Is Home Job Group A Scam?

Is Home Job Group A Scam or will they actually help you find a good paying job from home? This is what I’m going to find out for you today. I’ve often wondered whether or not this program is legit or just another way to trick people out of their money.

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Name: Home Job Group


Owner: Ann Wilson

Price: $14.95 per month or $49.95, $99.95 one time fee

Overall Rank: 44 out of 100



I’ll be digging into the Home Job Group so that I can figure how if it really is a good way to find an online job. They claim to be the number 1 resource for people looking to find legitimate online work but I have my doubts.

Right off the bat I was a little thrown off by the fact that you have to pay for a membership just to browse the jobs. After the membership there’s more upsells which really make this seem like a money grab more than a resource.

They’re also immediately putting down the idea of starting your own online business which happens to be a way of making money online that I highly recommend so I’m very curious to see if what they can offer truly is better than starting your own online business.


How It Works

First you enter in your name, email address and country and they’ll tell you exactly how many job opportunities there are for people in your area.

After that you have to fully sign up and fill out more information in order to actually see the list of available jobs. The forms that you fill out are pretty simple. There’s a lot to fill out but you aren’t required to fill out all of it. If you just fill out the bare minimum it should only take you a few minutes.

After that they’ll send you the job opportunities in your are. Simple as that.



Basic – The initial cost of the basic membership is $14.95 per month and this gives you access to the job database and of course you’ll be notified when new job opportunities become available.

Premium Membership – After the initial membership fee you’ll be promted to buy the upsell. This is a one time fee of $49.95. This will give you access to the premium job database with more than 2000 jobs. I really feel like this should be included in the Basic membership but that’s just me.

This will also give you access to a private are where they’ll send you hand picked jobs.

Ultimate Placement Service Membership – This one os a one time fee of $99.95 and you’ll get everything that’s included in the Premium membership plus some extras.

You’ll have to fill out an additional application form for this membership. Once you submit your extra application Home Job Group will use this information to apply for additional jobs on your behalf.

Not only that but they’ll also follow up with all the jobs until they’ve received a response.


red flags

There were quite a few red flags with this program that I just couldn’t ignore.

Initial Results

After filling out the initial results it told me that there were 26 jobs available to me in my specific location and area of expertise. Just to test the program I filled out the information again but with different info just to see what happened.

The first time I said I was from Canada and that I was looking for jobs in the “Article Writing” sector. The second time I filled it out I said I was from England and that I was looking for jobs in the “Web Design” sector.

The funny thing was that both searches turned up the same exact results. 26 jobs. This leads me to believe that they just use the number 26 as a default and that the results aren’t real at all. Deffinitely raised some suspicions.


Positive Reviews

It might seem weird that I consider positive reviews a red flag but I assure you in this circumstance this is a red flag.

They actually give us a list of websites that they are calling “The Best Review Sites” who they claim have given them positive reviews.

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I looked into these websites and I have to say that they aren’t very good. First of all they don’t rank well and second, they have very poor authority. This makes me think that Home Job Group may have actually created these websites for the sole purpose of making themselves sound legitimate.


Ann Wilson

The creator of this website is supposidly named Ann Wilson. I tried to do some research on her and couldn’t really come up with anything.

I did however find the photo of her that they used on their website. See it below…..

home job group 3

So this is the lady they claim is Ann Wilson but I was also able to find this photo of her on a stock photo website which makes me think that she is a made up person.

I can understand business owners wanting privacy but if that’s the case, why even post a picture? Wouldn’t it be better to have no picture than to put up a fake and lie to your clients???


Affiliate Program

So you may have noticed that they do have an affiliate program. I’m actually a strong advocate for affiliate marketing because I think it’s a great way to make money online. Hense the name of this website.

The issue here is that it’s really strange how much emphasis Home Job Group is putting on their affiliate program. Anyone who recruits a new member gets a 50% commission from them.

That’s all well and good but it just seems strange to me that a job listings website would have an affiliate program. I mean heck we’ve probably all used some type of job listings website before and I bet you this is the only one that has an affiliate program.

Sure a website has to make some money to cover costs or even profit and I not against that at all. It’s just that most classified websites or job listings websites make their money from advertising or else they charge companies to post jobs on their site.

The fact that they are promoting their affiliate program as a way to make a full time income is very telling to me. Think about it, everyone who ends up on their website is looking for a new job. Then when the person looking for the new job sees that they can make a living just from promoting this website, they get hooked.



There are a number of different complaints about Home Job Group circulating the internet. The most common one I’ve read is that people aren’t actually getting any decent leads.

People are getting sent these crappy job listings that are just scams or ads.


Final Thoughts

I know I’ve only been focusing on the negative sides of this program in this review. I’m sorry to sound so negative but I truly couldn’t find a whole lot of good things to say about this website.

Really the only positive thing I can think of is the fact that this is a clickbank program and clickbank is usually very good about giving refunds.

I really cannot recommend Home Job Group and if you already purchased it, you should get a refund right away.

With that being said, I’m not calling it a complete scam. Instead I’d just say that it’s a rip off. You’d be much better off looking for a job in your local newspaper or in a classifieds website like Craigslist.

But if working from home is what you really want then I’d have to recommend affiliate marketing. It’s really the only way for a person with little or no online experience to make a good living online.

You can learn how it all works with a training program called Wealthy Affiliate.  With this training you’ll be shown step-by-step how to set up your own online business and make it profitable. Not only that, but it’s free to try.

Thanks very much for stopping by today. I hope you found this review helpful and please don’t be afraid to leave me questions or comments in the box below. I always respond ASAP.



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Is Home Job Group A Scam?
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