Is Facebook Bonanza A Scam? 8 Emotional Reviews Tell All

If Facebook Bonanza a scam? Also, what is the difference between Facebook Bonanza and Facebook Cash Code?

I'll reveal all of these answers in this detailed review and believe me, you'll find my discoveries mind blowing. 

Facebook Bonanza (and Cash Code) Review

Name: Facebook Bonanza

Website: ​

Price: $47 + Upsells

Owner: Unknown

Overall Score: 50 out of 100​

Summary: Facebook Bonanza and Facebook Cash Code are basically the same thing. Sure they are two different websites but they're selling the exact same thing. It's a program that shows you how to set up a website and a sales page then get targeted traffic to that page using social media. 


So I arrived at the Facebook Bonanza website via Facebook Cash code. I had heard a lot about Facebook Cash code and so I decided to check it out and write a review on it.

Much to my surprise I ended up landing inside the members area of Facebook Bonanza after purchasing Facebook Cash Code.

I was really confused at first because when I made the purchase it was called Facebook Cash Code but the members area was called Facebook Bonanza. Confused yet? LOL so was I.

I’ve heard of both programs before but I had no idea that they were essentially the same thing.

If you have a look at both of their websites you’ll see that they have the same sales video aside from a few minor branding changes that they’ve made.

I wasn’t too turned off by this discovery because I don’t really see anything wrong with two different websites promoting the same product as long as the product is good.

So I bought it.


After making the purchase I was hit with a few upsells which I was slightly annoyed by and even a little concerned by.

I don’t condemn all upsells because there are legitimate programs who have upsells but I certainly don’t like them and I always say that I’d rather pay more up front and be told exactly what I’m getting than be mislead into more upsells without warning.

Here’s the upsells.


This one says that it’s regularly $997 but today they’re giving it away for $77. I’m not really interested in this at all so I passed on it.

As soon as I passed on it I was hit with a second chance to get this upsell for a lower price. Have a look.


By this point I was quite annoyed but instead of trying to get a refund right away I kept going with this course and just skipped the upsell.

Besides, I wanted to see what Facebook Cash Code/ Facebook Bonanza was all about. So I passed and I was hit with one more upsell after that.



I watched the video and decided that I really hated this program simply for the 3 upsells. By this point I’m starting to see that this might be a scam and at the very least it’s a low quality product because a good program wouldn’t have 3 upsells in a row like this.

If you hate upsells and you want to try a legitimate way to make money you should leave this review right now and have a look at how I started making money online.

After the upsells I finally got to the members area where I could start the training. I have to admit that I was already a little worried about this potentially being a scam and I started to have doubts that I would be able to get a refund.

So I read some of the fine print in the members area and this is what I found.



So as you can see this is actually a membership program. In the sales video they said nothing about it being a recurring monthly fee.

In fact it hasn’t told me this anywhere that I can recall. I’m guessing that they do this on purpose with the hope that people will forget to cancel the trial and then they make more money as a result.

Enough of this crap, let’s get into what the training is actually about since they didn’t really reveal any of that in the sales video.


Facebook Bonanza Training

Once inside the members are you can see that this training is broken up into 5 parts.


The Facebook Bonanza Overview is the first part and that’s the first thing you see.

It’s a 13 minute introduction video.

The introduction video starts off with a guy telling us that we’ll be learning how to promote offers on Facebook.

The guy says a lot of generic things about promoting something on Facebook. Things like finding your customer and targeting that customer.

All in all it was a pretty boring video and I was happy to get it over with and get into the actual training. Then I moved onto the next part of the training.


Know Your Customer

This portion of the training is broken up into 5 different videos ranging from 1 minute to 13 minutes. Here are the 5 video headings.

  • Demographics
  • What is Demographics?
  • Demographics Tools
  • Demographics Siteslike
  • Forums


I went through the 5 videos and here’s the gist of them.

Demographics: This is a quick 1 minute video telling us that demographics are a very important part of online marketing. It just basically tells us that we need to spend time learning who the demographics are for our niche.

What Is Demographics? This is a 5 minute video telling us exactly what demographics means. I’m pretty sure most people already know what demographics means but if not, this video will clear it up.

It’s a pretty good explanation and it is spot on as far as accuracy.

Demographics Tools: This is a 13 minute video telling us about a few tools we can use to find our ideal demographic for any niche.

Here are the three tools that he recommends using to narrow down your ideal demographic.


Google was an interesting choice but I agree with him that you can learn a lot just from using Google.

Quantcast is a website that ranks other websites based on certain demographic categories. He explains that it does work but only websites who have place special Quantcast tracking on them will show up.

So there will be a lot of missing websites in the results. Still somewhat effective though.

He then takes us to the website and shows us quickly how to use it. It’s actually kind of cool and there can be some really valuable information.

He doesn’t tell us what Siteslike is but in the next video he covers that.

Siteslike: This is a 3.5 minute video where he shows us how works.

It’s kind of a cool website and he shows us how to use it even though it’s really simple and self explanatory.

You basically search a website and then it will show you a list of websites that are similar to the one you searched.

The whole idea is that you can figure out who your ideal demographic is and then you will know where to advertise because you’ll know where your demographic is hanging out online.

