Is Freebies Frenzy A Scam Or Legit? My Review Reveals All

Freebies Frenzy has a bad rating on BBB but I wanted to review it myself to see if it's a scam or if it's legit because BBB has weird rules that can affect ratings.

Freebies Frenzy Review

freebies frenzy review

Name: Freebies Frenzy


Price: Free 

Verdict: Not A Scam

What Is Freebies Frenzy?

​Freebies Frenzy is a website that shows people where they can get free stuff or how to get discounts on products or samples of products. 

The website basically sources out good deals and then posts them on the website for everybody to access.

It doesn't cost anything and anybody can take advantage of these deals.

In addition to that you can also take surveys in exchange for money. The surveys are contracted out by a third party website called Opinion Network. 

How Do You Get Deals And Free Stuff?

​Getting the deals or free stuff is pretty straight forward. 

On the homepage of the website you'll see lots of coupons and deals and you just have to click on them​ to access them. 

​There's an example of one of their coupons for dog treats. Once you click on it you will be brought to a third party coupon website called 

There you can access the actual coupon and print it off or just save it to your phone to bring with you to the store.

So really these coupons aren't even coming from Freebies Frenzy, they're just telling you where to find them.

The free offers are even simpler. Here's an example of one. 

So much like the coupons the free offers are just telling you where to find free stuff. This is kind of nice because if I knew that 7-Eleven was giving away free drinks on a certain day I'd probably stop in for my free drink. 

I actually think this is pretty smart and I'll certainly come back to Freebies Frenzy just to see what kind of free stuff I can get. Why not right?


You'll notice that on the homepage they give you the option to sign up for the newsletter. This is a way to get the deals sent straight to your inbox.

I decided to sign up for it to see what it's all about. ​

Signing up for the newsletter was actually very telling.

Yes they did send me coupons and deals but in addition to that they sent me a whole bunch of spammy email.

​It was about 5 spammy emails per day after I signed up for this. 

This tells me that Freebies Frenzy is actually selling people's email addresses to other companies.

I absolutely hate it when websites do this.

As a rule of thumb I never recommend programs that sell people's information and that's why I'll never recommend Freebies Frenzy to anyone. ​

​Much like the coupons, the surveys are also done by a third party website. 

The survey company they use is called Opinion Network and I've actually heard of them before.

They're a reputable survey company and they are known to pay people what they've earned but the problem is that the pay is so low.

As with any online paid surveys you'll only make about $2/hr which is definitely not worth it in my opinion.

There are far better way to make money online than this. You'd be much better off learning affiliate marketing and then the sky is the limit how much money you can make. ​

Final Thoughts

​So in conclusion I have to say that although Freebies Frenzy is not a scam, it's a pretty low quality site with very little upside to it. 

The newsletter was what really tipped it over the​ edge for me. I just can't stand getting spammed. 

When someone trusts you with their email address you should be honorable enough to take good care of it and not mislead people about what you'll send them.

As for the paid surveys they aren't worth your time at all. 

The free stuff here is alright and the coupons too but really not good enough to outweigh the bad stuff. ​

If you really want to get discounts on stuff​ you'd probably be better off using Mr. Rebates because they have over 2500 companies that you can get discounts for. 

Thanks very much for stopping by today. I hope you saw some value in this Freebies Frenzy review.

If you have any questions or comments please use the box below and I'll be sure to respond ASAP. ​



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