bad.

The one thing that the good products all have in common is that they will require you to actually work. There aren’t any easy ways to get rich and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The first place I recommend people to check out when looking for an online opportunity is Wealthy Affiliate. Out of all the programs I’ve reviewed it’s by far the best.

It’s a series of courses that teach you step-by-step how to start and run your own online business. The training is amazing and the community is huge as well as very helpful. But if you aren’t willing to work even just part time, then I suggest you just give up now because there isn’t a way to make money without working.

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