This is some pretty good information actually and I did learn a few things from it so I’m pleasantly surprised.

Forums: This is an 8 minute video where he shows us how to find forums that relate to your niche.

It’s pretty simple and I’m sure most of us already know how to do this but if you don’t, he shows us.

You just type your niche topic into Google and then put the word “forum” after it and you’ll find lots of forums in your niche.

He then explains to us what a forum is and how it can help us.

He says that forums are a good way to interact with people interested in your niche and then you can make decisions about your potential customers based on what you learn in the forums.


Facebook Ads

The next part of the training is Facebook Ads. This section has 11 videos ranging from 23 seconds to 22 minutes.

Here are the 11 video topics.

  • Regulations
  • Things To Know
  • Prohibited Content
  • Restricted Content
  • Video Ads
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Text In Images
  • Lead Ads
  • Ad Promotion Type
  • Your First Campaign


All of these videos actually had some helpful information when it comes to posting ads on Facebook.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that creating ads on Facebook isn’t all that easy and if you go about it the wrong way you could end up wasting a lot of money.

These tutorials are pretty decent and they will give you a pretty good idea of how to start advertising on Facebook.

The only problem here is that you will already have to have either a website or a product to promote otherwise these tutorials are useless to you.

The last section of the Facebook Bonanza training is called “Cash Magnet Websites” and it is meant to show you how to create a website to promote.

I’m just not sure why they put that at the end of the training and not at the start. I’m very curious to see how that training compares to my #1 Ranked Program.


Free Stuff

The next section of this training is Free Stuff and there are 12 video tutorials ranging from 1 minute to 21 minutes.

Here are the 12 different topics covered in Free Stuff.

  • Social Media Overview
  • Profile
  • Adding Friends Manually
  • Auto Friend Adders
  • Pages
  • Getting Started
  • Profile
  • Demographics
  • Selling
  • Getting Likes
  • Call To Action
  • Apps


These videos cover some of the key topics that you’ll need to know if you want to leverage social media to sell something.

I was pretty impressed with the training here and it was actually much more thorough than I expected it to be.

I actually consider this to be a very good resource.


Cash Magnet Websites

In this final section there are 8 videos showing us how to set up a website, an email list and attract visitors.

The 8 video categories are as follows……

  • Introduction
  • Domain Name & Web Hosting
  • Installing wordpress
  • Installing wordpress multi-site
  • Installing wordpress Theme
  • Mailchimp Setup
  • Sales Page Setup
  • Congratulations


As I said before, I’m not sure why they don’t put this training at the very beginning instead of the end. This order doesn’t make any sense in my opinion.

Either way, it’s not terrible training.

I’ve reviewed a lot of courses that show you how to build a website so I am pretty good at figuring out which ones are good, which ones are great, which ones are bad and which ones are scams.

This one falls into the bad category. The reason I say that is because it just doesn’t cover all the important things that a website needs in order to rank in Google and get organic traffic.

Organic traffic is very important because it’s free targeted traffic and once you have that, you’ll make money on autopilot as long as you’re promoting good products.


The 8 Emotional Reviews

When I was researching Facebook Cash Code and Facebook Bonanza I came across a lot of reviews that were very negative about these programs.

I read all of those reviews start to finish and it actually just confused me. The reason it confused me more is because their reviews sounded like they were for a completely different product.

Most of them said that this was just a simple link posting scam and that there wasn’t much training at all.

I’m guessing that this program must have improved a lot since some of those reviews were written because that’s completely different than what I discovered.


What I Liked

  • Decent Facebook training
  • No Fluff
  • Good quality videos


What I Didn’t Like

  • Misleading sales video
  • The monthly fee of $69 is very sneaky
  • The upsells were annoying
  • Not quite enough training for a beginner
  • Not actually affiliated with Facebook


Final Thoughts

After going through all of the training I don’t totally hate this program. I say that because after the sneaky monthly fee, the annoying upsells and the fake news ads in the sales page I was certain that I would deem this program a scam.

I’m not calling this a scam after all. In fact I’ll even go as far as to say that it’s a legitimate training program.

With that being said, it’s not a great one and there are a lot of better options out there, especially for beginners.

If you have some experience with internet marketing but you want to learn more about leveraging Facebook to drive traffic and sales you might actually find this training helpful.

If you’re new to internet marketing then I don’t think this course will do you any good at all.

The site building training is way too thin and you won’t be able to make use of the decent Facebook training since you won’t be able to make a good website in the first place.

Here are my final ratings….

Is Facebook Bonanza A Scam? 8 Emotional Reviews Tell All
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Profit Potential




So it’s not a scam but not great either.

If you really want to learn how to leverage Facebook paid ads or other paid ads I’d recommend Niche Tycoon instead.

It’s a really great training program that goes into great detail about getting traffic from social media and it’s only a one time payment rather than a monthly fee.

If you’re more of a beginner then you’d be better off starting where I started.

I started from the very beginning with a training program that covers every detail about building a website, optimizing the website for free traffic and then monetizing it in many different ways.

I actually went from a total newbie beginner to having a monthly passive income online within 6 months.

If this is something that you’re interested then you should read about my journey here and how you can do the same thing I did.














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