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Name: Fast Cash Biz fast cash biz


Owners: Madison Clark + David Graham

Price: Free To Join

Overall Rank: 11 out of 100



Is Fast Cash Biz a scam? The answer is yes and no, but mostly yes. Let me explain. This is a binary options program and they’re calling it “software”.

If you’re not familiar with binary options, it’s very similar to gambling. You invest a certain amount of money in a stock and you have to guess if that stock value will go down or up.

If you guess correctly you get your money back plus some additional money, if you guess wrong, you lose all of your money.

So they are basically saying that they have developed a software that can make more reliable guesses and increase your odds of making money.

This is actually a very common thing, I’ve come across many other binary options websites who have claimed to have the software that can beat the system, they’ve all been pretty sketchy and I’ve deemed most of them scams.


Fast Cash Biz First Impression

The introduction video to this program is just chalked full of scam red flags. The first view you get is of a marina and there are all sorts of huge yahts. Then you see Madison and David walking along the dock.

You don’t actually see them getting off a yaht but they are walking very close to one of the biggest ones. This is a not so subtle way of showing us that they are so wealthy that they often take rides on their yaht and they make it seem like this is just anothr day for them.

Scam Alert right off the bat. A legitimate program would not be showy like this and try to trick viewers into this fantasy world where we all ride around in yahts thanks to this software.

But it gets worse. Then They throw around terms like, unlimited wealth and one time offer. These are just more skeezy tricks to hype people up.

Then of course they get into an expensive car and talk a lot more about how much money they’ve made. Then they start showing us screenshots of their bank accounts with astronomical numbers like $17 million. This doesn’t ever convince me because it’s very easy to make up fake screenshots of bank accounts and you can put whatever dollar amount you want in there.

passion in life


Then of course there’s the oblicatory shot of them standing in front of a private jet getting ready for a flight.

private jet

I’ve seen enough of these promo’s to know when they are real or not. This one is just full of hype and fluff which pretty much always means it’s too good to be true. Any real program would steer clear of this type of smoke & mirrors because it’s just not decent.

No program in the world can guarantee to make people millions of dollars in just a few weeks. No real program would ever make promises about specific dollar amounts because real programs require work and effort so it’s up to the individual to decide how much to put in and therefore how much they will get out of it.

These people “David & Madison” are clearly actors who’ve been paid to be in this video. They’ve probably never even heard of binary options before and the only money they’ve made from binary options is from being paid to be in this video.


What About The Great Reviews?

So if you’ve been looking around the web for information about fast cash biz then there’s a good chance you’ve seen some glowing reviews from legitimate looking websites.

I’ve seen a lot of these reviews too. There are some really good ones that are really well written and honest sounding. Why would anyone write positive things about this if it’s not true?

Because of money, that’s why. Fast Cash Biz has a very lucrative affiliate program that a lot of internet marketers are taking advantage of.

This affiliate program pays people $250 for every person they refer who ends up investing. You see, fast cash biz is free to join but if you decide to invest, there’s a minimum of $500 for the first investment. Half of that will go to the affiliate who referred the invester.

If I wanted to I could probably make a lot of money from this affiliate program. I could say wonderful things about FAst Cash Biz and rake in the dough referring people. My website gets a lot of traffic and I estimate I could refer at least 2 people per day to this program if I wrote a very positive review on it.

That’s exactly what a lot of websites are doing. This is a very dishonest way to make a living and I couldn’t live with myself if I did that. I want to gain the trust of my readers and so I would never refer them to something unless I knew 100% that it worked.

I’m always very critical of programs that I review. I do a lot of research and I make sure that I’m only sending people to legitimate opportunities. This might make for a less exciting website because I’ll never tell you that you can get rich in 1 week or buy a yaht in 1 month because there isn’t a program out there that will work that fast.


What Now?

I really would advise anyone and everyone to stay away from any binary options programs or “software”. There has never been a software that can predict the outcome of stocks and there never will be.

You would actually be better off guessing the outcome of stocks. So is fast cash biz a scam ? Like I said before, yes and no.

Yes because they are misleading you to think that you are guaranteed to get rich from this. They are telling nothing but lies in the promo video and so it’s a straight up scam.

The only reason I threw in the “No” is because with stocks, I suppose there always is a chance you could get lucky and make some money. Longterm you will not get rich from it unless you’re very experienced in this kind of thing but if you’re very experienced in it than you would know to stay away from programs like this anyway.

I always try to point my readers in the direction of a real and honest way to make some money online. If you’re willing to work and learn than the best way to make money online is with affiliate marketing.

This isn’t “fast cash” but it’s a real business that can make real money with very little or even no risk as long as you get the right training and do the work.

The right training is through my #1 Ranked program and it’s called Wealthy Affiliate. You can join for free, start learning today how to make a living from it and you even get to start building 2 websites all for free.

It’s the exact same training that taught me to make money online and now I’m doing it full time and I absolutely love it.

Thanks for stopping by today. Please don’t be afraid to leave me questions or comments in the box below and I’ll be sure to respond ASAP.



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