Is Facebeast A Scam? My Beastly Review

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Name: Facebeast


Owner: William Moore

Price: $97 + Upsells

Overall Rank: 26 out of 100



Is Facebeast a scam or can it actually show people with zero experience how to make easy money using Facebook? I have to admit that I’m really curious about this program because of their huge claims.

They’re saying that anyone can easily make over $10,000 per month just by using Facebook. I’ve just signed up and bought this product so that I can figure out if it’s for real or not.

Here’s what I’ve learned about it.

What They Don’t Tell You About Facebeast

 So the videos on the sales page don’t really tell us what Facebeast is. I really hate it when programs do this because you actually have to pay for the product before you know what exactly you’ll be doing to make the money.

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Once I bought the program for $97 I was immediately promted to buy an upsell. This upsell was for what they call an “Elite Coaching Club”.

This seems fishy to me right off the bat for a few reasons. Mainly because on the sales page they keep going on and on about how easy this program is. They say that anybody can do it and it’s completely simple.

So then if it’s so simple, why are they now trying to sell me additional coaching? If they were telling the truth about how simple it is then nobody would need additional coaching. So that’s a big red flag right off the hop.

So I declined the upsell. Right after that I was able to sign into the members area. Once inside the members area the first thing they wanted me to do was watch a video, so I did.

The video had nothing to do with Facebeast. It was actually another sales pitch. Except this one was for a completely different program called Auto Profit Replicator.

Coincidentally enough, I’ve already written a full review on Auto Profit Replicator and I gave it a score of 2 out of 100. So to say the least, I was really unimpressed at this point.

is auto profit replicator a scam

Auto Profit Replicator is a binary options software that claims it can predict the outcome of binary options and make you rich really quickly.

The problem with it is that there is no actual software and it’s a total ripoff. Basically they want you to sign up for this Free software because once you do, you’ll have to deposit money with a binary options broker. Once you deposit money with the broker, Facebeast will get a commission and so will Auto Profit Replicator.

So whatever you do, don’t sign up for it. If you’re not convinced, check out my review of it here.

How It Works

Now that we’ve got the crappy upsells out of the way, let’s focus on the product itself. You’re probably wondering how Facebeast is going to make you money.

Well that answer is simple and also very dissapointing. It doesn’t actually make you money. Instead of making you money, it’s more of a training program that helps you get traffic to a website using Facebook.

The most annoying thing about this is the fact that before signing up for this, they don’t tell you that you’ll need to have an existing business or website to send traffic to in order for Facebeast to be even remotely helpful to you.

The course is a series of videos broken down into 4 modules. These modules basically teach you how to set up a facebook page and add content to it with the goal of engaging people.

What bugs me is that even if you already have a website and you use this training to help drive traffic to your website, they still don’t teach you how to monotize that traffic. So this program really has nothing to do with making money.

This really makes me wonder where they came up with the huge earnings claims of over $10,000 per month. They must have just made that number up out of thin air.

The Training

The training itself really isn’t that bad. They do give you some useful tips on building a facebook following and engaging followers.

It’s very simple training though so for anyone who has previous internet marketing experience I think you’d find this course very “Beginner”.

If you are by chance, just interested in a course that teaches you how to build a Facebook following then you might actually find this course helpful.

That would be the only reason I’d recommend this course at all. But if you do decide to buy it, make sure you get the coupon code for 65% off. This brings the price down to $37.

Final Thoughts

So I ranked this program 26 out of 100 which is a bad score. I did however give it the 26 points because some of the training was ok for anyone looking to learn more about building a Facebook following and no more.

The main reason I was turned off by this program is because they are just way too misleading. They tell you straight up lies just so that you buy the product.

Once you’ve paid them they then try to make money from you with upsells and scams. The fact that they would try to sell you a complete scam product like Auto Profit Replicator is just brutal. That says a lot about them.

One saving grace for this product is that you are able to get a refund within 60 days. This is sold by Clickbank which means that getting a refund is relatively easy and painless.

If you bought this program, make sure you get your refund. A big part of why these types of crappy products are still around is because so many people don’t even bother to get the refund. They just chalk it up to a learning experience.

So even though the product sucks, people buy it because of the misleading claims and the owner/creator still makes money. I guess it’s way easier than making a good product that actually works.

So my conclusion for this product is that it’s a scam. Anything that will lie to you to get your money is a scam in my opinion.

Making money online can be daunting and you put yourself at high risk of being scammed because of all the bad products out there.

Don’t let that scare you off. Just make sure you do a lot of research before you spend money on a product. Most scam products will have reviews exposing them for what they really are.

A good rule of thumb is to only use a product that’s willing to offer a free trial. With a free trial you can get an idea for what type of program it really is before yo spend money.



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